44. I Think We've Been Talking About Cheryl Crow For Way Too Long Transcript

and now a reading from the Ron carnage

chronicles chapter 6 the Leon bridges

over troubled waters an excerpt our

beloved trio found themselves at the

Leon bridges spanning the bile river in

front of each stood a man cloaked

awaiting those who intended to pass over

their bridges the only form of river

passage for miles king hell said Levi as

he was one to do no no my boy said Ron

this may just be all right the trio

reached the two men guarding the

entrances to each of the two bridges

parallel covered structures sodded said

the one man dude sir said the other we

have put two questions said the first

man suddent the second man again dude

sir Rana quickly retorted but not too

eager but also like not disinterested

either but still detached in such a way

like he cared but he didn't you know all

right all right said the first man now

now somehow more to use them before

question two is more of a

fill-in-the-blank complete this phrase

puff-puff ha all right all right said

the second man giving DAP to the first

yeah my man like the elders of the

nettle realm the figure boy thought the

trio turned their backs to gather

themselves think thinker boy think oh

you believe I whispered think thicker

boy I think she was a long time

puff-puff like rolling up the nettles

and passing it around the circle my dude

said flappy dammit flappy said Ron you

know I don't smoke son of a just said

Levi son of a motherfuck indeed said Ron

at that moment the bridge keepers and

our beloved trio realized they weren't

alone along the banks of this river a

sniper controlled voice rang out hey

guys look it's little Ronnie thinker boy

the small group of maybe half a dozen

armed with bedpost and chains wrapped

around their fists and the like snicker

to themselves one of the trolls farted


nutsy report the whole thing

not only didn't disease any of the

tension it was like super weirder now

because not only did the father seem to

enjoy what he just done they were all

kind of into it more now off after look

it's a little runny boy I think and

that's where we'll leave our heroes

halfway through chapter six at the newly

purchased domain ww-who is Ron carnage

calm and let's start the show that's

really coming along the the team over

there at an elemental fm yes the team

just to shout out to real quick before

we could start a shout out to Julie who

doesn't get who is as big of a fan as

Matt but doesn't get as much love and

thanks for listening Julie I think we

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think I just wanted to say Julie started

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royale mmm maybe but also maybe not all

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sure the shirt wallet maybe some pants

