Host of Straight Up

Zoe Aldrich

Zoe lives in Washington, DC and teaches people how to talk to their members of Congress about health care policy. She likes to read books and comics, drinks a lot of coffee, eats a lot of guacamole, and is incapable of binge watching TV shows (yes, even really good ones like Stranger Things.)


Host of Ad Astra/Straight Up

Netwon Campbell

Long-time space nerd, first-time podcaster. Newton is a lifelong tech geek who also enjoys comic books, martial arts, finding cheap flights to the other side of the globe, and pointing out logical fallacies. He has worked in the technology research and development space for a decade and specializes in the synthesis of cyber-physical systems and AI algorithms. He's over the PhD honeymoon/hangover and ready to talk science!


Music Writer

Hannah Haddadi

Hannah is a queer spoken word poet, writer, and pop punk enthusiast based in Denver, Colorado. You can find her at various Open Mic’s around the Denver and Boulder area drinking pink wine and speaking her truth. Currently Hannah is working on a writing workshop and her first spoken word EP. Her vices include coffee, dark chocolate, an exceptional pop-punk ballad, and heart-melting works of art. She could spend all day talking about pop punk, but is trying to understand that this may or may not pay the bills (yet). Hannah’s poetry has been featured in Adbusters, a political and anti-capitalist magazine.


Host of Reminiscent

Pat holmes

Pat is a journalist working in Cleveland, OH. He was once impeached from his position as high school president. He used the resulting suspension, as outlined in the student handbook, for a long weekend college visit to his future alma mater, Ohio University. After serving as the student newspaper's editor several years later, he graduated with a journalism degree and political science minor. His moral compass is based on the fictional character Woody from the film Toy Story as well as T.J. Detweiler from the cartoon television series Recess.


Founder/Host of Reminiscent

Tom Kelly

Tom is the founder of and the host of Reminiscent alongside his lifelong friends Pat and Zachary. He spent the last 8 years focusing on recording bands from his home studio, but has since transitioned to producing podcasts. When not grinding away on the editing screen, Tom enjoys making music for his one man band Hyrule, marathonning Gilmore Girls with his girlfriend, and walking their dog in the park near their house in Englewood, Colorado, but it's mostly to hit the nearby Pokestops. His love, or rather obsession for The Legend of Zelda and Elon Musk is unparalleled, so don't get him started unless you're ready to be there for a while. He plans to see how far his dreams of being a self-employed entrepreneur will take him as he works night and day to see his podcasts to the top of the charts. 


Host of Ad Astra

Jack Kiraly

Jack's interest in science and space began like many of ours; watching Bill Nye in elementary school. Years later, Jack's interest in politics merged with his space nerd-dom when he started to organize outreach efforts for The Planetary Society in Washington, DC. Jack is expected to graduate from American University in December 2016 with a Master's Degree in Public Policy. Jack is also an aspiring amateur musician, gamer, and frequent visitor to Chipotle. 


Hosts of Captain + Admiral

Kyle and Kyleigh Parker

Kyle and Kyleigh are freelance artists and video game enthusiasts from Cincinnati Ohio. 

In 2014 Kyleigh began focusing more heavily on her photography work. Since then she's been published in several magazines, an art book, as well as featured in different articles on the web for her work. Early in 2016, Nintendo noticed Kyleigh's work and asked her to become an ambassador. In June of 2016 her and Kyle were invited to e3. Looking to further increase her hold on the gaming world, Kyleigh is working hard to create more awesome content for the fans. 

From the beginning of this journey Kyle has been in the sidecar. Helping make the props for her photo shoots and help refine ideas as well. With both of them having spent many hours playing games over the years, their passions and creativity come from the fond memories spent in the realms of Zelda, Mario, Metroid, to Final Fantasy, Halo, and of course Pokémon. 

Kyleigh's favorite games: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, TLoZ: Twilight Princess, Final Fantasy VII, The Witcher III, and Super Mario World

Kyle's favorite games: Halo, The Witcher III, Bioshock Infinite, Super Metroid, Pokémon Sun


Host of Reminiscent

Zachary Poulson

Zachary Poulson is a geologist, stone mason, musician, and best friend to Tom Kelly and Pat Holmes. He incorporates geological principles into his 9 to 5 as a stone mason by turning over every rock, naming it, classifying it, then laying it on the wall with the rest of its friends. A jack-of-all-trades, he remodels homes in his current neighborhoods of Minneapolis where he also builds furniture, tends to a lovely garden, and stays active in the "Tiny Library" community. He mostly donates books and takes legos. He is most well known for being a folk singer/songwriter, a left wingers independent, smart mouth, amateur nude model who drinks turtle milk on Sundays .



Graphic Designer

Kevin fellows

Kevin Fellows is a friend of the network as well as in-house graphic artist. He is a freelance, multidisciplinary graphic designer and illustrator, and insane Zelda nerd. His work can be found here