BONUS: Metroid: Samus Returns with Admiral Boogaloo

hello hello what's going on not much man

just trying to find a Dungeons & Dragons

group in Denver to learn uh oh yeah oh

yeah would uh we just i just got

together with a group that we blown out

in movies together for a long time yeah

back when I was in college we could see

movies at midnight and we just turned

that dungeon and Dragons group together

with them

ooh and it's been a lot of fun we've

done like two or three campaign sessions

on one campaign and it's been a lot of

fun so far that's cool man yeah I need

to UM I don't know find some people in

the area I don't know anyone that please

I don't know anyone in Denver to begin

with but makes a little harder but um

urine so you are are you driving right

now where's Kylie driving I am driving

okay jeez I have on my hands-free so I

can just talk not have to worry about

holding the battery like that very cool

sounds good to you man um it's colleague

vodka is Kylie there okay probably just

be me that's good enough man so you have

called me over the weekend asking if

there was a way you could get a review

for Metroid recorded my my whole

philosophy with the network has just

been to say yes to everything this so of

course I said yes I was out helping

Megan try to pick out a wedding dress

when you called

wasn't that a little taboo for the it

isn't really that's almost exactly why I

didn't well I was gonna ask about that I

was posted that picture which the dress

looks great if that's the one that she

is wanting and I was like wait a second

you shouldn't be there oh man that's the

way you guys are in a role I mean heck I

think I'm pretty outside how to do it

yeah I even brought um my little field

recorder and she brought two of our

other friends along and we kind of uh we

were recording our reactions and stuff

throughout it so long yeah so that'll be

in the end of an episode here somewhere

but it's Monday morning it's Labor Day I

guess it's not Monday morning it's past

noon Mountain time I I did a little bit

of reading on Metroid today watch like

the trailers for the new game I don't

know much about it so if you don't mind

like I just out of curiosity want to ask

some questions but I want you to be able

to do your like review like I want you

to just do say whatever you want I kind

of don't don't want to get the way but I

am very interested to hear about


somebody again part of this effective

aimed Hensel that a hyper outage is the

fact that I think it's been seven years

since the last metroid release which the

last I believe and so my dates may not

be honor percent perfect I believe the

last was other end and it was on the Wii

and it didn't do too well as you know

Nintendo has characters that are kind of

hugely voiceless you and put your own

personality and your own self into the

character and so the other other am kind

of gave Samus a bit of a backstory a

voice and those kind of thing and it it

wasn't as well received because the

character they portrayed was different

than the character we've kind of been

getting over the years and it's been

it's been a good while since we've

gotten an actual platformer Metroid

which you know has that you running left

to right on the screen rather than the

first person so when they announced this

I was pretty stoked so I figure will but

you kind of do is if you had some

general questions about the franchise

and kind of what it's about I figured I

could answer those and then we can kind

of segue into this particular game

because we'll talk about the other game

and what I think about them I guess and

we can work our way to it and how those

affect how I think about this game

awesome yeah I mean the first time I

ever saw Metroid it was like I think it

was like probably the original one my

step-brother is playing it it was the I

you wouldn't call it sides

side-scrolling would you that it's like

the arcade style yeah I mean it's kind

of now they're kind of known as like

Metroidvania games because like Metroid

and Castlevania had that same style

where you can run left or like you can

it's obviously like a 2d like you're

looking at the character from the side

right but like Mario you only move to

the right right and I'm I'm not mistaken

the first Metroid you get off your ship

and you're run to the right like you

would think like you're supposed to do

and you can't go anywhere like there's a

wall you're like what do I do

and you actually to go to the left

because of the where you have access to

and so kind of trains you that well you

can go either way you're not having to

go in one direction this is kind of an

it's where like Skyrim meets you know

that 2d it's like an open-world 2d game

where you can explore and jump around go

left and right up and down but you're

not stuck in just one direction right um

yeah and yeah it seemed like my memory

of it was obviously like the late 80s

you know Nintendo game and just looking

at the the trailers of it today seemed

like how I remembered it but just like

the graphics were beautiful

you know but still had similar gameplay

has it like has it always been that or

you mentioned something about first

player how does how did how did that

work yeah so as the reads there was five

or six she had the original Metroid that

came out and then I think shortly after

that they released venturi to similar

style gameplay just kind of a new story

then Super Metroid came out for the

