43. Don is Dead. Was it Worth it Disney Transcrition

hello hello Oh Oh all right

hey hey Tom how are you man ooh I um you

know excluding the things that no one

cares about I don't do it just fine

you know rough day at work stuff like

that but it's okay whatever we move on

oh no that sounds like we need to dig

right right into that um yes since we

last spoke the things that no one cares

about well you know it's just that's not

why people are here that's not why we

bring in the you know tens of thousands

of downloads every episode to hear me

complain about work but um yeah hey to

quote one of your favorite blink-182

members perhaps your favorite blink-182

member work does suck to paraphrase

Jess's I should say yeah yeah but yes so

you were busy this weekend making an

illustration about New York I guess to

catch everybody up who doesn't follow

you already on social media you're

pretty into guns Dungeons and Dragons


it would seem let me um let me here if

you can hear anything over the sound of

my dog barking but listen very closely

all right sounded like 12-sided die to

me there is a force I just threw them

all and they scattered every I'm not

even talking into my mic sorry they

scattered everywhere I'm trying to pick

him up okay I would only have guessed

12-sided because of the Weezer lyrics

from in the garage off blue oh god I

just just head-butted my microphone okay

I don't know that song

um but but yes it talks about being a

nerd basically and the garage is his

escape gotcha

but that's separate from in the garage

as his posters of kiss

what's it that's separate from the song

in the garage no it's it's the song in

the garage safe no one laughs about his

way lungs etc yeah I know folks had to

die gotcha

sure anyway that's why I would only I

didn't know there were multiple there

was exclusively 12-sided like that so

apparently I have much to learn so yeah

I were to travel down that bad I think

you should because alright so well

mostly like so my like basis of what I

need to be aware of stops that like

what'll get me through small talk at a

party and I feel like knowing that a

12-sided die is involved would last me

at least half an hour like keeping

people talking about D&D; it's worked in

the past you know what I mean so it's

like share piggy dies and Lord of the

Flies things like don't even like I

don't know so like I don't know I've

never watched Citizen Kane but I know

that rosebud is important and I know

that it's also a cheat code in the game

The Sims and that has gotten me through

most of the conversations in my entire

life it's also something really gross if

you look in the wrong places of the

internet I'm gonna go ahead and skip

that cultural significance of the term

rosebud I had no desire to and go there

mostly just because the Citizen Kane and

Sims snippet sure as I've gotten some

mileage out of that little little tidbit

anyway so I've been going any deeper

than 12 sided I would break my I guess

unintentionally self-imposed rule of

going very deep or it ever tried too

much effort gotcha um but uh but yeah a

20 and a 4 I got I got you okay

several some might say several die are

used throughout the process yeah anyway

so the last episode we brought this

random character to life out of kind of

nowhere and we have been very busy with

this guy to say the absolute fucking

least do you want to recap all that's


with our guy who was originally known as

Don karnage what I want to recap the

only thing I do want to talk about is

York your version and how the original

name we decided like was actually the

name of a different thing that had

existed in pop culture before sure

because that part fascinated me the most

we were just talking about in theory

what would your like I don't know like I

don't even remember how we got into it

but you pulled out the name Don karnage

which is just a dope name for most

anything like it just makes you want to

be able to say it I think like just the

way it rings makes you want to be able

to use it but it turns out there's a Don

karnage spider okay in a DuckTales

series who's like this evil Panther

who's like this like eighteen hundred's

era gangster or something like like a

propeller plane or nineteen hundred's I

guess but like this propeller plane I

don't even know like Ruby sleuths I

don't know how to describe it but um

we're both kind of blown away that like

Disney and all the Disney Universe of

course there was a Don karnage that

existed so yeah I think we changed it I

think it might have been right after we

recorded or possibly the day after you

just texted me dude Google Don karnage

heartbreaking and I knew exactly what

was gonna happen I knew that there was

already a Don karnage and yeah sure

enough this weird dude from the 90s and

I tried to write it off like I searched

it was like you know I had like 80

followers on Facebook for this Don

karnage character I couldn't find much

on it and I thought um you know we made

him parallel thinking whatever it can be

our own guy you didn't you wanted to

change the name and I specifically was

fighting to keep the name because of did

I tell you the dream I had about Donald

Trump yes I did about me calling him a


I don't recall okay so anyway you you

think you I don't know I feel like I

would remember something like that

so I was at baseball like to his face

you were just like hey man you're a

raper yeah I think I think I did tell

you dude with the holding office at the

time of this interaction in the dream

yes I accused him of being a raper at a

baseball game and he chased me out of

the stadium and I remember you or maybe

someone else saying like well that

obviously would never happen but um it

was like a huge controversy that I said

this to the president and like NBC and

CNN and everyone was trying to get

interviews on like do you have any you

know anything to back up your claim yada

yada and I just used all this huge press

to like just promote that the broadcast

network and like we got like millions of

downloads cuz that was just like in

every interview I was like no but go

listen to elements look I think it was

just such scummy marketing but anyway so

I thought if we steal a Disney

characters name and the Disney Sue's us

for it we can use that as promotion for

the podcast be like yo this guy we just