yeah well sunglasses I think we talked

about anyway not too bad but yeah Ron

Ron carnage is coming along it would

seem you see you definitely enjoy it

you're having fun with this project yeah

I'm absolutely loving it I I had reached

out like I said to those students from

you mean the tavern the D&D; podcast why

am i a tavern on twitter links to all

their episodes it's like seriously my

favorite podcast right now I'm trying to

get them to I want our characters to

meet in like a bar somewhere and I was

this tradition on their podcast right so

I want kind of our characters to like

meet in the same universe and go on a

chapter adventure together and I like my

vision for it was like popcorn reading

but except like each person would write

like a paragraph and then pass it off to

like the next person right like an

improv game or something

yeah it might be asking a lot like maybe

we have a structure right now and they

just write in like their lines or


Levi maybe I can just go visit them they

live in Cincinnati so I'll just go

record for half an hour with them or

something sorry and um yeah that that

would be pretty awesome actually they're

all super funny and I think I even

listened to the show but if you want me

to go meet up with him I will really

well they did invite us like I didn't

say that I didn't live in Cincinnati I

said that like the co-host of my show

didn't he was like well you guys can

come you know hang out and get some beer

dressed with us if you know if you're

ever in town it down for it well you

should come into town we should do that

let me see what what flights even look

like right now right there might be some

that might be Cleveland at Denver not

cincy but there was right one of those

Spirit Airlines deals anyway

we knew travel plans off one we're not

recording but shout out to Julie and

today we are doing an extra special

episode so special it's pretty special

in that I texted you today as what we

wanted to do and you said I've been

thinking about Joe crow a little bit

lately that was all the I needed to hear

this is the chair up grow up the stone

and I want to say I've disappointed in

myself because I feel like I personally

sabotage the scrubs episode just out of

sheer I don't know I just like slept

walked through it

sleep walked through it just because I'm

a huge fan and we didn't even talk about

any specific or like we didn't even have

a top ten list of moments or scenes or

JD cutaways or anything like that or how

a moment means yeah we just talked we

were just like isn't it good we were

like yes we're both huge fan but we will

not lead down Cheryl and a sense I

didn't think I would have said before we

started the show was even if though even

though we got the scrubs episode wrong

with God is my witness I'll be damned if

we get the Sheryl Crow episode wrong

well there's a lot resting on your

shoulders because I only know the one

song that I like a lot well let's start

with why the fuck you texted me that

like you had to have known we were gonna

just make the show all about that

fleeting thought I honestly don't know

what I was thinking was it like super

early this morning at like 5:30 in the

morning that that happened did she pop

at your head today for some reason

so last night for like art not last

night I was working I was on the roof

and I started singing soak up the Sun

like it just all all of these like let's

be very fucking clear is a jam fourth

again one of many by one

Cheryl Suzanne crow of Missouri so I

don't know why but that song along with

like a bunch of others from that same

era just like all came flooding to my

head and I was singing them all day and

I was singing soak up the Sun a bunch

and I was like dude like this song is

begging to be a pop punk cover like it

is such a pop banger and I was just

thinking of all the cool stuff that I

might be able to do with it but I hadn't

listened I hadn't heard the song in like

maybe a decade

so I started listening to it to hear the

arrangement and I don't know dude it's

just I think it might be the only song I

really know by her but okay well you

know here's the thing she's one of those

artists maybe she is appropriately rated

and well-known enough that many

listening will be like you guys are just

kids but I think you would know probably

eight of her songs and I'm gonna try to

prove that today probably okay and then

you just don't know it yet and you're

like oh damn I'm the biggest Sheryl Crow

fan of all time it's kind of like John

Mayer a little bit you're like wait I

know 10 John Mayer songs you know like

yeah actually you know he's an OK blues

guitarist like you just come to these

realizations at moments you don't expect

to but um yeah I think you're a huge

Sheryl Crow fan Tom and that's what

we're about to dive into and I'll start

with this the song makes you happy oh

yeah yeah yeah and why the hell are you

so sad which I think falls into the

category of song that is just utterly

dangerous to listen to when you're alone

similar to the Counting Crows long

December it's just one of those tunes

that is just really immediately gonna be

like yeah you're in this mode of thought

now like ponder everything now but

you're stuck it's like kind of a web of

weird but yes if it makes you happy is a

jam soak up the Sun as we mentioned mmm

the cover first cut is the deepest I'm

sure you're oh oh yeah that's your old

Corral all I want to do is have some fun

oh that's your old crow that's Joe crow

Oh yo I might

start a show crow cover band she covers

sweet child of mine

Pagani roses she sinks the song a change

would do you good

change change would do you good I don't

know that one you know that but and then

it every day is a winding road oh yeah

god good exit yes yeah you're the

biggest Sheryl Crow fan I know Tom it's

pretty wild

yeah well for the podcast folks that's

it join us next week for no I'm just

saying okay here's my question for you

then is she underrated overrated or

appropriately rated um well the internet

wasn't really like a thing back when I

was listening to her songs in the back

of my mom's like white old Buick when I

was like six does the fact that your mom

was listening to her in a Buick her or

help her I I don't know how she was

rated at the time I mean if she had a

bunch of songs on the radio then she was

a big deal but maybe people aren't

thinking about her enough right now

they're too focused on the new chance

the rapper song that he just released on

Colbert yeah there's my song of the week

actually are you serious well I have a

backup just in case you picked that one

no no I I actually heard it like as I

was finishing up the Edit for ad astra

yeah first Rose is pretty good we will

touch on that later but wait ooh maybe

we're talking about two different songs

no I think it's I think we were afraid

of the same he performed it live on in

Colbert like last night okay okay yeah

he just I think the title is

firstworldproblems is what it's called

look and talked about how Fame is kind

of ruining his life time smile it's like

a logical step for his career he's like

freshly on top of the world and wants to

spend time with his daughter not the

first won't be the last but you know I

hope he survives it anyway but yeah

she'll crow she's currently my mom and

dad just saw her in Hershey PA um why

she's touring with Willie Nelson the

avid Brothers Avett Brothers Amy I think

so I think Willie Nelson's son or

grandson something like that and ket are


Stephens the guy who sings Domino and

brown-eyed girl band Morrison which is a

blockbuster tour so she's obviously not

irrelevant I'm not sure she has been

since you burst onto the scene but sure

no the career it's interesting me that

she's a mom Buick cars toons gal I mean

it was FM radio I think here's the real

quick well okay that does change things

drastically I think it would be very

telling and if you google this for me

while I talk it will be like it'll help

it'll like sway it one way or another we

were one of her songs on the soundtrack

to eat pray love the movie adaption of

the book starring Julia Roberts um

googling now I have not seen that movie

okay there's an amp article from 2010's

that says Barry Manilow in Moore and in

AC Eat Pray Love the Baba this I hate

like some some of the ways that

journalists do headlines with like it's

like not even like a real sentence well

buy a newspaper then if you want

journalism don't go to music blogs

that's it's not it's pres of the

Atlantic City show crow adopted another

kid okay now which might add to what

type of celebrity is which we can touch

on later like this thing Angelina Jolie

part of the realm and then there's right

when it's powerful part of the room

where you don't have top two kid you

just name them something odd there's

like a huge spectrum I guess we can tell

them to at a later date or never

then there were there was one famous

celebrity who like baby bird every kid's

food and then another one that like

breastfed them until they were like

eight or something there's some this is

all news to me I'm very not very

surprised by that all but I guess what I

wanted to say is Jill crow I was reading

her Wikipedia page before the show

she's from Missouri she went to