Super Nintendo and it was a direct

sequel to Metroid 2 it takes place right

after the events at the end of the game

I think after that it was metroid fusion

which was on the Gameboy Advance and

these are all still decide scrolling

platform install game right and I think

you had metric pure emission I think

also for the Game Boy Advance

and then I think the next game after

that was metroid prime which took the

you know 2d style gameplay running back

that you know back and forth you see in

the character from like a third-person

perspective and then it actually puts

you inside the helmet and you are you

are Samus that you're looking at a

first-person point of view and kind of a

linear but kind of open-world

exploration game and that was for the

game Jews and it was kind of a obviously

a different take on what's always been

known as like you know a 2d franchise

and that Metroid Prime series kind of

has a cult following they're they're

really popular I've played all three

metric Prime installments as someone

says I love you there that's why I'm

also excited that they announced Metroid

Prime for and it's so yeah they took

that risk and it did really well for you

know what they had okay and and since

then they did metric Metroid Prime

hunters on like the TS and it was the

first person and you had to like team

using the stylus on the bottom street so

you're like holding

yes with your left hand moving but then

you're also like teaming with your right

hand but you're not actually holding the

test yeah I try to work I didn't

I admitted Lee didn't finish that one

just because it didn't flow as well for

me sure but I know people who did shed

they did like the story they like the

gameplay that's interesting so kind of

what what this team is actually a remake

of metroid 2 the second game and they

kind of sort of like what they've done

with like link between worlds was a more

or less a remake of links to past room

but they put their own spin on it that

made it hotter and they give it the

modern graphics you have like the wall

merge capabilities and kind of new

mechanics and they did the same thing

with this to make it a fresh take on

Metro 2 but obviously ASCO has kind of

the same run storyline same kind of plot

points that you kind of hit and move

forward in the game okay um so the Fran

the franchise as a whole I know that

Nintendo have it's not as big as the

Xbox and PlayStation world and they have

like a limited

I guess amount of characters compared to

the other platforms like has has Metroid

seen any period of time where it kind of

seemed to fall off the map or like seem

like it's not doing too well like a game

that people thought might have like a

franchise well that's where we've been

it that's that's the scene that we've

kind of been in the last several years

you know Mary nice and again I could do

anything I kind of say it in this next

section or I might be kind of wrong on I

believe metroid has done better in the

western side of the world then in like

Japan I think okay that's kind of her I

think we get some of that it doesn't get

as much love as the other franchises

already because like Mario is big in

Japan and Pokemon big in Japan to others

they get Japan and I think that Metroid

is one of those titles that you know

kind of in the homeland is a little bit

not as or not as popular as the other

titles right but where we've kind of

ended up with I don't want to say a game

that ruined the franchise because I mean

I've played other em I was able to

finish it it does some interesting

things so you play the game with the

Wiimote sideways and you use the d-pad

on there to kind of run around right and

it's sort of like a two and a half D

because you're able to see the full

character run but you're kind of

following like a track like you know you

press right and your character is

running on you know like I said I like a

track and you're following a set lane I

guess but you can't really run around

and then there's some areas where you

can run around but you're all seeing it

all from a third-person perspective and

you press the button to shoot and then

you if you want to point or aim at

something specific you actually take the

Wemo and you play the TV screen and then

you go to first-person huh so it like

yeah it's it's kind of wonky there's

some areas where it works pretty well

and there's other areas where this is

like you know why I don't want motion

controls they're just going to be able

to play and not run the bladder will go

back and forth and all that kind of

stuff and the other thing that Metro

it's kind of a staple of the series kind

of Powell Zelda's always had do you have

different dungeons and you get different

equipment and then you can go back and

forth like oh I remember this one area I

didn't have access to because it didn't

have this thing right yeah x-ray it's

almost always started that you have your

intro and the way the intro is you have

you know passive samus's powers you have

like the missile the morph ball and

everything else and then something

happens your shipwrecks or you get hit

by this blast if you lose all your

powers and then you kind of start from

Ground Zero and build your arsenal back

up mm-hmm and that kind of kind of gives

you an incentive to explore because

you're like man I really need dismissal

or I need the grappling beam or these

kind of things and where other mo

different is instead of having the