came out of nowhere

diz he's trying to see was how about you

uh you know back the little guy and just

make it a huge thing and I was saying

like you know all all form an LLC that

reminiscent will be under separate

developmental of them if they sue us for

money the company folds you know we

don't lose anything but it'd be great

publicity I don't know man I thought we

should stick with Don but you voted

heavily against it right yeah it is such

a good name it's so much better than any

every other iteration we thought about

Jack carnage or John carnage I think we

have kind of settled on Ron carnage well

okay so you I wanted every time that you

judge didn't mean it was it Garvin

Garvin yeah and you forget the name it

was some Irish name and then for a while

you wanted him just be named Tom

and I just didn't think it was like it

sounds through abrasive and it is you so

III it sounded like what it didn't sound

like abrasive enough like like dawn it's

just it's so like phonetically like yes

Takada like dawn it's just ugh comes out

of nowhere just shoots out of your mouth

you know it does shoot out of your mouth

it's no I don't even say that in a weird

immature way it's just like I really can

love that name and I I feel like I feel

like it was wasted on a throwaway

DuckTales character like it actually

makes me sad

like I knows it's I mean the name

deserves so much I mean we may have to

do an episode about ducktales and the

character arc of the original Don

karnage politically just to like see if

it was fucking worth it you know what I

mean like really asks the ducktales

writers like was this was this worth it

man Don karnage the fuckin thinker boy

dude but no a ruby sleuth in the

ducktales universe damn so we were we

were so young then a week ago when we

talked about this first two weeks ago

it's been forever oh yeah that's true

anyway so we said it on Ron because you

kept accidentally saying Ron anyways

this is true so we was Ron have you

heard from Matt about this by the way he

he's been radio silence like he doesn't

even care man well Disney would have oh

god yeah it was I kind of felt like he

died when we change his name to Ron I

know you wanted to get the Disney this

is a good Disney on the radar like hey

John John Lasseter just in case you were

gonna Pixar this this is ours in the


try watching ducktales but you know like

just in case Lassiter's like what the to

me that just seems like I know there's

so many I don't know I feel like we

could have gone with Tom and named it

after you yeah because it that's what it

was born of I was just asking you a

bunch of stupid questions the last time

we did this and you were like actually

here's this crazy universe in which I am

a folk hero so so yeah I mean we've

really been running with this idea of

Ron carnage and I I know a lot of people

who were in like the comic book world

and I I really want like graphic novels

to be written about his adventures there

are there's there are some people on the

elemental team that are picking up some

of that and writing some like short

stories that I think are absolutely

hilarious and I span what did you so you

took it to like some your some of your

comic friends in Denver in the DC area

they're actually having these small

press Expo right now but I have some

friends who I was actually trying to get

to do their own podcast for for

elemental they are really big in the

comic community not just people local to

DC but people who travel to DC to these

comic shows a year ago today I was

actually at one and it was incredible

really good really good time and I

wanted people to like hey here's his

character listen to the episode here's

some thoughts about him can you

illustrate him and like I'll pay you

maybe we can get some kind of

partnership we're like we write you

illustrate like there can be like a

graphic novel written about him that's

just like that's my dream right now like

that's where I want to see Ron carnage

go and I get I couldn't find people who

wanted to do it for like just for fun

like let me put the brakes on and with

the brakes on okay who just because

we're doing a well we did a Katy Perry

Taylor Swift episode

we did of the youtubers were right about

me episode where of neither word you

know not just knee-deep into this


who who is Fermat catch him up who the

fuck's ron carnage so to you Tom to me

well see this is this is kind of where I

was going with it um I wanted to get to

know who this dude was so I wanted to

see like kind of what is he the same

person to unit despite the name change

yeah yeah yeah okay um so got there's so

much I want to say at once right now

it's really hard to know because we've

done a lot there was an illustration

there was a movie trailer done about him

do you want me to but yeah so you might

as well just play the movie trailer you

made like why did you well you made one

and you sent it to me I thought it was

pretty funny and somewhat you mention it

to somebody and you wanted to show them

and you like needed an idea and you're

like well once you just make the wrong

Carnot's trailer or how did that happen

and then just in the editing just play

it now okay there's a lot of swearing

it's good okay I'll play it you have to

you have to go to elemental Oh dot F M

/r on carnage to hear the unedited in

all its glory version I'll play right

now for you here we go

in a world where actions speak louder

than words

what's a thinker boy to do

it's me old friend Levi it's me Ron I

know oh yeah well hi Don karnage left

with no option but to save a world that

left him with nothing listen up now you

ain't got all day mate

yes though yes there is always time to

think think my boy nemesis emerges

give me the think abou on a golden plate

you suck so much

son of a mother King this summer get

ready for action

romance the names carnage rod rock you

roll smoke you know I don't smoke you

son of a bitch fucking lawn College is

the thinker boy can they find what the

people at elemental like there's been

some stuff written about him at this

point - right like yeah that's gonna be

in there as well it's gonna be elemental

dot F M slash Ron carnage yes

ro n and then the word carnage with a

see ya see AR n age is very much unlike

Don karnage which is spelled with a k