University of Missouri which would make

her a tiger I think

Mizzou Tigers I think and once I read it

wrong anyhow started off as a music

teacher which allowed her to perform at

bars on the weekends and eventually

hooked up with the record producer and

made it to st. Louis and tastes like

that and her career exploded but if you

listen to soak up the Sun which I think

I don't know if it was her first hit but

it's one of her first hits the lyrics

are super singer/songwriter like I'm

young I'm 20-something maybe late teens

I'm in LA for the first time and she

talks about like this guy going by Mac

but or buddy peeling the labels off his

beers his bottle of beers things like

that it's kind of a rambling not Bob

Dylan even necessarily but it's

definitely I guess more ambitious than

some of her later hits and I just wonder

if she ever stood a chance in the first

place because she's obviously a uh

attractive woman with a nice smile if

the industry she seems to have fought

off the industry with all her might or

so it so it seems but I just was curious

of your thoughts on if she set out given

the lyrics of soak up the Sun to be a

mom Buick Eat Pray Love artist or if she

wanted to be the Mac but her buddy

peeling off his labels from his bottles

of beer la hippie dippie and whether or

not she would have succeeded in those

endeavors well which is like the

douchiest set of sentences I've ever

said on this show I'm honestly curious

because I've listened to soak up the Sun

dozens of times and and yeah and that

first cut is the deepest is like a hit

from the early 2000s and we're in junior

high which is a cover dating back which

I also looked up before the show that

back to the 60s has been covered by Cat

Stevens has been covered by oh not Neil

Diamond ass people are gonna crucify me

for getting that one wrong let's see

Neil no Neil I just said not you the guy

that they said maypole used to look like

Tom Petty kinda I've no idea

all those little people are not oh okay

cast evens Rod Stewart but it was

originally performed

by PP Arnold I think so he fiance which

is like no if you look up the Ed

Sullivan Show clip it's actually super

powerful performance Oh

Rattata Raj steward for nailing the

cover better than Cat Stevens in my

opinion ok but that's what I'm saying

like so she's seem like I'm about to

fall in love with this random guy who

looks too uptight at the bar and yeah

but I just want suck up a son mostly

like oh hello but then it's like I'll

just cover first cut is the deepest and

sell like a few thousand Rikers and

night work I don't know you know I mean

like maybe I'm oversimplifying but I'm

just suggesting that if your mom is

listening I'm curious to hear which song

your mother was listening to in the car

as well yeah I remember soaking up the

Sun for sure ok fair enough so you

weren't lying when you were like I got

not much more than saying her name out

loud so actually I did some some

research this morning I think as I might

have been texting you as I was eating

breakfast on what I like to call the

breakfast chair it is the chair was it

different than any other chairs no it's

just the chair that I sit in sometimes

but mostly for breakfast I like it I

should love that I really do it's pretty


I breakfast all over the damn place and

some stability in my life like I always

feel lost we might try this out

usually I just eat in the car but I like

woke up like at my third alarm rather

than like are you sure

I set four alarms and I keep sleeping

the same that is Meghan she had is she I

think you have an opinion on this third

alarms business so I set four alarms and

I probably cycle them three times before

I actually get in what you are basically

you're you're waterboarding Meghan every

man this is literally the notice dude I

have it on super low and she has

earplugs in so earplugs interesting

Jessie's and I like covering the eyes

really Wow

yeah I didn't know how to feel at first

I was like whoa Hollywood's I'm inclined

to believe this is some diva behavior

based on Hollywood movies

some movie films you know I not that I

can say any better about Megan sometimes

she'll just put a whole pillow over her

face I guess yeah fair enough

which might be like I'm killing myself

because Tom's alarm just went off it's

like there's been a baker's dozen amount

of alarms this morning it's it's time to

just turn the off switch man this it's

over now so I will go buy my third alarm

I was able to eat on the breakfast chair

and I was researching so I was listening

to pop punk covers of soak up the Sun

which there weren't many there were some

like quote unquote rock or like you know

indie rock type stuff which is not

dissimilar from the original song but

the last song I got my 45 on so I can

rock on what does that mean to you I'm

not good with music tech but I always

assumed either it was a specific type of

Fender or maybe a type of amp or I don't

know you're in the sound business would

what is it what is it so I thought this

was interesting because when I hear 45 I

think of a pistol right like a 45

caliber like clearly she's not talking

about that so I googled it and I thought

I think it's safe to us so I googled it

and the most reliable source of all time

Yahoo Answers I don't know who goes into

that yaaaas so it was like what does she

mean my god colt forty or like a 45

caliber handgun and people were just

like can you talk about of course not

and then someone thought maybe is that

the suppressing thing when you go to

Yahoo Answers and the question somebody

else phrased the way it's in your head

as you google it is immediately I will

never say this out loud ever because I

was so fundamentally incorrect

so the second Jill crow murdered that

dude buddy in that bar with a 45 is

rockin on a killing spree to her like

it's rock n roll lifestyle just a


great rock and roll

so the second suggestion and this is

what I think makes a song so cool is

that there were like five different

interpretations someone said maybe it

means colt 45 which is also a handgun I

think but it's a beer that they gave no

sources but they said she is known to

enjoy um that was also shot is that a

bar in this song with this guy Mac buddy

or bill he's peeling the labels off his

bottles of Bud

so he's you're gonna bud heavy I think

in this song I don't know if bars are

known to serve malt liquor which is what

Colt 45 would be a believe like served

in a 40-ounce

okay I don't know if usually in gas

stations but it's definitely not like

something that hey you want a fresh pint

like from the draft of like malt liquor

you know that's just like I'd be

surprised if a majority of people who

drank it weren't under the age of 19 you

know what I mean okay so she's not like

brown bagging it at the bar drinking her

I'll put them again starving artist in

LA maybe she's not kabir in or maybe I

don't know I honestly what were the

other options okay so the in so that

seems like maybe credible yeah but like

some other people think 45 record which

is like a 45 p.m. a 7-inch record right

sure this is a very likely option right

yeah nice context to the lyrics and her

being like the songwriter in the bar

that seems pretty likely but does she

bring her own 7-inch records around with

her to put them on so she can rock on

well if she's soaking up the Sun no I'm

not well we're fucking doing this don't

laugh at me you son of a no is she

bringing her turntable to the beat I'm

shaken if she's soaked in the Sun I

soaking up the Sun it's a song about

relaxation and enjoying the moment and

not rushing through life and getting to

know that douchebag but at the bar the

drinks bud well other people are getting

their car washes and she's like that

there it's like 11:00 a.m. there in a

bar that both cups that day and they're

both kind of like taking solace in that

fact she's like

is alright I can do this I just want to

soak up a little Sun today that's my


maybe she puts on a record when she gets

home or did that morning I doubt she's

housing 40 ounces at the bar I just I

want to rule that out I don't know if I

can for sure I'm gonna go say it's

dolphin Utley not a gun it's like for

sure not a firearm but yeah

she's listening to some tunes it's it's

a song about real and reelin in the

years and okay the plan one more theory

are you ready for it is this my throw

hole wrench in your tunes theory

do they make SPF 45 if she's soaking up

the Sun is she putting on sunscreen do

you think what's the lyric I got my 45

on so I can rock on it's a record

it's Dell you don't think it's you think

it's not sunscreen

not only do I think I know it's not

sounds great oh dude oh my god it's the

most I always on screen Tom have you

even heard the song or did you just are

you still like referring to the thought

you had yesterday subconsciously a bit

of the chorus to it okay do I need to

read every lyric in this song right now

you need to listen to it you need to

spend the next five years listening to

it about 30 times a year and come back

with opinions about whether or not she's

actually in love with bud Mac or buddy

and whether or not she wants to be

living this life it's a it's a record

I'm just telling you I've spent an

embarrassing not even embarrassing I

