It's Not Demeaning, It's Networking

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      It's funny my last post was about Elon Musk because just yesterday, as I was sitting down to pee (like a man), I got a phone call from Beverly Hills, a recruiter for SolarCity asking me for a job interview. Elon Musk serves as a chairman for this company and recently underwent a merger with Tesla, Elon's electric car and battery company. It's going to take me everything I have to not gush over Elon tomorrow. But enough about that. I'm just stoked. Finding a job has proven to be much harder than I anticipated. I am currently working part time loading trailers for UPS. This is the most physically intense job I've ever worked. However, it doesn't quite pay the bills, so I am in search of a full-time job, and possibly another part-time gig to go with it. Obviously this increases the anxiety over whether or not I'll have enough time to focus on Elemental, in addition to my girlfriend of over 3.5 years. 

      The interview is tomorrow and has been motivation to continue working as hard as I can. I've sent in maybe 20 applications to various jobs since I moved to the Denver area, and this is the first I've heard back from, with the exception of the seasonal gig at UPS. However, this opportunity along with hearing back from a very successful businessman and one of my favorite podcasters Matt Alexander from Need Supply Co. has me stoked on life. I reached out to him to pick his brain about brand development and social marketing, since his companies do very well for themselves. He offered some words of wisdom, but I want to start asking more targeted questions. I'm afraid of demanding too much of his time, but I think he'll be happy to offer more advice. You may be wondering how I got him to agree to talk with me in the first place. Well, I'm kind of a master of cold emails and getting myself involved in situations I have no place in. 

     I've never been afraid to put myself out there. A couple years ago I recorded a music video of sorts for Mike Rowe that aired on CNN. He contacted me on Facebook and told me he was a big fan of the video. It was amazing. Now that I had his attention, I knew I needed more of his time. I found out he was filming in Maryland, about an hour and a half from where I lived and I bailed on a job interview to drive up there to meet him. I hung around for about 2 hours of filming, and right before he hopped in his black SUV (passenger seat of course), I shouted his name and tried to introduce myself. To my surprise, he recognized me and even remembered my name. He treated me like fucking royalty, but I'm not here to brag. I took a chance and asked if I could use him as a professional reference on job application, to which he agreed. We exchanged emails and he has worked very hard to find me a decent job. He's a great guy. 

     I also found my way into working at a professional recording studio through years of casual interactions on Facebook. I made sure to burn my image into this guy's brain, and through those interactions and a nudge from a mutual friend, he invited me to work with him, and I had the pleasure of engineering and editing for some very cool albums. When it comes to getting on Matt's radar, I did something more extreme. He is host of a very funny podcast BONANZA! on, my favorite podcast network and my main inspiration for They always come up with these really funny and impractical business ideas, and for one of them, they made an off hand comment about a marketing tactic where listeners would pour cans of tomatoes on their head in the vein of the ALS ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for their company where birds would deliver internet to your house through high tech backpacks. Wouldn't you know it, I made a video of me pouring a 50-50 blend of crushed and diced tomatoes on my head. I wanted the consistency to look good, so I went the extra mile. Needless to say, they thought it was fucking hilarious, and I used this insane technique to establish trust as well as show my dedication to their show. I knew Matt would never forget the guy who dumped tomatoes on his head, so my subject line for the email was "The guy from Twitter who dumped tomatoes on his head". It sounds fucking crazy, but not only has it helped me make his acquaintance, he is allowing me to use him as a valuable resource to make this network a success. 

      I had no idea what I was trying to say when I started all of this, but I guess what it ended up being is that if you want something bad enough, make it happen, by any fucking means necessary. Don't be afraid to email people out of the blue. I use humor to get responses. I've emailed Grammy winning producers asking to interview them for a website that has no followers, and 5 out of 8 people have agreed. It's wild. People love to talk about themselves and feel like they're making a difference, so if you let them know you want to learn from them, if they have the time, most likely they will do what they can. 

      Watch the full Two Can Tomato challenge here. It's hilarious, but full of jokes based on their conversation in the podcast. I recommend subscribing to BONANZA! and everything on the network. 

Until next time, 

Tom Kelly//