and this from the ducktales universe I

want to make that distinction as clear

as fucking possible or is it the same

thing Disney how about your lawyers tell

us so the thinker boy what now let's go

back now that they've heard and maybe we

can play it again what what's going on

there so you at pretty late at night

were drunkenly texting me a script right

is that kind of what happened yeah you

you had this meeting with the guy and

you needed to give him a sound demo and

you're like I need something new and we

were like why don't we just do Don

karnage cuz why who'd why the fuck not

and yeah I didn't realize we were gonna

use it

word for word but I just sent you like

40 texts in a row from a bar I think I

was watching an Indian's game at the bar

down the road and and then like on my

walk home I got you send me the file and

it was everything I had just texted to

you like as I imagined it in my head I

was like Jesus Christ how'd what a crazy

world we live in but uh it happened

pretty quick I thought it was funny yeah

I think you I mean I wrote it drunk at a

bar so I was giggling on my way home

like Oh Tim you texted it to me I think

it might have been Friday night and I wa

I woke up like Saturday or something and

I mean just made this thing in like 45

minutes I ripped a bunch of a bunch of

like music off YouTube which probably

isn't okay

it said that it was like stiff it's

probably close enough to its royalty

free versions yeah it was someone put it

up there like for use

I kind of bypassed having to sign up for

their email list to download it whatever

and I have like a bunch of like Sony

library sound effects and stuff and I

put this thing together I changed the

music around a ton the little Ronnie

thinker boy like in his classmates are

making fun of him as a boy is so

haunting like it's like it's super

horror movie cringe like with the Bell

or like the high end of the xylophone in

the background that part was really hard

to record because I had to do with like

five times in different pitches and I

kept wanting to harmonize with what I

was doing so I was trying to like make

it sound not musical on purpose but then

I did that before I found those little

bells and the bells happen to be like

super dissonant with whatever like tones

I was like saying that in it it sounds

super creepy and then I added this like

really long reverb that like slowed down

it ended up sounding really creepy but

like a bad dream like it was a bad

flashback you know that I that's kind of

the vibe that I thought you were given

me right but yeah yeah hybrid it was

honestly kind of I don't wanna say scary

but it was definitely an experience like

hearing like especially when you know

after a few drinks at the bar is just

like I don't know I don't even I didn't

expect you know just like huh this is

exactly how it was my brain not even

half an hour ago it really kind of blew

me away I had a lot of fun man I did

like so that's I think for me Ron Ron

carnage isn't exciting I think it's

allowed to be fun who the fuck is Ron

carnage and why is his nickname the

thinker bird seems like he's not all

that in the carnage despite it right

despite the nomenclature you might even

go yeah I don't know it's just

yeah is it even is it even anything

other than yeah just his name I suppose

but so yeah next question becomes like

those dudes that made that YouTube video

called damn Brock those kids that just

pointed at Iraq and tried to swear in

the most suburb a 13-year old way ever

they rode that as far as they could the

damn Daniel kids made it into a Weezer

video my question for you is this how

far do you think you can take the name

Ron carnage just because most of it I

don't think we're fooling anybody here

is just an interesting name for a folk


so I mean Paul Bunyan is dope Ron

carnage packs a little more of a punch

is that tackier I don't know it's four

in the eye they beholder eyes I guess I

want to take Ron carnage I want him to

live beyond us so what about it what

separates him from Nick Offerman's

animated series what is it ninja cop or

like the cop with an axe or at the axe

wielding con dude just like kicker hard

dude give me the elevator pitch for Ron

for Ron carnage here I can't Pat there's

so much I need to say um okay well I'm

getting ahead of myself then because Ron

say what you need to say young Ron is a

bunch of different things right now so I

want Ron to be a household name I want

ten seasons of an animated television

show about Ron carnage Ron carnage is

now my D&D; character that I will be

playing it turned so you're already run

carnage his number one fan yes and okay

and since we last talked I I think I was

very surprised when you asked like you

know in like a role-playing thing who

was your like character I was like

really thrown off because I was just

thinking about like looking into what

Dungeons & Dragons is all about

I downloaded a podcast called you meet

in a tavern and listen to all 17

episodes in like 10 days they're all

like an hour and a half each it's like a

real play Dungeons & Dragons game I

didn't expect it to be so fun and so

funny like the guys on it or apps

leaking hilarious um like I honestly

thought D&D; would be super lame like all

the YouTube videos on like how to play

just they all take it so seriously you

know but on episode 15 they did like a

Q&A; and they were talking about like um

we want our listeners to like send in

like illustrations of like either our

characters of their characters and maybe

you know if we like them we'll make them

a non playable character in our show and

I just saw that they posted a thing

saying they passed fifty thousand total

downloads so I found out all the guys

live in Cincinnati where you just moved

to I've been talking to them non-stop on


um and I'm gonna try to get Ron carnage

as a part of their show and I invited

them to my wedding already oh that would

be the most delightfully stupid fucking

awesome thing to ever happen right like

in the best way I mean that like like

that sounds awesome yeah of course of

course there's like an internet channel

for Rhonda immediately exists somewhere

so I so I sent one of the guys one of

the guys from the show we were talking

on like you know DMing on Twitter and I

was like hey man can I send you