think she's a solid that's I guess

another question we'd have to tackle is

at what I like okay so there's a very to

term very as we've established two

different very different versions of

Sheryl Crow there is the

singer-songwriter a young Joe crow and

then there's you know first cut is the


cover song Sheryl Crow is it all right

to like show crow it's all right to like

whoever you want to like yes Tom but you

can't tell me if like you were at work

in an office setting and your boss

walked in

and like first cut is the deepest was

playing you wouldn't be a little like so

let me tell you what I've been playing

on the roof and in the van lately over

the past couple days okay

demi lovato re got are we hunter grande

and well i mean i yeah so okay you're

right you're right yeah and i hope you

enjoy the music you enjoy the music and

i have some who actually I have a really

good cover of beautiful by um what song

no no no god I am see that there is a

line no matter what they say Oh

Christian Aguilar yes

cover by Clem snide and I've been

listening to that absolutely non-stop so

those let's bring it back to when you

just said right I'm just saying there

was a line but what you're saying is

overwhelming Ely yes it's okay to like

Sheryl Crow yes are you saying it's a

little weak sauce to enjoy the music

stylings of James Blunt Oh at least that

one hit my personal opinion is that I

would not listen to that on the roof so

to say I wouldn't listen to it in my car

in the bar in the house with a mouse

here there I would not listen anywhere

that's super duper brutal song it's

awful apparently he has an outstanding

Twitter account he apparently is a very

good Twitter follow without my camera so

he's very self-aware it seems so good on

you James Blunt and sixth-grade was a

big year for me and then your that was

the soundtrack to that you for sure

whether I liked it or not given the

radio play it got pre Spotify era so

keep doing you James Blunt no disrespect

intended yeah I think we've been talking

by shelled row for way too long

it's the king Sheryl Crow episode

think I meant when I said yeah we're

gonna do a Sheryl Crow episode so to put

this in perspective all right son

I gotta run to the bathroom so I'll be

right back okay for the listeners to put

this in perspective when we did the Katy

Perry or when we did the Taylor Swift

episode I think Pat said I have maybe

five minutes of material on Taylor Swift

and then we went a whole hundred minutes

on Katy Perry versus Taylor Swift

unplanned just nothing and then when Pat

asked if I wanted to do a shell Crow

episode I said absolutely not he said I

probably have a sonic 40 minutes and

just by the math he that he can probably

go for like seven hours if we're using

the same you know five minutes to a

hundred ten I don't know how much more I

can do but there yeah sorry about that

all right where were we that's a good

one I have an actually our Twitter is

just exploding with people wanting us to

cover Sheryl Crow wind up yeah oh yeah

are people actually tweeting no well you

have tweeted during the show before

should I be tweeting no not necessarily

I'm just saying I thought when you said

that I was like oh shit

people are loose I wish we could do live

episodes like I wish we had like the

audience to do that drew may be soda

whoo I like that yeah sorry I cut off

our flow Joe where were we

I don't know I'm tweeting at shell crow

now okay wait

careful what you saying don't disrespect

her she's a good president no well first

of all what I like is that her twitter

handle is Sheryl official she doesn't

she's like like in first name basis

with the world she Cheryl yeah I like

that she's straight up owning Cheryl

which is a cool move so I don't want to

bring well is it I don't know because

the transition to it but she doesn't go

by just Cheryl that's just Twitter never

mind take it back I was thinking like

along the lines of one named artist like

Bono and things like that but she still

goes by Sheryl Crow yeah

but Cheryl official okay well sending it

for a Twitter account we're all human

I'll have to go through that what's

taken and what's not taken by the time

she got through there was probably like

seven weird fan accounts that's sure you

know where every iteration of her I mean

you tried to make her on carnage Twitter

the other day and it took a second yes I

figured that issue there were so many

variations of Ron carnage it was like

what the or no there was no there were

so many variations of the thinker boy

which pissed me off

I wanted the thinker boy so badly that's

incredible so yeah Ron carnage does have

a Twitter account is just at Ron carnage

and he is we make it sound like it was

impossible when really the most obvious

choice I was like underscore maybe

you're like oh no I can just do it

without oh you mean just like the name

isn't take that's true that's pretty

true I guess the trill inist

um god I had something I wanted to say

wasn't about Sheryl Crow though but now

I can't remember that's all right um I I

would like to go through the songs and

try to rank them real quick okay while

we're still on it we can go off suck up

the son number one why don't you start

at one man but I mean we're not yeah I

guess yeah now we go back to five

apparently it's $40,000 on the

McDonald's ad once I I just saw that um

soak up the Sun was like the whole music

video was a promotion from some airline

oh really

yeah well good fun written by Natasha

Bedingfield or whatever was the

opening to Laguna Beach the reality

pseudo reality TV show so everybody has

a price tag I suppose sorry American

Express was it used after it was written

was it used after it was written or was

it written for the ad

it says the video was part of a

promotional deal than in America our

play American Express during the shoot

footage was also collected for an

American Express commercial which came

out looking very similar to Crowes video

they paid for the song was written

differently it was just like an

innovative way to do the ad yeah so they

paid for part of the production cost

hoping that viewers would remember their

product every time they saw the video

since it looks so much like the

commercial Wow mmm and also something so

there was a kind of a loophole where MTV

does not allow sponsors to pay for their

videos but because the card never

appeared in the video they didn't know

about the deal and gave it plenty of

airplay that really got him there here's

my question

did your mother while driving that Buick

while listening to Sheryl Crow first cut

is the deepest I'm presuming or assuming

I should say did she have an American

Express card um yeah with an unlimited

cap on that yeah that's how she bought

the Buick with the FM radio that played

Sheryl Crow and nothing but Sheryl Crow

no it's not true not specifically my

mother a knock on my door did words the

feds are onto us I'll shut it down shut

it down Paul's not dead Paul's not dead

he's with Tupac have you played this

backwards it's another episode of Ron

karna it's just like slower wait what

play the episode backwards is an episode

of Ron carnage and carefully plotted out

I do remember listening to I saw the

side by Ace of Base in that car and it

was my favorite song for a very long

time and I do remember a song I think it

was um

Otis Redding maybe um

in the middle of the night I've been

walking in with sleep whatever the

melody is I don't even know but I

thought for years that he said I've been

walking it in my sleeve like a

long-sleeve shirt and I just like

pictured this like little dude like

dancing down along like a blue flannel

long-sleeve shirt singing the song and

there's just like didn't even question

it of course he's walking on his sleeve

that's how the song goes

I love all what you just said like a ton

just like looking at people like

stretching out the end of the cuff like

this is about a sleeve as he gets I'm

walking good stuff I guess I really

wanted to do an episode on things that

you thought as a kid that were like

absolutely not true at all like um like

that he's saying walking on my sleeve

maybe someday all that's gonna actually

take some prep work okay let's do the

top five real quick and we'll move on

Wow so yeah I feel ya what's that so no

we can keep going but let's good let's

wrap Cheryl up give her an appropriate

Viking funeral and carry on with the

program all right what stuff is all I

want to do and soak up the Sun are very

similar hits which I think yeah if it

hurts her cred overall but all I want to

do is have some fun and all I want to do

is soak up the Sun not only did those I

don't know that's tough so but some of

it might be her best I got a feel and

I'm not the only one I'm gonna say

that's five all I want to do is five

because it's so similar to what is

probably number one Wow um every day is

a winding road

oh god that's tough that might be three

hold on change would do you good might

be five all I want to do my before every

day's only and winding road might be

three if it makes you happy might be two

just because I can heavy that song is is

that fair yeah I'm telling you it's it

falls in the category of dangerous songs

long December by the Counting Crows like

