46. I'll Have One German CAT Scan Please

in now a reading from the Ron Carnage

chapter 1 in excerpt Ron carnage said in

his study and thought about taking a

long drag of his pipe he wasn't going to

as he doesn't smoke the pipe was a

treasure of sorts a gift from an old

friend from an adventure long long ago

ron was preset on the no smoking thing

that's not to say there would never be a

situation in which he'd smoke but it was

highly unlikely like if ron was drafted

to go to vietnam in a parallel universe

and they handed him a helmet and a pair

of boots and on top of the pile there

was a pack of cowboy killer Marlboro

Reds and he was like oh I don't smoke

and the lieutenant stared right into his

eyes with the gaze incapable of emotion

and was like you will that's not to say

he wouldn't light one up and take a drag

a few months later when his best friend

from the old neighborhood added another

ear to his flesh necklace but he to this

point did not smoke and he liked it that

way yes the pipe was a gift from an

adventurer long long ago a lifetime even

ron was a different person then

beautiful it only took four tries that's


that's right but we finally got it so

hey guys we finally got so we'll start

the show

I think that's Homestar but yeah

definitely Homestar i that was one of my

favorite like web series ever as a kid

we've talked about this yes

yeah but yes more from the radicals that

was the very intro to the to the novel

of which we have just crossed 10,000

words which is so what's what's what's

the expectations next what's uh how many

adventures can people expect um at this

point there is an unlimited amount of

adventures I think I think we're going

for fifteen thousand words okay the

first the first Harry Potter book was

like sixty thousand so it's that's a

full-sized novel dude okay okay so we

are you're finished with Volume one I

saw in the show notes yes

all right so give this a listen

hopefully you can hear this did you hear

that yes those are the wrestling pages

of the first 10,000 words hot off the

press from the local print shop oh you

did it yeah so the guy there was kind of

a misunderstanding I wanted it to be

like a like an eight and a half by 11

page folded in half so that each

physical piece of paper would have like

four pages of the book on it and he just

kind of printed it out like two two

pages on each like front and back so

it's it's twice the size of what we

wanted he ended up not charging me for

it we're gonna try it again tomorrow but

it's honestly kind of cool to like have

have it in my hands yeah it looks

beautiful let me send you this picture

real quick I think you might like this

your phone will buzz again

no actually it is on silent

it only buzzed because I was reading on

the website who is Ron carnage calm

therefore allowing the notifications to

arrive sure sure sure um okay so there's

a photo coming your way

okay I won't be able to tell because

again the notifications are turned off

all right swear to god chef should be

there I swear to god Tom listen to me

we've known each other a long time I'm

not bullying right all right did you get

it yes pretty cool how dope does that

look the little numbers are in the

elemental logo yeah that's not bad it's

good stuff damn it I can't believe it

sorry it's gone this far I mean there's

a lot of there's a lot so like it it's a

fifth of a galdang average novel-length

yeah you know I'm uh I was having a

really rough day today feeling super

depressed and I opened up my phone was

reading Ron carnage bit and it just made

it put us

my face and um I love it you you you

finally read the ending of Volume one

right yeah yes I've read every what was

here what was your impression it is on

it like so for something that's just

supposed to be like kind of a joke and

goofy I am so interested in what the

hell's gonna happen next and it's even

more exciting that like it literally

hasn't happened yet like it hasn't been

written it's it's honestly like some of

the most fun I mean I'm not really doing

anything for this you know I'm not the

one writing it so it's just it's been

fun to you know get them in this like

Google Doc that's just like filled to

the brim now and just I don't know man

read it it's it's been super exciting

it's like it's way more interesting and

different than just like buying a book

off the shelf and reading it cuz it's

all done you know I think the ambiguity

of like everything it's super

interesting I'm interested to hear what

people listening have to say matt has

chimed in and said I can't believe this

is a thing but I'm glad it is which is a

sentiment that I'm totally fine with

which I think might have had more to do

with like the fact that there was a Ron

carnage Twitter I don't know no okay

well yeah I mean I don't know him back

then I think there was also only like a

thousand words written so right it was

still a couple just a couple emails

right right but let let me see what you

think about this and it you know we

don't have a large audience the network

as its as it stands doesn't have like a

huge audience either it would be easier

if we had that but in an attempt to kind

of grow more of an audience in a

community I guess since this thing is

still being written and we want people

to get a little hyped about it now I

really want to take advantage of the

fact that is still being written and try

to get people involved now we're like

either like if you're you know listener

of the show

or if you want to like pre-order like

the the printed finished book or PDFs or

like sign up for the mailing list or

whatever like for people that want to do

that what if they were then able to like

have a character that they name show up

in the story or maybe like name a town

where they go I like it do you think

we're like have them like have it be

like I would they pick a name out of a

hat and we'll like have a list of and

then they can just pick their pick it

out of a virtual hat and be like okay

they have to go you know like I don't

know like what was the name that we were

talking about the first episode and how

Nickelback was mentioned too much and

the typo was maka buck so like one of

the names in the Hat would be maka buck

whatever the fuck that would be they get

to choose whether that's a town or a

person or write that a region I can

chain or something yeah I mean it's not

even done yet so we might as well like

have people help us take it to where it

needs to go it's got like the movie be

kind rewind with Jack Black and Mos Def

where the kind of everyone involved with

it has fun with it I like that yeah I

mean I think like not only would it be a

great way to like market it but like

more importantly like I think it would

just be fun for people who actually are

interested in like comics or people who

are writing or just you know anytime you

ask for advice on Facebook you have like

three people that just post with like

really bad advice like this is like

their golden opportunity you know it's

like we want your recommendations and we

want them to be like stupid you know

yeah luckily it's an absurd set of tales

to begin with so right so like when I

when I picked up the the printouts from

the printing company I was like I was

like you should read this but be warned

it's it's fucking stupid would they say

he was like I was I was I'm kind of

trying to like come up with a pitch I'm

like what this is you know and I don't

know how you feel about this but like

what about South Park

meets see this isn't good either like

South Park meets Lord of the Rings where

it's like oh really like crude and just

funny take on an adventure novel like I

don't think that's quite the the golden

metaphor or compartment sure it knows

what it is yet either I mean it's right

pretty early um cuz I think we thought

it was a lot more it definitely started

off a lot more like not prehistoric but

like the technology was like pre the

printing press for example but a lot of

the chapters there's like the town crier

has prints a newsletter so it's like you

know somewhere in early Celtic culture

but also but like post druids but like

also nearing the Industrial Revolution