something that I worked on it was like

kind of a little bit inspired by your

show and I sent him the trailer for it I

did the trailer originally for Don

karnage before we realized we had to

change the name I did like seven

different versions of it but I had to

change all the Don's and the thing back

to Ron's you should just really work it

in there like Ron little Ronnie boy so

he loved it he wanted to show it to the

other guys in the podcast and I'm really

trying to get Ron as part of their show

in addition to that it doesn't you said

he already exists in his own series so

shouldn't they just eat

how's that gonna work it's there's gonna

be no license on Ron Ron is everywhere

he's everything all the time okay so he

lives inside everybody's hearts and

takes the form of whatever they need him

to be in the moment he's like Frosty the

Snowman I was gonna say like if somebody

was like on a beach and they looked down

and there was two sets of footprints but

then they were going through like a

really hard part of their life went down

and there was only one set of footprints

and they were like man I really thought

Ron was gonna be there for me and then

they look over and Ron's carrying them

when he's like no my child it was me

here the whole time supporting you and I

was carrying you that's why there was

only one set of footprints in the beach


you should write like a poem about that

yeah you know hey man when inspiration

strikes Ron carnies can be anything to

anybody I think is the point here find

strength through run so over the weekend

I'm still obsessed with Ron at this

point I've never used Adobe Illustrator

because usually aren't usually uh stuff

we talk about on this just fades lights

total throw super fucking fast right

yeah so which speaks to the name itself

if it's held your attention for two

weeks then I don't think it's going

anywhere fast

something there so I've never opened

Adobe Illustrator in my life I flayed

the Photoshop alap an illustrator is

totally different

I was watching YouTube videos while

learning how to use illustrator and is

traited my version for my D&D; character

of Ron carnage and you know for never

having used illustrator I think it's

pretty damn good um it might have taken

me 14 hours to get to the point that I'm

at now but I legitimately sat down on

Saturday and was on illustrator for

eight King hours and then on Sunday for

another six and I'm not exaggerating

dude and I'm gonna say I can't wait till

this weekend to to work on his little

circle it that I'm I'm putting on his

head right now I'm gonna give him a body

I I would like to give him a body yeah

definitely most definitely and in

addition to

that I've been building my D&D; character

of Ron carnage which may or may not be

different from you know whatever people

are writing about him or where he might

be in someone else's universe but I feel

like we should backtrack a little bit

okay okay here's us the sidekick is

named after your dog which is that which

is I think why I was fighting for him to

be named Tom Conrad first places because

it is you incarnated into this dis

character ya know yeah that's true so he

has he has friends in a nemesis right

it's your pretty basic um I'm just

saying described described the what's

going on here so in these he's taking on

he's more than a name two weeks out from

when you said it out loud he's there's

more hits more than just a name right so

in in these stories that are being

written about him he is he's older now

he is an old retired adventurer we don't

know anything about his backstory but we

know that Levi shows up at his door

after what could be decades what could

also be hundreds of years um

Levi shows up at his door and he needs

him for one last adventure and but if he

doesn't age so is he not a human man

well my thought is that he would be

elven which would entail what again they

can live to be six hundred I believe but

they can also die yes sir they are not

immortal what's the difference there

well I was the difference two teen just

lasting so here's been being able to be

killed as I've been developing my DD

character I thought first Elvin would be

cool because if he is me I got made fun

of a lot when I was younger for having

big point like long pointy ears so I

thought Oh Alvin would be cool within as

I'm researching D&D; characters elves um

since they live to be so old like they

age rapidly like humans do by the time

they're 20 they're adults and then they

live to be 600 so since they age since

they lived for so long they see things

that humans haven't seen are forgotten

about they live through different time

periods so they're much wiser and

they're much smarter and if you're a

thinker boy you're intelligent correct

so since he's so old he's been around

for so long he knows so much

he's wiser Shh he's the thinker boy I

like it so I like I like when levi's

tells them to I don't know it's just

also condemned but awesome life when

Levi's and I think the one where there

get to the pub and he's like what's the

password and he's like wow let me think

like how like how much of it is just

exclusively the words in the name so um

yeah the story they will be published

next Friday we have upcoming Friday uh

no the next Friday let me see what date

that is fantastical it is the 30th which

is also one of my best friend's birth is


yeah so those will be out on the 30th

they're all going to this episode going

out this will be out the 23rd this

Friday put them a blow to let you the

people heard the trailer just but they

should be able to just take a peek okay

they'll be out this week this Friday no

I'm just saying you got sure sure fine I

mean I was gonna build some height but I

mean no one cares anyway right just us I

just put it out there man let the name

wreak havoc because at this point it's

just a social experiment almost all so

like I mean I love it as a force

I am absolutely falling in love with it

and I mean I'm going

to this news back story for my Dungeons

& Dragons character I'm coming up with

like his family life like what class of

person he is he's also not what was that

he's also not fully an elf he's a half

elf half human Oh

so half elfs are pretty rare he's a

bastard child he is in see this is what

happened okay this is his story from