I said just songs that like you're gonna

queue up and like you see it come across

your Pandora or whatever and you're like

not at work not now I don't need to have

this just stare into space for the next

five hours like is existence meaningless

like God but dreads dude from Counting

Crows you've done it again but because

it falls into that heavy but you can't

like diss it because it is I don't know

if you call it a classic but it

definitely falls on the category of like

songs that when you were young it to up

so you have to at least give the street

cred that it had earned it back anyway

yes soak up the Sun it's probably number

one I don't think she ever improved on

it she's kind of like Weezer I guess in

that way just kind of that was about as

good as it was gonna get from the start

which is nothing to be ashamed about and

yeah thanks Cheryl for everything you've


like I'm your mom and myself she used

the credit card you sold to buy the car

to listen to the tune capitalism at its

best baby this is America Oh a divided

nation oh good stuff I I like your list

I think it's interesting how they're

your number one song is very similar to

another song so you put that other song

last I think it's a worse version of

this it's like she knew how to get the

hit or something you know the mean like

oh you're into relaxing that's what

you're into cool we weren't no actually

we were totally aware of that based on

your first hit just you want me go sad

yeah go said that she did effectively

okay okay well well there you go there

you go folks everything you needed to

know about Sheryl Crow wrapped up into

an efficient 41 minutes probably 40

after I take out the part where you

it'll be like 32 and it'll be a very

incomplete history of the show okay are

we moving on with Sheryl Crow no next

order of business is the next order

Sheryl Crow well we did the top five no

we well we have a couple segments to get


I wasn't sure if you wanted to revisit

the wrong carnage progress or go to

highlight or factoids why I do have some

big news that I would add that I do want

to bring you in okay that's right I'm

not like this you actually had some do

you want to do wider should we do Ron

carnage I'm always down to top Ron no I

kinda want to hear the news now actually


so Megan and I applied for a home loan

whoa whoa so there was a house um dude

let me just send you a link to the

pictures of this house because his name

is it in what whose name is it then if

you don't mind me asking well it's in

both of ours which is why I'm not

expecting to actually get the loan with

the one of the questions was like have

you ever defaulted on a loan and it was

so like humiliating to check yes because

of the student loan thing my credit

score is still within the bounds like

the mortgage with taxes and insurance

like isn't much more than we're paying

for our awful apartment right now um but

I'm still just good right because you're

right right so I'm sending guys taking

in a property as opposed to throwing

your money away at on a rental right so

I'm sending I'm sending you the link to

Zillow right now where the house was we

found it because the price was only like

$330,000 which is just an absolute ton

of money but for Denver that's like half

the price of the average house here we

emailed the realtor and we were like hey

can we get a walk through this property

just kind of wanted to see it for fun

and they were like oh sorry the house is

already sold it's sold last year how's

it go that's weird

and we were off on Saturday so we drove

out there and saw a for sale sign at the

house and we're like what the hell so we

called the number on the sign and the

dude was

the house he was like yeah just come

inside you can check it out and I've

never loved a house so much in my entire

life Pat like it is what's the down

payment well it happens to be in an area

considered a rural area and there is a

federal program to get a hundred percent

financing with zero down on properties

that are in this approved area oh cool

and for the lenders they're like very

low risk loans because it's backed by

the government so they like you can get

away with like a lower credit score to

get this loan they're thinking about

that like if you just go to the places

they tell you it won't cost a lot to go

yeah so like this place is called

evergreen it's in the mountains and this

is like right off of 70 which is like a

bigger highway it's like a mile off but

like right before you hit that the

property it turns into a dirt road and

like this house is built into the side

of a granite like cliff or not cliff but

like hill and it is I can't even just

like describe how much I love this place

I mean it was it looks great so like it

should be Colorado state flag it is it's

incredible man like the master bedroom

has like vaulted ceilings in the

bathroom in there like the sink is like

just made out of like rough pine in the

top of it is like a rough stone slab

like it's not polished the edges are

like it's not like a straight line you

know like in the bathtub there's like

stone cuttings of like the mountains as

part of like the tile which is just

stone and then like the other shower

there's it's 2-bedroom 2-bath with like

another room downstairs that would be

the recording studio and like the other

shower has like it's all stone and

there's like - like seats in it with

like dual shower heads it's like what

the hell dude and like a wood-burning

fireplace and it looks kind of like a

cabin but it is absolutely beautiful man

the kitchen is gorgeous I love the

living room like the prop

is just like woods man like woods on the

side of the hill and it would be ours

like actual property with a stream

running through it man oh and incredible

in the price man the price is amazing

and it's gone down $30,000 and the

realtor was like yeah we haven't had

much interest because like it's well

water and there's a septic system rather

than like stop like I mean this

apologies providing the service why now

it's different than having a

municipality provide the service of

water right right right

um I'm used to well water I haven't done

septic before and I know that it is like

you could probably add an extra hundred

dollars a month to when you have to get

that like plumbed out at every couple

months it's code for you're out there

right but it's not really that far out

there like the ABS not saying it's a bad

thing I'm saying right you know there

are certain pros and cons to every

decision in life and this sounds like

you've you've talked about evergreen

before this sounds like a no-brainer for

you it's a 25-minute drive from downtown

Denver it's a mile off the main highway

and like the town of evergreen itself

like has a target you know I think

there's a Walmart in like King Soopers

which is like the Kroger grocery store

but then like the old old downtown is

like this super cute little like

boardwalk on like a you know one lane

street with restaurants and stuff like

place is incredible

and I was like dude let's just let the

plat for a loan you know whatever but

man it's still I don't think I can do it

without a better job making more money a

bunch of people have been getting fired

from where I work for like really small

safety infractions like not wearing a

hard hat when they're supposed to be

able to make rent now I am but I'm also

not paying to of my student loans

currently so when DARS

well I they're kind of like on hold for

a little bit more so when those come


in its it could be like an extra like

seven $800 a month and I can't do all of

that you know what I mean a hand dude

with the rent on that house I just saw

the mortgage is 1,200 a month well just

cut that in half that's six but that's

still 1500 for you alone between loans

and the payments the payments would be

about nineteen hundred a month but we're

paying like sixteen right now Fred B

two-bedroom apartment let's be clear to

the listeners this is like a mansion of

a house it's like a pristine in the

country house were like gangs of

Marauders with masks over their heads

would gather around and slowly close in

before they kill - like it's a beautiful

country home it's literally a mystery

yeah it's it's absurd it's it's stupid

nice and there'd be a miracle and so

cool if you got it I'd be cheering for

you the whole way what we're gonna try

to do we cancelled our wedding plans

because that courthouse man dude that's

what I'm saying if we do a wedding for

like $2,000

she asked her parents if we can take the

like leftover of like what they were

gonna give us and just put it down on

the house because that would reduce our

payments like $180 a month if we put

like 13 grand down you know we don't

even have a wedding till you're right

well no I'm just go to the courthouse

tomorrow don't tell anyone

and then just hire some dude to pretend

like it's for real when you have the

family around when you can afford it you

know what I mean

be like we're gonna delay the wedding a

year they're like oh no what they having

problems but like you're legally married

the whole time you know I mean like

everybody like do what you got to do

lock down that beautiful home and I am

worried about my the credit and

