Elemental.fm is an independent podcast network dedicated to producing the finest quality shows

about all your favorite nerdy topics. Nothing is off limits, and as always, the weirder, the better. 


Our founder

Elemental.fm was founded by Tom Kelly, a budding entrepreneur and audio engineer living in Englewood, Colorado. He fell in love with podcasts while consuming 6-8 hours a day during shifts at a wood shop in Northern Virginia. His 15 year obsession with music starting to lose it's brilliance, leading him to search for new media to get through the long days. It wasn't long after he downloaded his first podcast Encore that he knew he would eventually fall down this rabbit hole. 

Elemental quickly took shape as a multitude of hosts were recruited to run their own shows on whatever topic they wanted to discuss. For months, gears were turning as the entire crew worked hard to learn what it meant to be a podcaster and Tom figured out how the hell he would manage to produce all the shows. He continues to pursue the dream of becoming self employed from his new home just outside of Denver, Colorado where he lives with his girlfriend and pit bull puppy. You can read his blog about the struggles and joys of trying to start your own business here

Our Hosts

While the list of people involved at Elemental.fm seems to grow every day, we strive to give you the most knowledgable, entertaining, and lovable hosts you've ever heard. Our hosts will serve as community leaders and will be accessible to everyone via social networks, and members forums. Our goal is not to just give you shows to listen to, but people you can consider a friend and talk to about things you love. We all are committed to engaging with our listeners and establishing a relationship and community that will provide a home and safe place where no topic of discussion is off limits. 

our shows

The network started off with 1 show in November of 2016, and served as a pilot show; one to make all the mistakes on. This show was Reminiscent. Since then, the network has added 2 more shows, and has plans to launch a fourth by the end of the year. Within these shows, you can expect to hear eccentric conversations about space, video games, your favorite bands, and much more as things really get rolling. In the meantime, listen to Reminiscent on iPhoneAndroid, or your 3rd party podcatching app of choice.

Our Community 

Everyone involved at Elemental is committed to creating and maintaining a sense of community through active engagement with our enthusiastic listeners. You can chat with our hosts on Twitter, and members have access to community forums to discuss our shows or anything else you'd like. Cute puppy gifs and dank memes are highly encouraged. (FORUMS COMING SOON)