inception as my GD character he so the

thing with half elves is they are a part

of two different worlds they come from

two different worlds but they're not a

part of either they're like total

outcasts and they tend to kind of be

alone they don't really fit in anywhere

and they tend to be Wanderers and just

try to like fly under the radar not

super social so his story he's also a

druid in in my story so what happened

with him is that which are like a major

player in Celtic culture correct oh I

don't know

druids were like the wise people in

Celtic culture I think in D&D; anyway

they're like like just real quick sure

only because I wasn't in a few podcasts

about this like I don't think in Celtic

culture they wrote anything down they

just had like people who would become

the Druids it was I don't know if there

was a religion per se but it's

definitely the holder of holders of

knowledge since nothing was written it

was just passed on to and from the

druids so that fits into your like

wisdom thing but I don't know what druid

means in like other fictional contexts

so when D&D; druid can turn into other

animals it can talk to animals that can

summon animals they tend to live in the

forest secluded which fits perfectly

with the half elf thing and tend to like

worship nature rather than gods or

humans or things which isn't entirely

true if it's if it's me you know in a

nutshell but his story is that

he was born to a an elf mother who was

wed to an elven man but she was fucking

around on him and she had sex with a

human gave birth to a bastard child and

the father made her get rid of Ron

because he was a disgrace and she dumped

him in the woods and then he was raised

by the forest animals and that's how he

came to be a druid and how he can talk

to animals how we can turn into them and

summon them how do you like that that is

some days of our lives but didn't he go

to school didn't get made fun of by kids

I mean sure it was done by somebody and

then who tried to domesticate him and he

just kept thinking all the time and

that's why people make fun of him okay

look it's the nature baby in and see

here's the thing two kids that's harsh

we're in second grade so the thing with

Ron is that um humans or half elves born

to elves tend to take a human name and

they can have like it was funny because

after I ate at him I started reading

more about half elves and and it was

like you know big red beards blue eyes

dark hair and that's like exactly how I

drew him so as I do this is like this is

perfect you know um so since he was born

of elves they they named him after like

human name would be bran he has some

more human characteristics so maybe

after you know being alone for so long

in the woods raising him you know being

raised by animals a human took him in

and maybe he thought that the human was

his parents but it didn't quite feel

right so his whole life he was just

thinking about like something doesn't

feel right what could possibly be the

answer Who am I and that's how he's

gotten away yeah so that's how he got

all his wisdom because a druid their

wisdom check is like their biggest one I

think of their wisdom ability their high

score so yeah I don't know me and all of

it just fits perfectly it's like weird

how perfect it's all been but I like

that maybe yeah maybe at a younger age

she was brought up by some by some

humans got made fun of because he

everyone knew he was different he didn't

know why and then he ended up kind of

going off on his own again I don't know

I don't know sounds like he doesn't

check past though so yeah I mean I've

been really into into the dungeons

dragons stuff I went out last Friday I

think you bought The Player's Handbook

which is ungodly expensive bought some

cheap dice from China it was like a

dollar fifty for the whole set and dude

I cannot I cannot wait to play I just

and it's mostly because of Ron I feel

like I have someone that I can connect

you now that can just live out you know

this guy and it can be separate from you

know whatever people are writing about

him it could be separate from you know

Pixar or when they pick it up

he's yeah I don't know dear John

Lasseter even though he's already a

DuckTales character so bad here's my

question maybe he's an animal person

dude maybe he just is Don karnage and

he's seen some Baloo is like long gone

now so his easygoing nature cost him his

life in the end so I mean do we contact

Disney directly I mean that because okay

when we were like permission to use Don

karnage when we were like whoa I mean

they would pay us um

wait why well I guess if he's not lice

don't know dude but like he would pay us

for like the the thought but he would

still be unlicensed is there a way we

can work that out I think we would pay

them to use the name Yeah right isn't

that how it would work though oh

absolutely not

it's our intellectual property but the

argument would be that it was theirs who

know this is Ron carnage she's totally

different oh so who pays this for what

Pixar pays us for Iran

No yeah how much money can you make off

a name is what you mean yeah um it

depends how much he's worth

I mean Ron's more than just a number

dated I don't know man someone would

have to the elemental team would have to

come up with some sort of something that

could be that can make Matt who's our

only follower say no that movie did not

give the book just it would just live

the tale of every other thing that's

ever happened my sister listens and no

one would be better or worse off in the

end for it maybe just a little more like

huh man and this is the American Dream

is everyone's just mostly curious at 15

like 27 years later

george RR martin still hasn't finished

the game of thrones books and the dick

Don karnage series has yet to be

concluded this is taking too long

weird as humans we're all done with

reading right and we're all done here

this is process kawari oh baby but I

mean I I I don't think I could be any

more sincere when I say that I want to

see him as a graphic novel at the very

least like I want it to be a real story

I would love for a comic writer to pick

him up and like you know work with them

on like a story I think it was so fun I

so you pump out what you got generate

some buzz you're the buzz generator

you're the social-media influencer mr.

