Am I A Big Boy Yet?

//currently listening to Power In Numbers by Jurassic 5//


      See this picture above? This is a picture of me taken just 3 weeks ago. I was a wreck. Still a child. No muscle definition, no sense of an inside voice, a laughable dingaling, crying over having no food, no job, our pets HEADS ARE FALLING OFF, etc. But today, I put on a discount Banana Republic suit, J Crew tie, button up Oxford shirt my mom bought me to wear for a wedding when I was 12, astronaut dress socks from DSW and rad pair of chukkas ethically made in Africa. All that was missing was my gold Elgin pocket watch from 1927 in the front coat pocket, and made sure to wind it up and leave it ticking on my right hip. Looking (and feeling) like a million bucks, I marched my ass into an important job interview and blew the roof off the bitch, which is fine because the job I interviewed for is somewhat in the roofing industry. It was a great interview that I only landed because my dad told me I was fucking off too much and not trying hard enough to find a job I want. He gave me the push I needed to stop crying like a bitch and take control of my life. You can hear more about this on my podcast Reminscent where I discuss the job in greater detail with my cohost and best friend Pat.

      This isn't the point of this blog post, I promise. I'm just stoked. I stayed up until 3am editing this weeks podcast, and finished up around 8 this morning. Somehow, we got a windfall of downloads after a few people shared my blog post from yesterday. A few people hit me up to tell me how inspiring it was, and I still think that's cray. I didn't mean to make any of these blogs inspiring, I'm kind of just trying to talk to myself about the work I'm doing with the network to inspire myself to keep doing more. The feedback as well as all the downloads felt amazing. We got more downloads yesterday and today than we did the whole month of November and December, and we're nobodies just talking bullshit. I have shows soon to be released whose hosts have tens of thousands of followers on social media, and I'm getting way ahead of myself imagining those huge spikes in downloads.

      All I've ever wanted was to be able to entertain and educate people. I don't think I'm enough of an expert on any 1 subject, but I wasn't willing to give up on the dream. I knew I could sit humbly in the background and help other people make their dream of being a podcaster/entertainer/content creator/topic master come true. After seeing higher numbers than expected for a show I'm not even promoting, I feel really confident the network will take off, and this new job I think I just got will be there if I want it, but I won't always need it because I will have already created my own success and will just be working for myself (hopefully).

      The scramble of getting the podcast out in time was kind of exhilarating. Pat was out of town for 5 days so we recorded on a Thursday night rather than Tuesday, so I had less than 12 hours to turn the show around. If you haven't listened, Pat loves to interrupt and talk over me, I like to click pens in the background, and we both swear an awful lot, so there's a significant amount of cleaning up that needs to be done. Almost no content is ever removed, so what you hear is what we recorded, just with far fewer distractions and coughing in the background. Staying up all night and waking up early in the morning made me feel like I was killing myself at a startup or something. I'm reading Elon Musk's biography for the 2nd time, and hearing about the starting of his companies really excited me. Working 20 hour days, sleeping at your desk, living in the office, etc. I don't know man, something about that just gets me going. I'm willing to work like a fucking dog to make this thing work, by any means necessary. 

       Today, I'm gonna chill with the lady because we haven't been out of the house too much, but I recently joined a Meetup group of digital marketers and I'm stoked to learn about how to promote and sell my ideas and put them into effect when I start the marketing campaigns for the network. How do you convince people to go to your website? How to you get them to click around and learn about what you actually do? Downloads are cool, but what I want are actual listens, all the way through. But I also want so much more than that. I want these people to be hooked and hop on to our forums to discuss the episode and share their thoughts about the ideas presented in the show. I want to learn about what gets our listeners off and be able to give them what they want, and to open their minds a little bit about ideas they've never even considered. It's not life changing content, mostly entertainment commentary, but I think the community we build can be life changing if we can get people to just listen. I'll be working on how to do that this weekend, and I'm stoked. I might hit up a local marketing group and see if I can shadow one of their employees for a day, or even just ask for some free advice. Like I said in my last post, there's nothing to lose, but nothing to gain if you don't just try. 

      So here I sit, with a fully bearded face, upon which a nice smile rests, nicely defined biceps and a totally respectable pee pee for a man my age. No more feeling sorry for myself, like the world is pointing it's middle finger at me saying I was a mistake, a result of an expired condom from the discount store down the street. I'm here, I have goals, I have a purpose, I have a girl that loves me, a family that supports me, and best friends that always have my back. For a while I was wondering what the purpose of continuing to wallow through the bullshit was, but today, I'm fucking stoked on it. 

Until next time, 

Tom Kelly//