It's Been 4 Months?!

Holy shit, I haven't posted a single thing in 4 months! Insanity. I remember when I set a goal to blog at least 3 times a week, and as soon as I made that commitment, and THE VERY WEEK we launched our second podcast, my employer sent me and 12 other people to work in a different city, 80 miles away. So, I went from working 4 10 hour days with a 40 minute round trip commute, to working 5 10 hour days with a 3-4 hour commute. Kill me, right? 

These challenging times have helped me realize the tasks I should be handling myself, and those I should be delegating. Since there is a total lack of any income from this network, I can't pay anyone to do it, but the boys of Ad Astra are about to start taking on editing responsibility. This will be a huge relief because Tuesday nights have been a literal hell for me. I leave my house at 5:30am for work, get home around 7pm, edit Ad Astra until 9-9:30, then record Reminiscent until 11:30-midnight. It wouldn't be THAT bad, but then I spend the next 2 nights editing Reminiscent, and 3 nights in a row of 4-5 hours of sleep is no bueno. 

Some of the burden has been relieved a little bit by a new, used MacBook Pro generously handed down by my father. Since I carpool with some other guys, I can edit on the long drive to and from work, and maybe I'll actually get a few hours with my girlfriend when I get home. 

What I'm most excited about is launching 2 new shows this year! There are a lot of really cool things in the works, and I know NONE of them will be successful if I just spend all my time editing shows. I know I should be focused on promotions, marketing, and gearing up to sell ads. My work hours won't go back to normal for at least a year, so adapting has been crucial, and the general feeling of calm during all of this has been nice. Over the past year, with a huge move across the country, arriving in a new state where I had no job and no place to live, and just trusting I can make it work, I've learned to just stay calm and handle situations in the order of importance. I've grown a lot this year, and if I hadn't matured in the ways that I have, I believe this network would have already failed. But alas, you, dear reader, will continue to see my weekly posts about new shows, competitions, giveaways, and whatever shenanigans we get up to during recording. So, try to enjoy it, because I'm not giving up any time soon. 


Until next time,