Tikal um I'll try do you honestly I will

I hit up my friend Joe who is one of the

comic like MC dudes and I was asking

like you know I I don't want to look for

free work right I'm not trying to like I

have nothing to offer someone but are

there people out there who were like

want to illustrate stories and like go

in on a project as like a partner

because like I can't just pay someone

like five grand to like illustrate a

novel you know but I would love to like

find someone who like really loves it

too and wants to help develop a

character and

you know put out a book like we'll give

him the story him or her the story and

they can write or they can you know

illustrate and be a producer or whatever

and he was like yeah I don't know do you

like a lot of people out there are

looking for like you know paid an

experienced bullsh which like you know

being advanced I got that to you like we

won't pay you but it's great exposure

and just take what take what your boys

have and pump it out there man for free

it's the internet you know anything I

want I I know in and I will going to I'm

just hoping one of those album things

were like garage bands have you pay a

donation to download or something you

know maybe yeah yeah I mean I I do want

to publish like a zine or like an ebook

or something like when when it's done or

when the first you know the first the

first book is written put it out for

like pay what you want you know 99 cent

minimum like I think it'll be fun as

hell 20 25 cent minimum so bring it back

to 1940 style man give us a quarter but

you have to like mail in something like

you have to rip out a coupon from the

back of like a magazine and mail it in

and if you really want I like where your

head's at

it's very interesting yeah man sign up

for the newsletter get all the chronic

needs to be a newsman colleges I don't

even think about that it's got to be a

newsletter weekly installments bro well

you were just the one telling me it

ought to do weekly installments like

it's not even a thing it I'm saying dump

what you have okay wherever it sticks

just all I'm saying is just like keep

pumping it out and then just like

whatever stick school you know what I

mean like just have it ready and

available to anyone who wouldn't want to

consume as much of it as possible

so listeners let me know should we make

a patreon account minimum I don't even

know if there is a minimum fifty cents a

month a dollar a month it would be like

a paid newsletter but you give us a

dollar way dude a dollar a year a dollar

a month we'll get you four stories away

dude that's 25

Ron think about Ron oh yeah $1 a month

what would you pay a dollar I wouldn't

pay a dollar a month for cable TV dude

that's a ripoff I pay a dollar 37 for

for this guide Matt's newsletter which

is very entertaining dollar 37 a month

um it's at 137 gasps dude I guess do it

for a 1 cent a month not even money do

you just throw it at people mail it to

people with your own cash and hope they

use it for kindling or something I mean

I pay 5 bucks a month as a relay FM

number and I love it

great I love supporting people that I

guess fair enough I'm just me well I'm

just saying just have it available to

that anyone who would want to seek it

out first you especially these D&D; dudes

and since Anatomy like you oh yeah

well and yeah so I you know I want to

get hooked up with them for sure because

I love what they're doing and they're

all super nice but also like then if

they took it into their own thing and

there's a different thing that already

exists that might get confusing as well

you know anyways yeah I definitely want

to get hooked up with them

see I'm a dude I I know that you're

loving it too but I I really want it to

be something like more than I want this

podcast to be something I want Ron to be

something well we'll see

dump them out on Friday with the episode

and I'm gonna see what happens

we'll check back in a week or two and do

another Ron update and see how much

weight a name can let the snowball roll

downhill as it were sure

I'm super excited man I it's weird how

it is becoming more than just a goofy

thing like like I said earlier I very

sincerely would love to see a book read

about I don't know man

we'll see we'll keep doing you know

whatever we're doing right now and just

make something happen if anyone out

there wants to write a broad carnage fan


you can email yes Tom at elemental dot F

M if you just want to say anything I

don't care if that's my email it is the

only thing on my phone that I get

notifications for so if you send me an

email I will most definitely see that

and respond I'm excited for you that ron

has at least touched one life it's um I

mean he was in you all along right yeah

I'm excited about the trailer I really

needed something to like practice some

sound design send it to the dude from

Vice he wrote he did publish that

article by the way and we weren't in it

at all I don't know if I told you huh

that's funny

well you met him yeah but it was fun and

he's really interested in doing some

work with that Astra he's interested in

having me do audio stuff for his this

narrative podcast he wants to do so

really nice guys still a good time but I

might see a Vice wants to write an

article about Ron yeah do you do you

have anything else you want to add to

this show not really I mostly I think

I'm very intrigued and you know we'll

chat afterwards like we always do which

is mostly what I'm looking forward to

this week you don't want to record the

chat no like there's stuff we talk about

on here and there's stuff we don't and

okay okay I'm looking forward to just

catch you know okay um well we have some

same mints to get through

yes which you hate but do you want me to

do no because you turned it my idea to

do that down like in the first 10

episodes we talked about we Erin

mentioned it to like one to like do

stuff and then you were like I don't

know if I wanted to be structured and

here we are selling out to the man no I

I don't I don't really want like I want

the main content of the show like here's

my here's my fat okay and it's that the

misconception that vitamin C is a

cure-all when you have a common cold and

sleep in hydration are the two most

important things I'm gonna feel over

simplifying but apparently there's like

a good box article about how it was

mostly just a good ad campaign for

orange juice or something like that but

yeah I mean like if you think to go to

