Ad Astra Is Here. Kinda...

//currently listen to the sound of my dog snoring//


      Alright boys and girls, I've been quiet for a while. The new job and new administration has been taking a toll on me, if we're being honest. In addition to planning, recording, editing, mixing, publishing, and promoting my own show (let's hear it for Oxford commas), I've been hard at work getting our newest show Ad Astra ready for it's debut. While the show (as well as the network) hasn't officially launched yet, Elemental is giving the world a first look at what's to come. 

      Press literally anywhere on this super long sentence that I'm trying to make long enough so that there's no way you could possibly miss it, no matter how bumpy of a road you're driving on, how badly your cat wants to sit on your keyboard, or how feverishly your eyes are also glued to Lady Gaga's Super Bowl halftime performance, in order to hear a 15 minute compilation of our favorite clips of the new show. If you love what you hear, You can download an entire episode about NASA Spinoffs (one of my favorite topics) by clicking the button that reads "Download Full Episode" and providing your name and email. 

      I'm very excited to finally have something to show other than my own goofy show I just do with my friend for fun. We're still working out some kinks but by the time the show is ready for the official launch, Ad Astra will be the highest quality show of it's kind. You can expect big things in the future. We're working on getting Bill Nye and Andy Weir, author of the best selling book and movie "The Martian" on the show this year. You may think that sounds crazy, but hosts Jack Kiraly and Newton Campbell have some serious connections in the space and technology industry through The Planetary Society, of which they, and even myself, are members. 

      If you love space and space related topics, you need to check out this show. These guys are absolutely brilliant and it's such an honor to be producing this show for them. I learn so many new and interesting things every time they send me a new episode for editing. Again, click the obnoxiously long sentence above, or here to access the sample episode, and feel free to download the entire 1 hour episode on NASA spinoffs. 

You can follow the Ad Astra podcast on twitter at @AdAstraPodcast and you can follow the network at @Elemental_FM

Until next time, 

Tom Kelly/