because there's a printing press you

know I guess obviously it's fiction so

it doesn't super matter but when Ron

writes in a diary like when did

parchment come into play I don't know so


I forgot the original question was but

it's it's it is constantly evolving with

some of the like the what certain

chapters are so right I don't know I

think if people read the first probably

the first chapter but like the first

five which is like a third of the way

through the first volume and they'll

know I think of a pretty good idea of

whether or not they're gonna get

enjoyment out of it right because it it

goes about every direction of absurd it

goes within those first few stories


yeah it's and it's definitely profane

but um only sometimes it has hard I

would argue it as hard a lot of hard I

guess no I don't know yeah I like I want

to hear you know if people want to name

a town or a character mm-hmm sorry I'm

going a little hoarse on you we can even

put a start putting horses in just that

simple folks you know if you see there's

a horse at work

it's like the person who owns a land

across the parking lot they have a horse

I've named her Epona naturally um and

I'm in love with that really it's the

name of the horse from Zelda oh sure

so I'm in love with this horse I would

love to write a little bit about the

horse but you can't have a horse named

Epona can you that's already like it's

been done yes I would say certainly you

cannot okay so I was watching this

really awful CW like teen drama show

called Riverdale or something and they

had a character named that's based off

of the Archie comics right right right

it's awful it's so bad but I you know

what was a good version of Archie was

when they did like a crossover series

with between like it was like Sherlock

Holmes in the 22nd century mixed with

Archie and but it was almost scooby-doo

like anyway Archie and the gang solved

like horror mysteries on Fox like for

kids it was incredible

sorry no the podcast let me just

interrupt into kind of what you're

trying to be productive about but I

really like this show so I don't know if

this was like in the comic pre Harry

Potter but they had a character named

Hermione and I just feel like you can't

do that anymore

you know like it's it's done well comic

look you can't name your kid Adolf it's

done yeah this is true these are all

facts you know you just yeah so yeah you

gotta you gotta come that's why I mean

we didn't even name our thing Don

karnage based off of an off character in

ducktales right you know I mean that

didn't even make that many appearances

in the Disney Cinematic Universe ooh

speaking of Don karnage I feel like we

talked about Ron carnage like I could

talk about I can do an entire podcast

just on the you know whatever maybe

people don't want to hear much about it

but I have one more thing I want to say

no we should do like after the talking

dead show like alright have a Ron

carnage side podcast I would love that

carnage cast ooh

I'll work on the hard work tonight pod

carnage carnage pine I got a love bug


okay so so I want to introduce a new

segment just for today okay no dude

keep it coming I have faith that this is

gonna go well okay is it what could go


no is it to this week's fact it's called

I'm gonna do a jingle on the spot what

would you do

oh nice jazzy finish Wow

yeah okay so you kind of sound like the

ghost of the jazz musician and Nick

rolls attic and the new show big mouth

on Netflix I'll need to check that out

once we're don't refer to yes you should

Tom we should actually derail or the

direction we were heading and discuss

this further okay what would I do

I don't know what would I do okay so I

told you that we I had been on Fiverr

commissioning some designed work done

for Ron carnage specifically the cover

image for the book I had sent you some

photos but I I think I sent you before

she got anything back to me um I sent

you this really really beautiful photo

of these characters standing in front of

the lake with this big mountain in front

of them like beautiful trees in the in

the illustration and it was just like

this really beautiful photo and I said

hey I found this girl who did this

illustration she's gonna do a book cover

for us super stoked um you remember that

the first draft that I sent you okay so

I I was gonna buy the illustration from

her for ten dollars and you said make

sure that we have like the rights to

print this which I didn't think about

I'm glad you thought about it because I

asked and she said no unfortunately if

you want to print something I have to

make you something from scratch I was

like damn okay

so she started making something in the

first draft of what she sent me didn't

really look much like the same style as

this photo I saw online which is you

know in her portfolio which is the

reason that I wanted to work with her

because it looked amazing and I was kind

of like man this doesn't really look

like the same quality I was a little

concerned about how I was gonna turn out

and I was talking to Megan I was like

man what if like she just put a bunch of

other people's work in her portfolio and

said that it was hers and Megan was like

no I don't think that would happen

I'm sure it's her work she just needs to

iron out you know what the image she's

working on for you so we're going

through a couple of different variations

the mountains don't really look that

good I was like hey I really just want

this to look how it did you know in in

the example photo on your account she's

like okay no problem and looked a little

better and he got to the point where I

was like alright it's it's good can I

just buy the illustrator file from you

and I can work on stuff you know on my

own and she was like yes but and this is

where comes in what would you do I'm

gonna read her message did I lose you

there is this interesting enough I'm

starting to feel self-conscious no I was

gonna say play the play the jingle for

the segment again because we're at the

point where we have to decide what we

would do I think it was what would you

do yeah sound like that yeah yeah in it

a little raspy ok so would you do um so

she says nothing to do with your voice

anyway god where where is it um so she

says oh good god where is this what if

they like scattered there was like the

extended intro to the jingle was what

would you do what would you do what

would you do did you already pop punk

cover the jingle

what do you mean like I feel like we

went from swing band and then in your

head you already were thinking of a way

to do a pop pop punk cover like simple

plan doing the scooby-doo theme song

years later or something so it seems

like I didn't know you can do this but

scat mouthing account the singing she

deleted the message which I didn't know

you could delete it from both ends

okay so I'll try to remember what she

said she said I also write there that's

kind of good right right

okay so she tells me um before I send

you the ladies like send you an offer so

you actually like accept the design and

then they get paid she said before I

send this I need to tell you something

and if you are mad at me you can cancel

your offer and I will refund your money

and again this is someone English isn't

their first language so some of some of

the verbage was was kind of funny made

it sound like really like innocent but

um she said the photo in my portfolio

that that you wanted this picture based

off of was not my photo I took it from

Google um she said when I took it I

thought that it wouldn't be difficult

and if someone wanted something that

looks like that I could replicate it

without an issue but you are not getting

the perfection from me that you deserve

and you've been so nice to me and I feel

like I can't deliver what you want I

gave you a low price because like

everyday I am full of shame because I

lied to you and I'm so sorry and if you

want your money back I can give it back

to you so at this point what would you


part of me thinks that you would only

get so much business anyway on Fiverr

with an image like that in a site like

that that it would have to be legitimate

but the other part of me

sounds like that's every opening scene