the store to grab orange juice when

you're sick and like try to drink way

more than you normally would it may or

may not do as much as you think that's

all misconception this is more than a

fun so that emergencies stuff is just

total garbage yeah watch the thing I

don't think vitamin C is what would do

it any more than good old-fashioned rest

like you know to get your sleep and

drink plenty of water like any mom would

tell you right I know if one of the one

of the liquid you consumed was orange

juice you know hydration was positive

and it can't hurt to eat fruit like

stuff like that like it's not negative

to end up eating more fruits and

hydrating like in the form of orange

juice and oranges when you're sick but

yeah anyway go to voxcom and look up the

word orange or vitamin C or something

you'll find what I'm talking about

and I always thought I thought that was

kind of interesting when I saw it cuz I

chug a bottle of orange juice every time

I get to common cold so I felt duped by

the man I'll um I'll put a link in the

show notes you probably know by now

elemental dot F M 4 slash reminiscent

forward slash 43

I'll find the box article and put it in


yeah I I don't really go for the vitamin

C I Megan's been doing these custom teas

that are supposed to be or that are like

super helpful for certain very specific

things and I guess it's not specific

it's a holistic thing indeed honestly

even if it's just placebo effect which I

don't think it is I mean there's like

thousands of years of people using this

stuff it's dope man you know if

something's wrong if I have sinus

pressure she makes something and it's

almost like it goes away you know well I

mean if I had cancer I do the latest

chemotherapy show or whatever but I mean

like before that happens I don't think

it hurts to like fill your body with

certain vitamins and minerals you know

what I mean like not drinking alcohol or

smoking or in getting enough sleep and

being active enough like you there's

certain things you can do too like

keeping you know what I mean like keep

the machine running at high the highest

capacity poss right right you know what

I mean

placebo effects are powerful too but I

mean like it doesn't hurt to want to

strive to get the most out of your body

naturally and I don't think that's a bad

thing necessarily yeah I don't think

there's any way could be a bad thing

right unless it's like the scrubs

episode where she tries to do meditation

through meditate like she or she wants

get hypnotized through surgery as her

said oh god yeah and it's just you know

stuff like that I think is the extreme

version of that but yeah if like it

eat some nettles who gives it right it's

your nettle business it's not my nettle


oh boy um I got to get you that flag

that I sent you put a picture of that in

the show notes to really cool flag that

said something about nettles it's

basically a third host of the show at

this point um all right so vitamin C's

bullish you want to do you highlight hey

you should Ron be were super ended

nettles and like I don't know where okay

well he would be of course he suppose

you would okay he has a cloak made out

of nettles did you know that I have not

been given the know he's in he's one

with nature dude he's a damn Celtic

Warrior he's pretty dope um I'll do a

highlight give me I'll on it Joe McShane

visited from Pittsburgh and we went to

Oktoberfest Zinzinnati and it's like

apparently the biggest Oktoberfest

celebration in the u.s. huh in which

rank beer and ate a bunch of German

foods like brats and pretzel this

pretzel that schnitzel von void and

fruit aisle and stuff like that it was

tasty and fun and this one guy was

playing in like the this accordion and

he ended up playing crate he covered

crazy in love by beyoncé featuring

jay-z yeah losses it was pretty good

pretty good stuff so Cincinnati's been a

delightful surprise and continues to be

that's awesome dude I'm super stoked to

hear that I'm gonna I'm gonna come visit

you one day and we'll go hang out with

the dudes from you mean the tavern yes

they already invited us out for beers so

beers you say pears pears pears what's


Pete Holmes bit where it's it's just

that's it it's the whole bit is he's

just like bears for the air Spears and

then like and then the ensuing comedy

special he's like have you heard of

beers Pierce well lower your

expectations right the fuck he does it

and he's like now I have a new one

it's basically his his Hispanic friend

is there and he's yelling upstairs

because he missed the ending of an

exciting soccer match of a team that was

unsuccessful in their endeavors for like

a while and he's like hey won we won won

won just that's it that's it beers

Pierce and yeah anyway the rest of the

special is more creative than that but

Pete Holmes made pretty funny it was

that stupid drama Shane yeah good to see

him he's expecting a little child I

forget this they don't know the sex of

the baby but has it they're the due date

is Christmas Eves so that's exciting oh

yes it worked out because this

Oktoberfest I mean Abby his wife didn't

wasn't able to drink but she just ate

everything like we all didn't so she was

still able to enjoy it like cool

brower's cool schnitzel cool you know

like was still able to enjoy and yeah it

was just fun it was nice beautiful

weekend in Ohio this weekend as like

hurricanes ravaged the Gulf region but

yeah it was super nice in Denver I

didn't go outside at all which is how

weekend should be it was Lange's

Institute it was like high 50s um later

on in the day actually I did go out on

Saturday it would had a panic attack

um but but yeah man on that's great

I guess my highlight would just be all

the time that I got to put into the

podcast you meet at a tavern or you meet

in a tavern sorry I don't know dude I

just I love it and I haven't had much

time to listen to podcast lately and I

just crushed these man I couldn't stop

and it made me realize that like you

know all the biggest podcasts out there

right now our story based ones like

narratives and I definitely kind of see

why you get into that big

mentality with it um and it made me want

to do a little bit more of that on the

network you know my original thought was

just kind of like the conversation based

stuff but I think there is a lot to say

about all of the biggest podcasts are

narrative you know style and maybe we

shouldn't find some people who want to

do that

but yeah that's that's kind of of rant