exploration and you finding or acquiring

these power-ups it's she was this rebel

who was underneath you know I think it's

adam malkovich and a you know he was

trying to show her that he is the boss

you have to be under my authority so

you're not allowed to use your powers

you're not allowed to use your weapons

unless I say so

because if you go flying off the handle

and somebody gets hurt and it's on my

shoulder so you'd have to be under what

I say she's like okay whatever so the

only way you get missiles and access to

your other powers as you're like I need

authorization please authorize me to use

this and he's like permission granted

and then all of a sudden you get your

powers and it feels kind of cheesy and

rather than having that reward of and

I've been searching all over the place

for this you know this one power that

will allow me to get to the next area

and actually finding that and acquiring

it via exploration rather than in a

cutscene your characters asking for

permission I already have it and you're

back against the wall and people you

know are getting hurt it feels a little

corny but you know so after other am

kind of more or less flop I mean I know

there's some people out there who enjoy

you think it's the bane of all existence

after that like we've been in this phone

for seven years of like what are we


where's Metroid at and I think it was a

a three or two ago they announced

Metroid Prime

you know Federation Hunter's a people

eyes ooh what's this and it's about a

group of soldiers that aren't even

famous who are in the universe of

Metroid but are just soldiers in the

Federation and you're like this is not

what we wanted

and you know I never played it at the

gameplay didn't interest me it's one of

those things where if it didn't have the

metric title on it

it's just how like a shooter game with

aliens and stuff but it's I feel like it

has the Metroid title to try to sell it

you know

and it doesn't it doesn't feel very

metroid other than the fact that you're

fighting the same creatures that are and

other games and stuff like that so we've

all been waiting and waiting we've been

waiting and when we had our little

meetups of Nintendo you know I'm I'm

pestering the guys I'm asking them if

one III hadn't at the end it's the night

before the first day it did the show and

Nintendo hasn't had their press

conference yet oh my guys you gotta tell


I love Metroid if is there something is

there anything and the guy chair but

that mean he goes I don't know yes miss

Hathaway I kind of finishes out and he's

like looking around to see if there's

anybody close and he like means and he

goes men do and I was like really

Metroid pinball to is what we're gonna

get after all this time Metroid temple -

and he starts laughing and we're all

kind of cutting up and then the next day

they they you know that I remember it it

like cut to black and it's got like the

metroid theme and it cuts them with you

know metroid prime 4 and I'm like losing

my mind

freaking out and then we're on our way

to the convention and you know Kylie's

like stand up on social media see what's

going on and they showed the remake

which was like just something they

shared in like Nintendo treehouse and

I'm like wait we're getting too much

right yeah this is crazy and it was kind

of a really awesome moment I know for me

somebody genuinely care about the series

and I think a lot of other people do too

to kind of get to games it within a

short amount of time that are trying to

get back to what I think people really

care about the series which is you know

true 2d Metroid that you know is kind of

a more classic take on on the series and

on the franchise and then also a

continuation of Metroid Prime of the

Metroid Prime franchise which is the

first person and now with the switch

kind of being able to take it on the go

kind of open that with that

some of these games that Nier automata

which is for like ps4 it's a third

person you know hack and slash kind of

game but there's sections that turn into

like a 2d platformer where you has a

section that are on that client space

you jump up and down so hopefully they

do some of that with with the prime

series as the fourth installment they

did it a little bit the other prime

games where you have but you have to get

into like the more fall and you have but

these puzzle sections that were kind of

on a flat plane so hopefully they'll do

some of that again but so here we are

we've got this big game and I think it's

great I really really would plan through

it and I'm excited to see what the

future holds for more Metroid games

either on the 3GS or even on switch so

the the new game is going to be on

switch because I think the the preview I

saw was showed it on a 3ds so so Metroid

Samus Returns which is a game that were

getting ready to come out is on the

three yes and prime four will be on the

switch in which one have you played both

no no no trying for they they haven't

even really given like a release window

yet I think that sometimes all they did

was to show like a teaser image of the

logo and that's all we've got we've got

nothing else on that so far

unless doing interviews or something

that I haven't read but yeah the game is

skipper to come out of this the game I

played through and the one that I'm kind

of wanting to then should get to or

finally I guess like a little a little

review later on okay um so I pulled up

some numbers here of total sales in u.s.