of every part of a movie where the girl

gets given the benefit of the doubt she

puts the money in her pocket turns the

corner and there's a group they're like

good to happen there's like yeah yeah

let's go buy our drugs or whatever you

know like it sounds like every street

hustle ever it's like hey listen not my

image just happens you've just been so

good to me you know what I mean like I

don't know I have no idea what I would

do I probably would not have done in the

first place right like I've said it's

not you and I have had conflicting views

it's the book isn't done yet so but

you're always thinking further ahead

than I am anyhow but uh I don't know I

don't know what I would do so yeah I

can't believe that the I was wondering

why the other one looks so much worse

than the first time oh my god like

comically worse oh you know what no no

here's the conversation okay so yeah mmm

it's definitely not as good but I think

we got it a lot better than it started

off but when I basically said to her was

like you know we're happy like I'm happy

with what you did especially for like

$30 I was like yeah it's a little

sketchy but I I was like as an artist

and as someone who's just starting out

it's like I we've got to fake it till

you make it

I mean I don't think that you should be

using other people's like art to get

work I said like maybe for now one just

use this photo or this illustration

instead of the other one and she was

like oh you know dude I'll still give

you your money back thank you for being

so understanding whatever so I asked her

I was like a promise I'm not gonna say

anything but can you send me the link to

the actual artist who did this photo or

the illustration she sent it and this is

where things could have gone horribly

wrong if you didn't suggest that we

asked if we could use that illustration

for the book cover it was

made by the graphic designer for re I

like the outdoor store and it was one of

their summer campaign photos that's

awesome it looks so much better it looks

so good it looks so I'm looking at him

again now and I really wish we could

just have the first one I know I'd we go

through that why do we torture ourselves

I know dude so I I thought about hitting

up the guy who actually lives not too

far from me

in Erie Colorado interestingly of who um

but once I saw that it was for REI I was

like yeah this probably cost like $2,500

you know right so that was as opposed to

5 so that was super disheartening and

again the illustration that we have it

it's not bad but it's not the graphic

designer of REI sure um and for $30

which is all I can really afford right

now I'll take it and also I did buy the

illustrator file so if there's things we

want to tweak or make better or even

like maybe give it to Kevin to see if he

can make it look better maybe was care

that he was the guy who did the

elemental logo oh cool yeah so but again

here we go I wanted to use Don karnage

hoping for a Disney lawsuit to use as

promotion if if if it lawsuits are only

like popular if a news outlet picks up

on it you know what I mean right so like

would it even be newsworthy for them to

squash things they probably squash every

day but here's here's where it gets

interesting okay because now there's a

third party involved we paid $20 for a

design that we thought was legit it

turned out to be someone who was selling

other people's artwork we can pass awful

or we could have passed off a little bit

of the blame that could have been an

interesting news story right I mean

right yes I guess we're not at fault

right I mean interesting for a 24-hour

news cycle right it's

to be fun she would and she would have

had that she would have had to sell us

the rights to the photo though and we

would have had to have been like

blissfully ignorant you know what I mean

we would have had it been like what she

told us we didn't think you know so she

was like it's not mine she was too

honest about it well not at first she

was gonna sell me the photo for $10 and

then Hobby original one yeah and then I

asked if she can make some changes like

put our character silhouettes there

rather other than the two that were in

there and I said like by the way we want

to use this for a book cover are we

allowed to and that's when she was like

no it's already for another client I'll

have to make you something else so at

that point she still you asked every

perfect question to like think she you

might have been like a it's like an

agent or what about these specific

scenarios that would involve me to do

this so listen I'm coming clean it's a

Google image I don't know I mean I I

thought it was interesting and I felt

bad that she was like so like

embarrassed or like I don't know she

sounded like it literally tortured her

and like I mean she knew she knew that I

knew I wasn't getting the same quality

right there's no way that she she was

the same person who did that design know

if you look at him side to side it's

comical but again man I'm not hating it

it's fiverr.com versus the REI

communications team but what she did she

actually traced one of the mountains in

his photo and that mountain looks pretty

dope and then I was gonna say there's

definitely like a technique that she

mirrored but then the other mountains

look a little different and that's kind

of wild like one of them is kind of

phallic and there's just some white on

it I know I might look at it closer it's

just like they just slapped a little bit

of snow and then like kind of like took

one image of trees and just put them put

many of them everywhere yeah so I'm

gonna have the same I'm gonna fix that

but again dude it's just like it you

know whatever

well actually we got time to die this

might not not even be what makes the

actual no again it's not even finished

in the present the book is not even

finished so right so what will get

figured out I'm definitely glad that I

did pay for the illustrator file I think

that was like another 20 bucks so

altogether I paid $50 which is like if

it was an American doing it I would have

got one tree for $50 you know so it's

not all for nothing

but but we'll get it figured out so what

are your thoughts in the first volume

the content for those who are just

learning now of mr. carnage ah sorry

you're still breaking up a little bit um

but we just yeah I'm breaking up but

yeah you were a little bit no sir it's

not your fault that's probably on my end

but now that we've been recording for

exactly 30 minutes do you want to talk

about some stuff yes I'd like that very

much um I guess I wanted to I was

feeling super discouraged today um I I

think why thanks for asking Pat um I'm

here for you baby one of my biggest like

New Year's resolutions was to find a

mentor I really wanted to find someone

who's already done the thing I'm trying

to do and someone I can like vibe with

on a personal level and somebody to

teach me how to you know do this thing

properly so I've reached out to Mike

Hurley who Matt would know as the

founder of relay FM the host of many

mini pod gas

and just overall pretty good sounding

dude I emailed him back in June I

believe asking if like it's like hey I'm

kind of looking for like this mentor

kind of situation I don't know what I

could offer your network in return but

I'd be happy to figure something out or

you know with you to to make it mutually

beneficial and he was like hey you know

I'm gonna be out of the country for like

seven weeks but email me back in

mid-september and we can set up a call

and I was like damn gee that sounds

pretty good you know like it wasn't just

like a no I don't have time for that so

I emailed him mid September and he

didn't respond or no he um tell what'd

he say no he didn't respond so I emailed

him again this morning I was like kind

of putting it off just feeling a little

weird about it

email him I was like hey dude um you

know just wanted to follow up from the

conversation we had back in June wanted

to see you know if you want to hop on a

Skype call or something we could talk

about it and he I'll read you his exact

response cuz I obviously probably

misinterpreted the tone but he said hey

