Same Shit, Different Day

//currently listening to Taking One For the Team by Simple Plan//


I've kind of fallen into a groove, and I don't think that's good. It's damn near the same thing every week. Monday, relax hardcore, because shit's about to get wild. Tuesday, work my normal 10-11 hours, come home, edit Ad Astra, finish up JUST IN TIME to start recording Reminiscent, and pray to Elon Musk that you're in bed before midnight, wake up at 5am for work. Wednesday and Thursday is dedicated to editing Reminiscent (so many censorship bleeps), then Friday-Sunday, I'm desperately trying to find productive things to do for the network, website, but I'm so burnt out I kind of just watch Netflix and stare blankly at my iPhone, switching between Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Sprinkled in there is recording/editing/and mixing for the Straight Up podcast. When I'm not doing those things, I like to type the longest run on sentences in the world. 

All of these things are great, but I'm feeling too comfortable with the routine, and naturally my mind wants to start new things to shake it up, but I'm painfully aware that the things I'm currently doing are pretty much at the bare minimum of effort. Putting a great sounding show out is nice and all, but how the FUCK do you promote a podcast?! It's so Elondamn hard. When I was in a band, I'd take a picture of the 5 of us in a room, not even in focus, put it on Instagram, say something stupid like, "Damn these songs are sounding good", and we'd watch 100 likes rain down upon us. For like, nothing. But how do you promote pure audio? On top of that, I would like a consistent branding in our Instagram and Facebook posts, and shitty iPhone pictures don't necessarily fit into that. I guess I could be editing text over stock photos, but it's not like we say anything inspirational or any shit like that. I don't know, man. I guess I could be reading more on it. 

One thing that has helped is I've had time to listen to more podcasts. When I was working my old job at the cabinet shop in Virginia, I'd listen for 8 hours a day. Non-fucking-stop. My mind was so active, I was so informed on all the things I cared about. Now, I try to get 30 minutes in on the way to work, but I can't seem to focus that well in the car. Maybe it has something to do with all the idiots driving 20 mph under the speed limit in the left lane (seriously, what is it with Colorado drivers? Y'all are the worst), but I find it very hard to get into what my favorite hosts are saying. 

I am 30 days away from attending the Podcast Movement conference in LA, and I'm hoping that will be extremely fruitful. Best case scenario, I meet some folks to do cross promotion with, I find a couple of candidates for an Elemental co-founder, and I learn tons of ways to grow my email list, find and keep new listeners, and how to sell ads. Worst case, everyone there keeps their distance as they think they're the best podcasters in the world, and there's no sense of community. I doubt the latter will happen, but it's always a possibility, right? I mean, the tickets weren't too expensive, ~$350, so the barrier to entry is low, and just any shmuck can go. Either way, I'm excited, and am trying to meet up with some of the podcasters and entrepreneurs who helped me realized I wanted to become a podcaster and an entrepreneur.

Exciting times. 

Well, the post has already shifted from what I originally wanted to write about, so it's probably time to wrap it up. But first, here's my pledge: To research what some of the most successful podcasts are doing to interact with their audiences, discover new ways to promote new episodes, and finish these damn interview questions for Eternal Boy's new album. I'm the slowest writer in all the world. 


Alrighty, I have my work cut out for me. 

Until next time, 

Tom Kelly//