I'm Hecking Starving.

//currently listening to I'm Completely Fine by Me Vs Hero//


      So I was talking to a friend earlier and we got on about trying to start our own businesses. I explained that the thing that really seems to be holding me back is I've spent my life making friends in bands, because up until recently, making and consuming music is the only thing I cared about. If my band was working on a new song, I knew my friends would give it a listen, and I would do the same for them. 3.5 minutes isn't a big commitment, so whatever, even if I didn't like it, I'd listen to the thing all the way through. It was easy. It was fun. We fed off each other's successes and used that momentum to create our own. But one day last year, I just stopped caring.

      I was burnt out by doing everything for the band I was in at the time. I was writing and recording our album, often tracking all the parts entirely by myself. I was story boarding music video ideas, getting merch designed and dealing with the printing companies, working out permits with the county to shoot music videos, engaging potential fans on Instagram and Facebook, booking shows, and driving an hour each way to practice once a week. We all knew the band wasn't going to "make it big", and that was never the goal. We just wanted to be friends who made music together. It quickly became clear to me the other guys weren't going to work as hard as I was, and while it annoyed me a bit, I completely understood. Why was I working so hard on a dead end? Should I have just showed up to practice and jammed without regard to any of the back-end business-y type stuff? It may have been more fun for everyone else that way without the constant updates about all the goings on with the band, but if something I'm making is going to be seen by the public, I'm going to make sure it's the best version of it that it can be. Quite honestly, I felt suffocated by their lack of commitment, but I didn't hold it against them. I had a few friends I could talk to about my frustrations, and many understood completely, as they found themselves in my position in their own band. 

      Sorry for the back story. Let's get back to the point of this thing. Back then, when I was struggling, I had friends I could talk to, and who could quickly see the progress, and offer congratulations, advice, condolences, etc. very quickly. We existed in the same ecosystem. While starting a business, especially one that still involves an audio platform isn't much different, it becomes a lot harder to persuade your friends to dedicate 90 minutes of their day to listen to you are your friends ramble and talk over each other. In the next few months we'll launch the "real" podcasts, and the quality of the content will increase drastically, but it's still very difficult to find momentum when you feel like you're the only person in your world working on this type of thing. I kind of miss seeing hundreds of friends in my Facebook timeline posting about their band and being able to chime in. I know no one will ever care as much about what I created as I do, but I really need some people in my life who are pursuing similar interests. I miss the camaraderie, the community, the way we fed off each other's progress, because right now I'm fucking starving.

      Being in a new city doesn't help. I moved to Denver, Colorado from Northern Virginia 2 months ago and I have exactly 0 friends. I've tried to use Meetup to find some like minded entrepreneurs to help build that list of friends pursuing similar ventures, but hot damn are the exclusive around here! No one wants a dude in the start up phase. I know I have nothing to really offer except strong opinions on brands of beard products, but give me a chance! I'm feeling like an island these days, and the frustration with that feeling is new to me. If anyone reading this feels they can offer some advice, business or personal, definitely hit me up or leave a comment. If you have any business savvy friends, share this post with them. I'm not just trying to milk people for knowledge, I want to form real relationships. I need friends to hold me accountable who I can do the same for. Do I sound desperate yet? 

Until next time, 

Tom Kelly//Tom@elemental.fm