man I appreciate your persistence but

we're pretty set right now

thanks heart emoji Mike Hurley I was

like pretty sad like I'm you know I was

I don't really know what he meant by

that I thought maybe he like

misunderstood what I meant and I was

like no you know I know like you were

looking for a job right right so I was

like hey man um when I say I said

persistence has guided me into some

pretty interesting situations because

I've honestly been places and been

working with people I had no business

being around but it's just cuz I stuck

with it you know like I'm pretty good of

the whole persistence thing um so just

to be clear you know I know that your

everything is working pretty well over

there like I'm kind of looking for some

advice and like someone to help coach me

a little bit through

you know building my own business like

someone who's already been in the

situation you know and he was like no

III get it I just don't really don't

have time and I it just made me really

think like I thought that was gonna be

like a golden ticket to like man the

student knows so much he's already done

what I'm doing and now their network has

like 25 shows on it and they're you know

they're not huge like gimlet or anything

or like NPR but it's been crazy

successful and I don't know I mean he

got my hopes up pretty high not his

fault but I just I felt like they were

crushed and then all of a sudden I was

like dude I've been doing this for a

year at Astra's on episode 31 we we have

a okay amount of listeners but like I

can't keep doing this forever for like

free like if this isn't making money I

can't do it for much longer it's I don't

I don't have the money for it you know

what I mean um it's like we just gotta

do something man

like we're we're cruising along

everyone's having a good time but like I

want this to be a fuckin business you

know like I want this to do my job tried

to have you tried to sell ads at all we

don't have the listeners there's no

fucking way it's like what at this rate

like we need exponential growth for a

couple months in order to be able to

advertise and this is like not us this

is like ad astra right and it's

frustrating because that's all I have

right now like we have the straight-up

podcast but that's like you know it's

we're still working on that things are

moving super slow with Nintendo folks or

the hosts still doing it yeah yeah and

there's gonna start ramping that up soon

too and give it a little more focus but

like things are moving super slow with

the Nintendo people I was supposed to

have a call with this astrobiologist who

is on neil degrasse tyson show because

he wanted to talk about hosting his own

show on the network and like he's been

impossible to get a hold of it's do we

need something you know i need a win

somewhere i need to not just double the

listeners but like 10x them like within

the next few months

and I don't really know how to do that I

need a lot more help from like the host

and shit and then I just I started

getting down like do I just give up you

know obviously that's not what I want to

do dude it was just I was in my head all

day feeling just super down and I I

posted something about and it's true

like I'm not really afraid of like

failing I'm just afraid of like being

like mediocre forever you know like oh

you know we have a couple of podcasts

with like you know a couple hundred

listeners but like to you I want tens of

that I want hundreds of thousands and it

doesn't happen overnight but I just dude

I need like I need help from somewhere

from someone who knows what they're

doing and I thought he would be you know

a good source and then I don't know I

just felt bummed out and to be honest I

read Ron carnage and it helped me feel a

lot better so I appreciate that

but yeah dude I just I stood about other

people you met at the festival or

whatever the conference I didn't meet

anyone that like had a big thing you

know like anything huge and the one dude

that I met who had like a couple

thousand listeners was kind of like yeah

I don't know I just started making this

thing and people found it and liked it

like he didn't really understand his

success much other than he just made a

good podcast like a really good podcast

right so you need you need a good

podcast then it sounds like and you know

I think a Dasher is awesome I love it

but I'm also like a huge space nerd um

but there's plenty of those I mean Neil

techno Tyson's show was huge and I know

that obviously he's already celebrity

but like it's about space right I mean

we've had big influencers on ad astra um

twice you know like big people but it's

like okay well they're not gonna give a

bunch of shoutouts on their Twitter even

if it is thirty thousand people like we

need to get on other people's shows like


is the biggest way to grow and we need

to do that but I don't know any

podcasters as micro listen to the show

no but I did think about hitting him up

maybe fly out to San Francisco for a

weekend to try to meet up with him and

see if there's anything we can do I

don't know yeah is there a Dirty Jobs

podcast you can produce for him he

actually has his own podcast it's only

like 5 to 10 minutes a week but it is

already phenomenal it's like it's like

radio quality probably better than I can

do but yeah I don't know man it's I I

still feel like I'm feeling down from it

and I'm just wondering like when you get

in those situations like what do you do

to like feel better like if you feel

like you've been working on something

that's just not not panning out like how

do you make it better I don't know try

something new I guess what else can you

do well do something different right I

mean at its core it would have to be

that whether it's within the parameters

of what you're already doing or just a

new direction entirely I mean you know

sounds like you either need a new show

or you need to change the way you do

your shows or like have them pay you to

you know like that I'd you know the idea

they told you at the conference where

the shows that have to pay you to edit

and host you know etc you know I don't


yeah I don't know man that's a heavy

fuckin question because I kind of feel

like that everyday all the time so it's

something I've lived with for like a

while well I think I feel like you you

graduate high school and then it's a

slow race to the finish or something

it's kind of hard to fight that feeling

off so right and I think what's most

frustrating is that when I was like

building the network and like doing all

the design in the website and stuff it

was all super exciting cuz like there

was a lot are you proud of what you make

I guess yeah but there was like a lot to

do and now it's just like okay on Monday

you know I get the files from ad astra I

edit I work on Tuesday we record edit

Wednesday she straight up on Thursday so

like Tuesday through Thursday super busy

but then I put the shows out and just

it's the same amount of listeners you

know pretty much every week I want to

see those numbers go up so with like the

routine is what's killing me cuz it's

nice and it's comfortable but like like

I said I cannot kill myself like for

another year without making money on it

that's a long time a lot of money too

you should pass some ads about like let

me edit your podcast or something you

know Denver is a hip place you could be

a local you know what I mean you just

kind of swish you got to have a source

of money man yeah yeah I know dude I I'm

looking at you know getting a new job

with more pay less hours and then

offsetting that with some freelancer

right but you know what I mean you're

paying money to run this thing when you

should be thinking about how can this

thing if you don't mean I feel like you

gotta alter your perception of what it

is either the hosts have to pay you to

do what you do or you know I don't know

find new shows that right I mean

straight up is that even holding its

weight oh no I mean it um sorry bleep

that out I don't I don't know those

people and

no image it's ramping up we introduced a

new host on that we're gonna make it at

least weekly but right now it's like if

a big news story hits they need to find