everything and as usual I mean this

we've discussed it on the program before

right my crap you you got you got card

and it's getting my on my credit score

it was like in the 727 30s and just

today it dropped to six six six how do

you like that

I was trying to like early 2000s metal

pig squeel didn't work we're a block

Whitechapel just like urging people to

like like die before the song and I'm

like you could turn us off or you can

just call it quits for the whole human

race because it's not looking good like

wow like you sold you moved records

doing these things making these noises

you son's a genius maybe they all went

to Harvard I don't know I said buy it

any version of what that story was is

not pleasing to me whatsoever yeah

anyway but anyway we are perpetuating

the pig noise lore it was um it was a

big moment in my life I'm not expecting

to get the loan but also if we do I

don't think we can actually buy the

fucking house like it would be great

timing because our lease is up and the

price has already dropped a lot I don't

know man I have no idea maybe the the

seller may be septic tank things are

tough cells nowadays in the GrubHub

culture and maybe you'll get lucky and

they'll come down an extra 20,000 or

something be like yeah I don't know it

depends but I mean like the Denver

realtor market is absurd everybody knows

this Austin as well I mean I don't know

I'm surprised a mile off and even within

like a 30 mile radius of the city I'm

surprised I don't know unless it's

cooling off and this is rural enough

that they want to just get it sold maybe

there was a murder there maybe you could

stage a murder there well the guy who

bought the house kind of flipped it I

think is what happened but to put didn't

want is not I take it well I think you

only put like some drywall in like new

counters and it's not like he did that's

not flushing it that's son of a yeah but

to put watching this old house in like

going to Home Depot for a Saturday

you can get complete sets of cupboards

whole I don't know to put the Denver

market into perspective there's a house

around the corner from us that is a

thousand square feet like too big or a

little it's tiny I think my apartment is

like a little smaller than that so it's

a thousand some square feet I think

1,100 it sold in 2006 for sixty thousand

dollars which is like okay you know last

year it sold for six hundred and thirty

thousand dollars so that is a 10x in ten

years my advice Tom don't buy a house in

Colorado right now

that's my financial advice it's not a

sound investment

so peep this what I should say if I'm

your grandpa but my friends I'm gonna be

like sounds dope dude there's a story

people are saying that there's gonna be

like a bubble burst which I definitely

don't disagree with that

um but 3:30 is still like way below


especially for Denver you know Denver if

this house was in Denver it would have

been seven hundred thousand dollars

which is absurd absolutely if so like I

have no nothing and please if there's a

financial person listening to this right

in correct us because we want to just

have the right information

it is my assumption that and this is

only going off anecdotal stories about

Austin and Denver after living in New

Mexico hearing about people coming down

from Colorado and telling my roommate

stories and seems like that my sister

who lives in Austin they all complain

about there being too much traffic for

the highways as is in Austin at least

and corner apartments in Denver selling

for this and that there's there's every

story about that that has you just

described it would seem like not a sound

financial decision to move to a place at

the peak of the market and the rabbi at

the peak right and then because there's

a small chance that you'll stay even but

a big chance that Colorado becomes

uncool in the next 15 to 30 years

depending on what the mortgage length is

right yeah I don't know I mean it's easy

for me to sit here besides for you but I

feel like it's worth

the exercise just walking through how

this might not be a sound investment

unless you just don't give a and just

want to be there forever and you're like

I'm gonna have land I'm here this is my

home and everything you know yeah if you

see yourself moving ever then maybe just

rent until you're done with Colorado

yeah I don't know unless unless

exponential growth is possible I mean

not that many states are on the verge of

also legalizing weed I think that we're

up to like four or five including Alaska

but I mean I don't know if that was

driving the whole bubble to expand in

the first place

it's tough man super tough yeah I'm not

sure I'm just loved I can't wait until

we do an episode where you don't have

student loans anymore is really worth it

I just don't want you to get into

another snare trap you know what I'm

saying yeah yes Ben um I yeah it's bad

dude I don't know I'm not I don't have

my hopes up for the house I'm not even a

hundred percent sure if I wanna buy a

house probably like 50/50 on I know I

just took like a giant soggy Duke on

your dream ain't no deed I mean where it

was worth mentioning right I mean like

this could not go well

I told Megan I don't even know if I

wanted to apply for the loan so she cuz

it's gonna affect my credit you know

what um just applying for it but unless

you like made at her house and she went

into it with her parents or something

and you I don't know see I yeah I said

what if her dad just buys the house he's

trying to sell one of his houses he buys

the house we've rent to own he makes you

know a profit on the investment

yeah charge you guys an extra hundred a

month or something and then the money's

going to a family member instead of

letting a third party come in with don't

you know to be out of them yeah I don't

know but that's not for the house talk

there'll be pictures in the shownotes

FM for size reminiscent for slash 44

went from reminiscent to future planning

pretty quickly I don't know the mortgage

length though bro

we're all sitting here like but Sud it's

like yeah yeah yeah let's talk about the

15% time but no I'm just kidding so do

you want to do it was beautiful though I

was jealous when I saw the picture I was

like oh dude okay so I don't the

pictures don't even do the full place

justice like out the bedroom window you

have a really nice big window that goes

into like you can kind of see the

neighbor's house through the woods but

it's mainly just like woods and then in

a smaller window to the other side it's

just like literally this house is built

into the rock and you can just see the

rocks like a foot away from the window

it almost looks like you're in a cave

which would be like kind of scary if

there wasn't the big bright window next

to it but it's just like I don't know

dude being able to see just like the

perfect the granite rocks like it's just

it's cool it's really cool

no so you want attention forever I would

just say do it

I know chant you aren't then it might

just get complicated yeah I know if I

you know if I were also possible to be

like from home anyone under 30 be like

hey make a lifetime decision most people

get married do do that anyway so do you

want to UM in the words of Marcus Hoppus

and the song dim it off of dude ranch

quote I guess this is growing out you

want to do now you know oh god we have

so many segments now you know highlight

song segments dude this is your fault

no Matt Julie sincere apology Caitlin oh

hey hi Kaitlin how are you so I have an

article here from Snopes who is super

reliable right for sure

so I remember actually don't share

anything ever

unless you've read three sources and one

of them the Snopes oh yeah yeah no joke

man ever like in other words read words

if you're able to you know like everyone

like always

okay so here is not you just people that

share things like oh this is

well-designed set of words and pictures

agrees with everything I thought it was

supposed to be so here is what I

remember hearing a long time ago um I

was really into recycling cans cuz I

thought I was gonna get rich from it

when I was young and I heard someone

tell me that if you just use like if you

just take the tabs off of a soda can of

course I called it a pop can back then

because I lived in Pennsylvania there's

the claim was that there was more

aluminum in the tab than the entire rest

of the can I stop you there for a quick

interjection sure in college there was

always like a rumor that if you filled

up a milk jug with beer tab cans that

there was some mystical Michigan like

brewery that would give you a free keg

for returning them because of how much

aluminum was in the tabs that they could

cash in anyway I said they're not

parallel or pieces of lore but I find I

find it interesting that you brought it

up okay um I need to find the other

article here if you don't mind no please

do really fast yeah I'll just chatter

while you look basically so every

college dorm room or apartment that I

have ever been in has on the windowsill

either a half gallon or full gallon

empty jug of milk that is maybe a tenth

full cuz this would take an absurd

amount of beer drinking even if somebody

committed for the full four years it

would be hard to fill and nobody does