is your fun fact man you're not gonna

get off

oh no we're only doing one a week you

son of king but I got my for next week

done so don't worry about it King Hill

made me laugh dude I gotta say your work

on that trailer was run carnage dude

what more can you say so good he's the

damn thinker boy so I'm happy just to

hear you happy to be honest because

every what everyone said what like

whenever we do these it's usually a bad

day at work dude it's it's it it

honestly has been an awful two weeks a

bunch of my friends got fired I'm sorry

to hear that but uh yeah it's it's been

some you should go to the Denver comic

convention and be like yo you guys hear

Ron fucking carnage dude five much of

stickers then just stick them up place

oh my god yeah I gotta make do some

guerrilla viral Ron carnage marketing

dude Oh stickers are so expensive but

I'll try

um how much are they well when I ordered

the elemental ones it was like $40 for

25 of them no it's $48 for 25 mm Wow 25


yeah that doesn't seem right pins or

stickers dude I got 50 pins for 20 bucks

how are pins cheaper than stickers I

don't know dude I mean they're good

quality stat will there die cut stickers

to which you know they're cut to the

edge of the the thing I'm sure if I just

got regular circular ones it would be a

bit cheaper

yeah the high-gloss full-color man like

it and to be clear they're not stickers

they're vinyl decals which means they

can get wet okay I'm just talking about

stuff you could put up on a lamppost

in Denver yeah you would need vinyl

decals or else they would just melt yeah

who cares okay

guerrilla marketing baby y'all do it um

who is Don karnage sigh my highlight has

been listening to that podcast because

it's been a lot of instrumental the

board game bar I know there's a board

game bar and then over there has to be

like four I mean like put up over on

carnage poster I'm gonna be going to

these Dungeons & Dragons meetups at this

game store down the road so do a gam in

um why do you song of the week oh man I

guess yes okay good although I I did a

social media scrub so I'm not in Spotify

anymore so I have been have just been

doing full albums on YouTube and I guess

that would be my song of the week is

like there's so much free music on

YouTube I guess yeah no shit

but like I'm not talking about like

playlists of songs from different videos

like there's a lot of full albums

uploaded and so far I haven't really

missed Spotify at all to be honest do

you did you pay for Spotify my sister

did towards the end but for years I

didn't I just had the commercials

it was just like Pandora just more

organized I guess yo I know it's

expensive but Apple music is the best

that's fine I like I said I've been

realizing how much free music is just on

YouTube like in album form so I just

been kind of digging that and like

through its recommendations the

algorithm is like showed me artwork I've

seen or recognized or bands I've just

been like listening to I don't under Lee

got into Wilco but now I have like the

time to listen to will go on YouTube and

so there's John Stephens and stuff like

that old Japan droids and shit so so

what do you do about like not being able

to close your window what do you mean

like it can't it's just a tab up in

Google Chrome below on your computer

okay okay you write real good cool very

cool so yeah so the song of the week is

YouTube me I do have you heard about

this website called not to never heard

of it is it by chance the second biggest

search engine and

world tell the youtubers that this is

not a sign of weakness this is just tell

them the feuds still on and I'll never

watch them the youtubers man hey man I'm

just trying to learn more about them so

we can defeat them in the end game

youtubers dude hey if we swear 11 more

times we'll have 69 swear words in this

episode nice I'll blow them all at once

so you know what now that you say blow

them all at once I'm still getting over

the fact you gave in the first ever

factoid segment we did in last week

where he talked about how much data is

yeah it like in a and I mean I don't

know people will listen to it it's it's

kind of it's a load of data first a load

of data it's a whole load of data but

yeah that does it for me for the episode

Ron carnage

apparently he refuses to die and why

would he die he's a thinker boy my song

of the week I think you might actually

like it there's a band called such gold

that has done some different things over

the years but it's called melodic Punk I

don't really see it too much in the

first song on their like brand new EP I

think you might like it it is called

deep in a hole which is the title track

on the EP deep in the hole

deep in the hole okay it's a beautiful

artwork of the artwork album artwork is

amazing this song is just like there's

uh there's just one melody there's not

much structure to the song itself it's

not like the standard first chorus verse

chorus bridge chorus chorus B type thing

it's it's a gift a little chaotic at

some point so you might be like yeah but

there's something about it that it's

like fast but it also has this kind of

like vibe that I get from a lot of your

songs that you recommend so I think you

might like it

okay I've seen them with the story so

far my turning off to them but a good

band really good

okay also I thought of one thinking of a

place by the war on drugs it's a good

it's a slower tune longer-term thinking

it's nice driving music thinking of a

place thinking of a place by the war on

drugs right yeah

it's a good driving song if you're

driving to work one of these mornings

what speed is ideal for listening to

this song you're on a highway and you're

just cruising okay

cruising speed awesome you're not in a

rush to it's not like Motorhead like hey

that's the worst Motorhead impression I

think and like I'm sorry Lemmy but it's

not bad at all it's a little more

patient I guess okay

well I'm looking forward to it just

crossed another Motorhead oh yeah

I've been I got when I lived with like

this metal fan dude in Albuquerque who

knew my sister at Case Western Cleveland

when she was in college he got me in you

know I'm like coming coming a lot coming

over to the decide of I guess motor it

might not be metal per se but um anyway

all right here this band called motor

called YouTube you lost what a crazy

show but anyway sorry everybody pre

usual catch away see you next I will

call it there with Motorhead is good yes

I'm in love you buddy low et did