the source material and then present

that so it's not like like how many

other outlets do that though you know I

don't know I don't know I mean I don't

know of any like you I feel like you

gotta be I feel like I don't know new

shows with different I don't know I

don't know wall mean I put out an ad in

Denver man be like I'm the best sound

guy in town

I knew that straight up I mean that one

is not gonna be a huge success it's like

a public service the way we're looking

at it okay I need to find a way to make

it cheaper because the data usage isn't

consistent so a lot of weeks were way

under our quota or a lot of months um

but I'm not even worried about that one

if that never gets big that's fine it's

just supposed to be like if you want the

actual facts here they are you know we

try to make it easy whatever I mean this

show would be nice to have you know ten

thousand listeners on is it that you

know does it deserve that I mean I've

heard worse shows that are successful


but I mean how much effort that we put

into this I mean when we started we

didn't do anything you know I mean like

right you were just like hey I'm

learning how to make a podcast network

but I mean maybe is this something that

you would want to like try to make big I

don't know it depends what we did we'd

have to like try and like do segments

and have a speedier show I'd cut it down

to below an hour less conversation I

guess more I would try a lot harder yeah

I mean I guess when we got into this if

you don't mind me saying that I feel

like hopefully it doesn't come as a

surprise to you all the joking

tongue-in-cheek 450 episodes that we've

done is all real and true right like

yeah I mean I'd cut it down to 40

minutes have the four segments we do a

reading from Ron carnage at the end and

tie it up in a neat bow you know and

ramped up social efforts and you know I

don't know write her

I don't I don't want to do that vodka

try to have moments that you would enjoy

listening to or enjoy saying even you

know what I mean like some of these are

you know good for you and me therapy

sessions you know when we started the

show it was like Oh Tom's trying this

new thing so I guess you know would be

nice to talk to an old friend you know

like we hadn't we didn't talk that much

before we started the show but it

depends you know like hey I'm using this

as a vehicle to practice what I want to

do is it that or is it are we gonna be

one of the marquee shows you know I mean

I guess the mindset would have to change

a little bit well I mean obviously I've

learned the things that I wanted to I

got the things out of the show that I

wanted to you well we said that like 20

episodes ago right like is this even

worth your effort to do that because you

know I mean it right we've been talking

about that for a little while now I mean

this is my favorite part even if the

network just even if I decided it wasn't

worth it wasn't really panning out I

would still want to do this show because

I do love doing it is the highlight of

my week every week right I mean we used

to write intros and stuff like I feel

like it's a different show every week

like it like legitimately so I think it

would depend a lot on what you think

your breasts used to vet I'm would be

you know I'm here to help you out I mean

that's kinda feel like that's my role in

this is to be here for you you know what

I mean like but if you're feeling

discouraged I'd not keep doing what

you're you know what's just tinker with

some aspect of it you know I don't know

if Newton and them would pay to be on

the network but that seems to be what

almost everybody else did at that

conference it that's how it becomes a

career it sounded like to me right well

that's is when you actually I feel like

you're afraid to charge for stuff you

know you were even too nice to like call

that artist out on her bullshit like man

you this is fraud like the fuck like

this photo sucks

you know they like I feel like you're

almost afraid to succeed or something's

you know no weird logo I mean I

definitely do think there's some aspect

of that with everyone

I don't think I've been giving a hundred

percent like I used to with like reading

about stuff I could be doing to be more

successful I've been really enjoying my

weekends off especially know that Meghan

has had most of them off

I don't think charging the host is the

way to do it I think giving them the

work is the way to do it

so that I'm literally only spending

maybe ten minutes an episode to just do

a quick mix and then publish the thing

right now I'm spending like two hours an

episode and that's my fault

you know jack has said he's ready to

take on the editing responsibilities

Yatta I or cut down on all that stuff

man that was like three months ago and

I'm I don't delegated an intern in the

fall in the spring

brushing up the site doing blog posts

social you know we have them do the

weekly newsletter instead of monthly I

don't know just like more activity

I guess definitely need more activity

you are one person and I feel like

everything that you get excited about

that takes the front seat because you

literally have two hands and one brain

and two eyes like anybody else

and there are certain things that get

more attention than others you know this

is just me noticing things I guess over

time but I mean it really just depends

on I don't know now that you're a year

in I think if you did another year of

this it would be foolish just alter you

know what I think you got to take stock

of what you've actually learned and what

you want to use what that do with that


sorry - sorry - if that's too tough love

I guess but I mean no I mean I've got to

be some source I mean do you have should

you freelance audio mix in Denver just

to spread get your name out there start

going to like I don't know man throw

like a podcast teaching lesson thing at

the local library and try to meet some

people through there who not to scam

them out of it but like maybe there

being a weird cool show there you know I

mean yeah I mean yeah those are

definitely the things that I should be

doing you right now the carnage stuff

has gotten the front seat like you're


true human is true humans are incapable

of actually multitasking they can only

shift focus um that's true so I think I

need to get back I paid $50 for an app

called OmniFocus what's that about two

years ago it is a task manager I don't

think I don't think you need that well I

already have it so I think I need to get

back on that oh I bet there's a monthly

fee no no one time what else are you

paying for monthly Mike I feel like you

should scrape scrape through that barrel

real quick - OH oh yeah

for sure I need to get back I just I

need to refocus I need to think of the

things that are moving what are your

short and long-term goals man right

right and see that's the thing dude

mentor was like the number one

short-term goal but now that that's you

know that Mike isn't available I don't

know anyone else that I could possibly

just do it your wingman to do it your

way with the things you know now like

you can't there was a guy that used to

work with me that um would always ask

about everything basically what I

learned was so that he would later I

have someone to blame like oh they told

me to do it this way I'm not saying

that's what you're doing but I feel like

you're giving yourself an outlet like I

don't because I didn't have the proper

guidance you know I mean like miss

Frizzle - man get messy right like do

you know what now you know more than

most you know you know enough about at

least the sound quality of the product

you're supposed to be putting pumping

out so you went to a conference go to

another one go to one every year two or

three a year there's got to be one in

Denver locally right so there there is a

it is an extension of VidCon which is

like the biggest like everyone thinks

it's like the YouTube conference cuz

they dominate the market but a video

conference they have one for podcast now

and for our second segment of what would

you do Mike Hurley is speaking at that

conference and it's inexpensive it's in

Seattle tickets are cheap would it be