for that long yeah that's a lot and

we're not gonna make it you know but

there's never that forward-thinking and

there's always that thought or that's

always part of the lore like we'll do it

we'll get to it but it never happens and

would they really drive to Michigan like

why is the recite I don't want Snopes to

dig into that one like like how did that

shit started anyway okay okay awesome

here we go here we go so

this is on livestrong comm and it

there's a claim that like the aluminum

in the tab is pure aluminum where the

rest is not in that's bullets all the

same aluminum so where do we go

livestrong.com which is a website by

that cheater it says that 1 pound of

aluminum equals about 34 empty cans or

1,500 pool tabs so that is way more

bullet abs than the cans pool tabs is

that yeah okay that's the right thing

um there's way less in the tabs right so

also this is from Snopes if I can find

the article again all over the place of

this one not quite prepared

okay so easy with the Lancer marks a

cheater thing most people were doing it

then he raised a lot of money for cancer

research so it's like what in the end

good was done store sure sure and he and

he was willing to show his face and take

part in that recent HBO comedy special

by Andy Samberg and company Tour de

pharmacy I think it was called but it

was kind of a rip on the on the Tour de

France and biking in general it's kind

of funny it's worth checking out I guess

I I literally do not care about athletes

you know no it's not it's not a 34:30

it's it's a comedy thing where like

Terry Crews and Andy Samberg like

pretend to be Lance Armstrong and like

weirded biking go wrong there's like

maybe it was all the drugs it's alright

it's worth a Sunday afternoon watch if

you got nothing else to look at so one

more one more little fact here how many

how much money do you think a million

pull-tabs would have in recycle value a

million a million let's see one would be

worth not even five cents two cents

maybe okay is that is that we were going

with well what's a can what's a bottle

five cents so I can would be three to

five cents I'm like that depending on


State okay so how many is a million five


100 bucks that will help your math adds

up there but um a hundred Poulos tabs

has the scrap metal value of three and a

half cents meaning that a million would

get you 300 to $66 so my estimate of a

hundred dollars falls in that realm well

I thought you were saying a five cents a

tab is saying weird parts of my mental

math out loud so I can I'm sorry

yeah I was trying to be like five

thousand like my brain would be like you

can't go down that path you've had too

many beers for that good call brain but

then anyway anyway my final estimate was

100 and I think that's on the record

right sure okay okay in that motion

between 66 and 300 how much does the keg

cost are you talking about like the

actual physical keg or like a keg full

of beer okay full of beer so like but

it's just a cabbage and I don't know if

there's a Snopes article on this but

yeah like I think probably everybody

who's ever attended a state school and

drank as much as any state school

student would you've heard the big milk

gallon jug pull-tab look like lore of

like oh yeah if you fill it up to get a

free keg no one really really questions

like from where or how could we do it

like the question of could we could we

over four years of alcohol abuse fill up

I guess you know I mean like would it

have to go into the handle too or like

it's just like well we filled it like

maybe 150th after four parties here like

four big parties and that's one year

gone by I don't know dude we'll be solo

drinking so much more seniors anyway

it's I'm curious it's worth the google I

guess to see if anyone's ever actually

done it okay so that's your fact of the

week um I don't really know what it was

at this point but something about

pull-tabs versus a can oh I thought you

took this week and I took last week I

did what did you have last week

no no no no sorry you had last week with

the vitamin C which is right right I

thought you were like okay so actually I

follow up from last week I started

getting really really sick last night

like it hit me when I was driving home

from work like I felt like I was running

a fever

my throat was hurting felt like my head

was getting crushed

I hate that sore throat feeling cuz I'm

like I'm gonna eventually have to take a

day off right right so I called my boss

or I text and most look dude I hope I'll

be okay but I'm starting to feel sick if

it gets worse I'm not gonna be coming in

and I was thinking okay vitamin C

doesn't work and Megan being you know an

herbalist hooked me up with some stuff

and I felt better within like two hours

and it's almost like it never even

happened now were they metals no it was

an echinacea glyceride which is a

non-alcoholic alternative to a danger

it tastes like sugar water and I loved

it I'm gonna go ahead and ask Megan it

every time I'm sick what I should do

from now on

honestly dude you should I mean she has

a tea or a tincture for anything and I

would love to send you some stuff mixed

with hydration and good rest

I'm sure sure I you know when earth on

the Pakistani exchange student in high

school was around he had a few

over-the-counter like cough medicine

pills when I had a sore throat once and

I guess this is just an anecdote that

has been probably warped over the years

cuz I was in high school at the time but

he's like here try these that's what you

know and I guess from country to country

of course your I guess drug laws would

be different and limiting what would go

on over-the-counter things but whatever

he gave me was pretty great because I

feel like in America you don't have like

a like they're gonna make you go to the

doctor to get like well it's officially

a sore throat and I'm officially gonna

need some serious and heavy hitters to

you know I mean in America you can take

all the vitamin C Tom and all drink all

the orange juice which is not real you

know I mean like you can do all these

over the kind of things but I mean like

if you have a sore throat you're like

what if I have strep I have to go to the

doctor after like seven days of illness

you know what I mean yeah but he just

gave me these pills and it was like

almost a mix of a pain reliever and also

a I don't know he's just an

over-the-counter heavy hitter as far as

I was concerned and I was very very

intrigued okay his his generous gift


I think you've told that story if you

just contained whatever Megan gave you

though maybe um so one of those novels

that sells on Sunday morning

infomercials like this is what the

pharma industry doesn't want you to know


two words net towles

you want to do a highlight in a song oh

man yeah let's do it all right

I read I started reading again Wow after

a kind of a turbulent year of job

searching and moving ready yeah and

doing distance with Jessie but um you

know I think I've read about as much

Chuck Klosterman as I probably could his

latest book Chuck Klosterman ten which

is just another collection of his essays

that have been published over the past

however many years this one I don't know

if I'm just too used I've written too

many mistakes or what but this one

wasn't as good sex drugs and Coco Puffs

was really great and Chuck Klosterman

eight or nine was really good but anyway

it was just kind of nice I've been the

highlight I guess is I'm I feel rested

now like I feel at even whereas the past

two weeks have done nothing and just

like been sleep snoring through the past

you know so I talked to my parents on

the phone last night and was like what

are you doing for Thanksgiving and

Christmas and they're like I don't know

what are you I'm like I've put zero

thought into any of this you know like

nothing I'm back at even keel it's kind

of nice to like plan out the next few

months of weekends and visiting friends

and family and and all that so I guess

it was nice in my highlight of the week

is that I've had enough time to just

read a book read a book which was good

that's awesome dude I mean that's

yeah legends shuttle down and and yeah I

know it's not a very flashy highlight


but I think I think it means like a lot

though like it mismo yes no it'll be

nice to uh yeah yeah that's good I feel

bad I was really kind of hurt by it like

Chuck usually you blow my mind and how

wasn't this magnificent also you know

like the most unfair claim a fan can

make like what about those anecdotes

that make me laugh you know like one of

eleven fans everyone else probably like

yeah it's it's Chuck it's good it's

everything we could have asked for it's

like oh god sleepy

I feel pretty earth that I made you yawn

with that is nothing ever new a holiday

a week again sorry just running man

Julie I will not be returning to the

program it's gonna it's been I don't

know if I'd call it an honor but it's

been it's gonna hell of a thing all

right well I guess we'll move on to my

super awesome fun time sexier highlight

of the week whoa sex here is a little

sexy Oh sorenson shorts whoo last Friday

was the fall equinox which I hate summer

more than anything and I went to an

equinox like gathering with Megan and