weird I wanted to go anyway but it would

it be

like hey my curly remember that guy

that's me I wouldn't even talk to my

curly I mean he's been polite enough to

not slap a restraining order on you he's

not your guy right so just go and try to

meet more people only go if it's an

opportunity to go in a different

direction don't go because he's going oh

yeah your success doesn't hinge on my

Curly's attention you know do you for

sure I mean I'm a hundred percent aware

that I just it would be like some good

people to meet it's on a weekend right I

would say go especially the tickets are

cheap Southwest has that sale right now

Oh to look into that yeah I don't know

dude it's just it's super frustrating

and I just feel like the things I need

to do to make this successful are the

things that I don't know about and

that's why I was on that like local

entrepreneur like meetup app not meetup

but it was like tinder for entrepreneurs

like for a professional tinder and have

been like clicking like meet or accept

on all the my like marketing people um I

want to find a co-founder for sure

because like you said I'm only one

person trying to do way too many things

in addition to work what do you need out

of a pope hours a week I need someone

who knows how to market this like I can

make it I need someone to like get it in

front of people I don't fuckin know how

like on the radio like radio spots just

anything I mean you know how to get this

in front of just the right people like

getting us you know guest spots on other

podcasts or just finding the

opportunities to you know get get this

in front of people like I just I don't

know how and I want to learn because the

I just want to know that stuff but I

feel like I should be the guy making the

shit and I need someone to like put it

out there you know that's like it's not

my strength so I shouldn't be doing it I

should be giving it to someone who can

sure well that sounds like a short-term

goal right that's don't taskmaster

co-founder speaking of that I am going

mock old buck Marco but we can uh we can

shift away from this all right

I would all I care about Tom and we'll

talk more intimately after super


after the show's over but I need I need

to know your ultimate reaction to volume

one of the wrong Carnot Chronicles

should it literally brought you joy

today yeah I'm curious because I too

have read Volume one and it ramps up a

bit yeah it gets like super real um like

the adventure is starting like just at

the end I'm gonna say this spoilers

ahead Matt so read up Julie

Amanda Erin Zach Kaitlyn uh okay with my

dad how do I always forget Kaitlyn you

you all know who you are

read up tweet us what you think


but yes boilers ahead nobody dies or

anything but uh that means goes down

right so Ron has to go meet he basically

he's been blacking out again ever since

Levi's kind of you know got him out of

solitude and said hey we got to go do

some stuff and basically some of his old

powers it's kind of like starting a

rusty car it kind of feels like and he's

been just killing people without note

like I don't know it's uh I guess it

sounds way darker now that but it's a

lot more of like I guess like poopy and

slapstick went in the moment but I guess

when you try to paint it with a broad

brush it sounds real dark right I don't

know what were your thoughts yeah I

think um I think this is your favorite

character so far I guess what was that

who's your favorite character so far I'm

starting to really love happy to be

honest yeah he came on hard strong like

his care I don't want to call it a

character arc yet cuz he's just kidding


turns out his real name is Fletcher

Fletcher Murphy yeah I kind of I kind of

like him the most right now just because

he's like especially with like this town

festival I feel like that's when he he

really shined the brightest which is

something we joked about when we first

brainstorming we're on carnage I went

back and listened to that episode and we

had referenced like you know like like

there's always that town party and

there's always you know I don't know

it's nothing like what we talked about

but that was kind of some of the stuff

coming to life ever since that the first

one right I mean I think obviously it's

funny as hell because it is like I mean

it's catered to like the the teenage boy

humor that I'll always have but I do

think that like the characters

themselves are like weirdly interesting

for how like goofy and kind of like

stupid the like finer details are but

like like you're saying like with a

broader brush it does sound like like a

just super cool it's like a really good

story I don't know what else to say like

I've run is a lot dumber than I expected

like yeah the name and you hear like

what we've been saying he's kind of a

doofus like he's it

he's an absolute moron and I'd that's

something I did not expect it yeah I

think one of my favorite parts is like

when they're in the bar at the fiddle

and it was like when they turned around

Ron Ron was gone like right like he has

that Batman thing where he'll just

disappear from a room right and it was

like the window was open and the breezes

blowing the curtains and like Levi was

like he could have just gone out the

door right and flat he's like yeah

there's like super adore there slappy

yeah his use of the word super is I'm

glad you get I love it yeah yeah I was a

little worried about flappy because of

the name flappy sounds like when you're

trying to explain it to somebody in the


what yes at this guy Ron carnage and his

best friend which is Tom's dogs named

Levi and then there's a there's a third

there there was a decision at some point

to make a third person called flappy

that was the active decision that was

made 8,000 words later it turns out his

name's Fletcher Murphy there's I'm

waiting for I'm interested to see how

the sport of hurling comes into play

right there's so much kind of always

fascinated me yeah cuz it's real like it

you should I feel like there should be

of the foot like at the beginning of the

book when it's all done it should be

like dedicated to Joanne or you know

your dad or something and but it should

also be like go watch a YouTube video of

hurling real quick just for like you

know because it's crazy it's like rugby

they beat each other with like sticks

and they punt this rugby ball like you

can like kick it into a soccer goal but

you can also kick it into an upright

like football but also like field hockey

it's honestly insane it's super fucking

brutal to just like the toughest dudes

playing it but yeah so I'm I really love

it and if if you guys want to read it

listeners it's at who is Ron carnage

calm also I I'm setting up a page now

where you can pre-order the listen to

the print out volume 1 which is the

first 10,000 words where we want to make

it just like five dollars for a physical

print because it's gonna cost like four

to make the damn thing and then it comes

with a cap EDF download you can either

and we have I put an option there to

download the PDF for like two dollars

which since it's almost exactly what's

on the website will just be like a tip

kind of hey I like this you know but you

know I was thinking if they do it now

they should just be able to get the full

PDF when it's done or something if they

do it now or something like that

I mean well we'll work something out

these decisions are yours to make

obviously bulwarks

thing out to where it's like yeah I mean

the people who lives in the show are

obviously dedicated listeners I'll give

you the PDF I don't really give a shit

also I wanted to do an exercise and

maybe we could do it next week if we

were to play a game of baseball where

our listeners and me would be in the

field I got I got Julie pegged as a

third baseman your sister would be like

left or center field like whatever it

gets the ball Matt would be a second

baseman I think your shortstop or

catcher maybe yeah I play shortstop back

when I was like four I was really bad

alright maybe catcher um okay yeah yeah

yeah like a field general of sorts I

like that and you're obviously pitcher

cuz that's like literally what you did

right true but I can also play first ooh