some of her co-workers and um that

sounds pretty true it was good man like

you know I really liked everyone that I

met there and a lot of people that I

already known and you know they were

saying like the equinoxes a good taught

like a good marker for like a pretty big

change or like you know starting a new

theme and mine was kind of like just be

more social you know I've been keeping

to myself for the past like two years or

so just really burying myself and um you

know what I was doing just being kind of

like selfish but I guess like in a good

way taking care of myself you know and

we're starting a business as well yeah

yeah so all that but I think I'm ready

to start

reaching out and hanging out with some

people and it was a lot of fun it was

really nice night the weather was nice

was a little chilly ever since then it's

been like in the 50s in Colorado and I

literally could not be any happier

um so it was good it was good hangout

people there's a lot of fun yeah Jesse

now we're talking the other day about

Albuquerque and how we look through our

time there kind of through rose colored

lenses but we realized that after they

it took like 2 years to like feel really

in a good comfort zone

so I don't know if that helps at all but

yeah it'll start getting more and more

frequent here and there and it's coming

up on you moving to a new town is tough

and kind of exhausting actually so yeah

oh dude let me speaking of it's almost

been a year um yesterday or maybe the

day before was the one-year anniversary

of the first time we recorded together

did you see that I didn't happy

Anniversary bro you too man like we did

that three hour episode and we only

aired like 15 minutes of it yeah I was a

little hurt that you only included the

Nickelback thing totally out of context

in the social post so it was like that

wasn't all we talked about I know we had

a really good little more nuanced we had

a really good conversation but my

microphone was buzzing throughout the

entire thing and I didn't quite have the

tools to fix buzzing when I put that

episode out so maybe someday I'll have

to do like maybe if we miss a week I'll

just put out the entire episode oh man I

forget that was so long ago I've been I

give away how many times I walked into

my own closet in my apartment and just

like was there for a while

when you think about it the physicality

of that act is a bit odd for about two

hours I would just like enter my one of

my closets like so if like a neighbor of

mine like if another person was sitting

there like hey I'll be right back like

an hour later I just come out of you

know a coat closet okay yeah cool I do

that like once a week no big deal anyway

it's been a it's been a hell of a thing

like I said before and now we have Ron

carnage now we have fraud carnage who

would've thought it took us a year to

come up with a character

we'll help us both still be kind of into

it I guess Hey Dude the like the one

week that we didn't record I I think I

was actually like pretty depressed that

week I felt like um something was

missing something was definitely missing

I felt it and I feel like it's a con of

one of these weeks and I feel like

there's a gap in flow you know every

once in a while Zak pops loose and one

of us is on vacation and there's a

different yeah we're definitely back

into you're like the main groove of it

now sure yeah but I'm all settled in

here and things like that I'm loving it

um well that was 150 minutes to 115 or

an hour and 15 for a song of the week

we'll get out here John John John

as mentioned previously in the episode

chances he unveiled it on Colbert this

week chance the rapper's song called

firstworldproblems I'm I believed

pitchfork had music videos too both of

these on their Twitter feed

if it helps you find them and my other

one my real one I'm just mentioning that

because you mentioned that I was like oh

she was gonna say something anyway it's

a song called continental breakfast one

of my favorite australian singer

songwriters Courtney Barnett teamed up a

hurt vile they're coming over now um in

mid early to mid October but there was a

music video for the hit I don't know if

it's the hit off of it but anyway

there's starting to become available and

this tune called contento breakfast was

was good and good guitar work good

lyrics just Courtney Barnett has a nose

for melodies and it is just really

outstanding I don't know much about Kurt

Vile but I've heard a lot a lot of my

friends from college were fans of his so

I'm kind of excited for that record and

that song was nice and music video was

cute it's like raw footage of them with

their families and things like that but

yeah first little problems by chance the

rapper and continental breakfast by Kurt

Vile and Courtney Barnett all right um I

have a song by Odessa Odessa Odessa it's

called line of sight and it's featuring

Oh God w-why N and E wine win sure when

in mansion air when in doubt say when

yeah I don't know um it's it's just a

really really killer song it's like

they're like an electronic band but that

for their new album that just came out

like last week they've been bringing in

more like soulful singers kind of and I

don't know dude the song just kills me I

love it been jamming that a lot too

excellent what do you think so yeah okay

so deep in a hole was the name of the EP

where's the name of the band

EP the band was such a gold bolt was

eyes deep in a hole was good there's the

EP had three tunes on it the full five

heard okay okay it started out really

strong deep in a hole the title track

like you said I think last week was was

strong yeah I turned it on at work and

time passed and by the end of it I was

like hearing more screaming than I'm

used to in my ear and I right looked and

it was still that I thought it had

changed no it definitely it's heavier as

the record goes on some people might

like that I'm not saying you shouldn't

or won't but for me yeah it opens strong

it was a nice good guitar strong guitar

sound and yeah like I said last week

I've listened more full albums on

YouTube lately so it was good to have

one a new one in the mix yeah I like the

first song like way more than the rest

like by an order of magnitude more than

any other song on that in thought I'm

gonna say that I thought you'd look it

was like so I haven't listened to it

that much maybe three or four or five

times so far um plus there's the whole

EP I forgot which one you told me to

listen to specifically first one if I

listened to it more I might bump it up

too great but I don't think it's

excellent or great but I think it's

strong I think that's good you know what

I mean it definitely comes at you like

okay you know like if you're inclined to

enjoy whatever that sound is you'll get

it right away and probably want to hear

the whole thing I thought it was good so

I I listened to thinking of a place by

war on drugs and it was funny because

you mentioned like it's a good like


or whatever and Megan and I went on a

hike in this place called conifer that

was beautiful it was like 40 degrees in

raining that's when I got sick was after

that but we were actually listening to

as we were driving I was oh yeah he told

me to listen to it it's like a good

cruising song and it was like I get it

you know um I liked it I didn't love it

but if someone's Fair is some real slow

paced yeah like if someone put it on in

the car

I would not be upset about it I I

enjoyed it yeah they have a new album

that that song is not on that was a

single separately uh as far as I can

tell that album is similarly paced um so

I think if you like the war on drugs

you're gonna be like cool I get like the

next hour is just gonna be like super

paced decent guitar work real good

lyrics or like I guess real good lyrics

and guitar work depending on which

pitchfork or only stone review you read

but it's definitely paced and that might

bug some people but thinking of a place

I've listened to enough I think it was

on my radar during my drives to and from

Cleveland and Cincinnati when Jess and I

were still doing distance so yeah it was

definitely moving through the dog you

know as I was passing along us and

things like that so perhaps some

sentimental value there for me but but

yeah I'm glad you gave it a chance yeah

I liked it um I don't love it I don't

love them either if that makes you feel

like a little more on the same page I

just thought it's like if I have a buddy

from college who loves the war on drugs

and like the Japan droids and things

like that and I just can't quite love

either because he's cooler than me I

guess but I know he doesn't push it on

me I'm just like I wish I did like him

or I just don't but I'm glad I was able

to at least enjoy this one yeah well

cool beans you want to call it at that

yeah I suppose so

Julie Matt Aaron Zak darlin he wins Wow

do we have two reserves for a basketball

team I must have starting nine for a

baseball squad this is getting real yeah

love you man love you did

talk to you before next week but

certainly next week all right


giving the people what they want back

five of their demand not use this


alright we shall resume please actually

do not use that okay given him people

what they want like what does