which is like the weird end of that

comparison to bragging about it's like

yeah yeah but I can also stand there and

catch the things other people field and

throw don't forget that so where does

Amanda go and see this is where Amanda

went wrong she came out of hiding left a

amazing review it was really

heartwarming to read that now that was

using the club now dude now that we know

she listens we are never gonna stop

talking about her that's right you're

part of the gang man be part of that I

don't know if they have to come up in a

name of it for it but um she's in there

right now

Oh true I forgot we did that yeah sure I

knew Oh Erin right Erin center field

mats no that's no Amanda would be second

base and Julia would be first in Aaron

would be third in Kaitlin Cooper

well Kaitlin might be Center off will

doesn't come out I don't know I'm just

saying we're gonna start competing in

sports that's where we want to take the

network and that's just the way it is

so get ready for a lot of sports stuff

actual participation in those sports

that's what this has been a 50 episode

long con and you all have signed your

lives away into the elemental sports

league yes l baby that's right

whoo I love it

I'll start getting a fiber person to

make it logo for our sports league

that's right we just want to buy

pictures to put on so it's just gonna be

the Cubs logo but with ESL on it I like

it um so instead of the letter C three

letters in the same font right nice and

they'll say this is original I just came

up with I just came and then like up

with this or like the word came will be

begging on there and then I'm totally I

just came up with this just flapjack you

little and we'll get sued for harassment

and then we'll get kicked off reddit and

our memes won't be dank anymore and

it'll just be over it'll be over for us

so over all right let's do you now you

know okay

so I have like a she's your jingle yes

that's where it'll play um okay so this

one um I I heard someone say I think it

was one of my co-workers my buddy Jimmy

um who actually he's gonna make me

partner in his a lighting company coming

up here soon so I'm gonna be even busier

than I currently am but that will be

bringing in money so that's exciting

um so anyways he said something about

like along the lines of NASA you know

they get a lot of money maybe we should

be focusing more on Earth and the

problems here and this and that and like

where does that money go is that

actually good investment of taxes yadda

yadda yadda and a lot of people have

said that same thing they think NASA

gets a lot of money which you know we're

talking billions they do but how much of

the national or the federal budget do

you think NASA gets percentage-wise

Oh point zero two ooh you know it's

interesting because most people go way

higher they're thinking like 5% you know

something like that they get a half a

half of a percent of the federal budget

back when we landed on the moon they

were getting 5% things are moving a lot

faster the federal budgets pretty big

you think about literally all trundles

he's ever seen get filled right

trillions of dollars something in 1/2 of

1% so last year I took a screenshot of

my federal tax return I paid about

$3,000 in taxes federal taxes last year

that's about $15 went to NASA you're

welcome I would give you much more so

there's there's a write a letter with a

check in it like in the memo line just

number four and then NASA so people have

you know wondered like why are we just

like sending stuff to space it's not

actually benefiting us like it's there's

not a good return on investment because

it all gets sent into space where really

they want to go down that road like why

are we spending money on stuff that

isn't for domestic use like right like

the 30% budget for the US military yeah

literally a third um which you know when

I worked on the military base and they

threw away tens of thousands of solar

panels that were perfectly good that's

where your money's going into the trash

heap so I there's a really interesting

thing about NASA a lot of people try to

quantify the return on investment you

hear all kinds of different numbers but

I just heard on a video with Bill and I

saying the current analysis is that the

return on investment is for every $1

spent in space we get four dollars and

fifty cents back in into our economy

I've heard last I heard it was seven

I've also heard upwards of 14 to put

that in perspective like

venture capitalists are looking for a

10x investment

those are like your ubers Facebook

Twitter like that if you were an initial

investor 10x is like the

once-in-a-lifetime best-case scenario

some NASA is consistently getting

between four to seven whatever on

investment and those are through NASA

spin-offs it was technology invented for

Houston space but since they are a

federal company the public everything

every patent that NASA develops can be

used by anyone terrestrially and they've

developed so many things that we use

every single day that if it weren't for

NASA might not even have been invented

that goes into our economy economy

people buy it it's a huge win for

everyone so the more money we spend on

space the more money we get back on

earth through inventions and and all

that stuff and I want to sharpen knives

more quality night right it's super so I

have some quotes let me see what is it

have I seen like sleeping bags recently

or like coffee mug commercials where

it's like NASA technology it's like

jesus fucking christ

I mean I go yeah they'd be better if my

coffee was like a little warmer better

they always say that stuff like memory

foam right developed my dasa that's not


they NASA and their engines are I only

want to use products that come from two

different places if it's not NASA I want

German engineering that's right my

silverware my shoes yeah my shirts I do

you know if I can't have NASA shirts I'd

rather have German engineered shirts I

think they do make NASA sure it's

actually cavity fillings okay that's a

quote so I'm gonna what I want to be

able to like if I burn up in the

atmosphere I want some of my teeth to

fall down to earth still I'm gonna go

through the top ten NASA spin-offs by

zib it's calm whatever the hell that is

they have a pretty good short

list they ranked satellite TV as number

10 maybe not so relevant anymore but it

was huge back in the day they NASA

initially I mean they're the ones you

put the satellites in space right

without them we also wouldn't have GPS

like we do now I use it on my phone

every day thanks NASA memory foam

I have memory foam in my mattress it is

a hybrid mattress so of my $15 that I

gave to NASA this year I bought a $1,500

mattress with the memory foam that's a

pretty good return on investment for

them ear thermometers

you know the thermometers you put in

your ear that uses infrared astronomy

technology though NASA developed that

can now be used on earth invisible

braces scratch resistant lenses modern

insulation they they use these they it

protected astronauts in space crafts

delicate instruments from radiation and


um but cordless tools so like Black &

Decker who made like one of the first

cordless like vacuums back in the day

that was they were contracted by NASA to

make something for space they then took

that technology to make some of the best

vacuums and everyone has black & decker

vacuums water filters adjustable smoke

detectors and cat skins cat scanning

technology was developed to find a safe

landing spot on the moon and they using

high-frequency sound waves magnets and

meters and something that's not in this

list that I found really interesting

they use a laser-guided device when

something is going to dock with the

International Space Station obviously

everything's moving and it needs to line

up perfectly so that you guys that huh

it's a cat scan no no no this is


so the last one so these laser trackers

to get the exact

you know something moves they can track

where it is find out how much they need

to compensate etc they now use that

technology in laser eye surgery so if

your eye moves the laser immediately

moves with your eye in auto correct so

that it doesn't cut in like the wrong

place and all the cats can and so that

was developed for ISS and now people

spend thousands of dollars and it's that

was developed for a NASA you know a lot

like so much stuff like that the way

highways are built there's some I forget

what what exactly but there's also cat

scan and a cat scan no I mean like the

highway building process also called


yeah and there's like some technique

that they used to find like cancerous

cells that was NASA technology cat scan

and cat scan

so if yeah I just I think all that's

super interesting the return on

investment is incalculable but also they

think four and a half to one okay but

they have they try NASA has done there's

a lot of critics of it they should call

all of those things german-engineered


how did they get the road so flat this

Highway German the Germans cats candid

your eyes are a different shape now can

you see better I can't I see quite well

things to German cat scanning so anyway

that's my super long-winded now you know

NASA is dope going to spending money on

space is never a bad thing in cat-scans

yes I guess my only thing the only time

I wouldn't want to have it be like a

German cat scan would be like if it was

kind of a sexual vibe in the room I

could you want

a German engineering infused cat's game

if someone was like naked telling me

that like a naked man like behind a

counter ringing me up

I would man unless I was down on my luck

and just looking for

change and looking for something to

spark unless I like was so close to

rock-bottom I wanted to hit it and come

crashing down onto it and I'd be like

yes please make it man I'll have one

German cat scan please oh good god

highlight of the week well I I don't

know do you want me to go first yeah

well I don't know I feel weird about

mine which I wouldn't intriguing no it's

it's something I don't want in the show

oh come on please yes so Tom what about

your highlight of the well there was

real quick something I forgot to say

last week that I want to make up for my

favorite podcast in the world hello

internet gave me a shout-out on the show

when I proposed to Megan I was wearing a

t-shirt from their show and I thought it

was a great marketing opportunity so I

tweeted the picture at them being like

hey she said yes I think it's cuz you're

sure it's awesome you know and I was

listening to the show and they mentioned

you know this guy Tom who was sharing a

super intimate moment and happened to be

wearing our t-shirt which it was planned

Don't Tell Megan that but I plan on

wearing that shirt for this opportunity

and they like they put a picture in the

show notes and they like talked about me

and I was like what like I I don't know

I mean they have 900,000 listeners and

they put a link to the reminisce and

Twitter in their show notes with the

photo ooh nice yeah it was cool it was

so cool like I don't think I can express

how much I love that show so that was

dope I forgot to mention it last week it

was at the 50 minute mark on like gaga

two episodes ago up I'll put a link in

the show notes but for this week I oh I

just remembered mine okay but for this

week today I went to

target oh sorry no go no you go ahead

but for this for this week I target is

where I went to I was sorry for anything

so much you can go for this week I took

yesterday off because it's snowed in

Denver and I three-day weekend I spent

all of it with Megan

we went dress shopping again on Saturday

for the wedding dress went to a wedding

Saturday night with some friends from

work a guy I haven't seen since June

because he was backpacking Europe we

watched like 14 hours of Riverdale on

Monday Sunday was just chill like it was

awesome it was so nice is Riverdale

worth it the time it's pretty bad and

bad good or just bad bad it's like a

like I can't stop watching but it's like

so good kind of bad or the bad kind of

good it's the good the good kind of bad

like when I watched like six seasons of

Pretty Little Liars but that was just

like bad bad but I couldn't stop but you

feel better about this I kind of I think

this because there's less it does it

feel to have one of those Suite Life of

Zack & Cody twins wait in what cool I

think one of the Sprouse brothers plays

Jughead no yes oh so funny um what I

feel weird about it so he hasn't real

weird I mean he's an actor it's it's

like I mean being in a show is all right

there's a backstory I'll tell you off

there um okay the guy who plays Jughead

has like really big bags under his eyes

and they like blur them out in the show

and it looks so bad so you can see these

huge blur lines under his eyes all the

time it's just why didn't they just use

makeup it looks awful well yeah why do

they do that I don't know it's bad but

anyway just having a long weekend with

Megan and just it was great

it was really nice nice mine is quick

and simple

I added

was buying some steak knives for my

friend who I'm going to Pittsburgh this

weekend for a wedding german-engineered

round yeah yeah I think so I'm pretty

sure it was a branded target I don't

know how much German engineers are into

the target game but I'd imagine quite a


given their good reputation anyway I got

a couple new shirts and also nyquil for

Jesse who is sick and I realized the

combination I didn't I guess my

highlight is the fact that the cashier

did not call the police on me when I

showed up with like too many nights a

lot of sleeping pills and like fresh

shirts just in case when I said that was

a that was a good thing that was a

positive no funny looks anything like


there's one of those things where I

pulled the chip of the card out too

early oh I was expecting her to judge

the purchase and I was freaking out so I

had to do the chip thing again it was a

anyway that was that was nice okay

that's good yeah it was up there as far

as like weird purchases go though anyway

yeah I don't have any new music this

week I think I might just recommend

going watch going to watch big mouth on

Netflix all right good enough it's quite

funny I'll be quick - I'm sure you're

familiar with Elton John's circle of

life from the renowned Lion King yes

okay so there's a pop punk cover of it

that just really needed to happen it's

it's by this band called party at

Gatsby's it's not perfect but it's very

cool okay but violent it pretty hard so

I believe you I I believe you I think

it's the way that Elton John like wanted

to write it but he just wasn't talented

enough sure sure yeah anyhow it takes

about the Beatles you like to drive just

get the sails and the beat

was good even couple clothes cuz they

could suck just keep they don't suck I

just don't like him I also think

Metallica is kind of lame too like

really corny okay how's that make you I

have no I don't know there are obviously

legends for their own right but I don't

like I couldn't tell I've never listened

to one their albums front to back right

me neither I just think they're kind of

lame though but metallic is not the

Beatles you know I mean it's just kind

of do it like just there's a certain

amount of like just recognizing game you

know what I mean

even if you don't enjoy it a man real

recognize real that's what the game is

all about just recognize and being super

cognizant Jer Minh engineered English

determine engineered recognizing skills

developed by NASA German elephant never

forgets things that are engineered well

but yeah so should we put this one out

of its mystery

sure alright alright dude well who is

rod who is Ron carnage calm yeah and if

you want to suggest any names because

they're they're about to leave town on

their first real adventure and it has a

bit of written in which only happened

because of the picture that Tom had

talked about by this girl like it was

all pretty contained until that picture

was but and now it's like well they

gotta go somewhere

no it's gotta get seen it quick cuz

we've paid five bucks for this so if you

want to recommend a name of where they

go hit us on Twitter it's at underscore

reminiscent FM we're both pretty active

on there and we'll will chat with you a

little bit and yeah dope see you next

week how by E but that lovey

maybe you man