verse to pan and you're you're right

with with the exception of the original

Metroid they did pretty similar with

just over a million in u.s. and Japan

but then every other game with this next

five or

each a million a million so one point

three five million in America 1.04 in

Japan okay okay

and then yeah three hundred forty

thousand in Europe and with the

exception of Metroid three which did

better in Japan everything else has far

out sold in America like from four times

to 10 times more sales in America than

in Japan wow that's pretty significant


yeah and I guess

pinball didn't even release in Japan

there was just America according

according to this like guy who posted in

a forum anyway I don't know you know its

credibility I'm sure he didn't give a he

didn't give a source of where he found

it either and this is back from 2007 but

probably pretty close I mean at least

the correlation and even if the numbers

aren't totally right that Metro has done

far better in America than in Japan yeah

um so I guess I'm curious to see like

well before I asked like what your

personal connection with the game is is

is this this Sheamus Sheamus Sheamus

Samus house that has his name okay I am

Sam and then us Samus okay

is he like a human or an alien like

what's his race I guess so a very

simplified version of her story is I

believe her parents were killed by space

pirates which are the main enemies in

the game they kind of got like crab

claws it's a almost bird s but they got

like crap like flaw ham issues lasers

out of but her parents were killed by a

pirate and I again I could be completely

wrong because again part of they don't

give eye

a whole lot of war it's sort of like

right there on this you know on some

some of it you get more story but she's

been raised by this group of for this

race called the chozo Dho

Bo and she's kind of taught their ways

and that's where she gets her like her

suit for her power armor problem the

chozo and I think in some stories or

some versions like she's like confused

with her DNA or something but she's

raised by them and then the race is

somehow killed off and she's kind of a

lone bounty hunter or or she leaves

their home planet again I'm not super

huge on the backstory it's more about

what the games offer and a lot of heart

just kind of sending the present and you

kind of get what's going on on the

present rather than a whole lot of war

and if I'm butchering it I'm sorry but

it's sort of like Zelda we're like

timeline isn't a super huge sign to the

game that you know the facts it's sort

of like what's going on in that game and

you kind of move forward from there okay

they said kind of how I've taken it and

how I kind of enjoyed the series just

enjoying with missions title which names

teach game for it story but yeah that's

where she kind of gets her power armor

and then she she's a bounty hunter

essentially so you kind of get this

stoic you know powerful I don't where

Lee was a prideful but she's like

confident in her powers and you know of

the little love that we get from her

personality over the you know the course

of the game is you know she's solitary

she's kind of like this you know lone

wolf able to kind of do anything that

she's kind of put up again and the

reason why other ends to kind of touch

on that a little bit she feels a little

bit more a lot of people would say Viney

or you know it just kind of goes against

what we've gotten this picture of over

the course of all these games she's a

little bit more like a spoiled brat like

young immature girl like I do what I

want because I'm a rebel kind of thing

we're and the other games again like it

seems like she's just as confident you

know almost like Astro Chiefs you know

from the Halo series of that um I feel a

bit more familiar you know he's kind of

just this got it had done attitude

doesn't you know very few words and I

just got it I got a mission I got to

accomplish and that's fat you know that

gotta get to your question yeah and I

didn't realize it was a girl either

that's pretty cool I just I don't know

me and you see the I guess gender

ambiguous suit and and assume it's a guy

my bad for that um so yeah I'm curious

what your like emotional and personal

connection is with the game because I

know that I have like like I said in the

in the episode I did with you guys a

couple months ago I'm not a huge gamer

anymore but I just have this really

intense emotional connection to Zelda

and I haven't even really tried to

analyze why but it's just like it's

super strong for some reason and yeah

Kylie Kylie was telling me that you know

Metroid is like your game and I'm I'm

curious as to why like when did that


what was you know the the catalyst for

you really attaching to the with this

game yeah I mean for me and it's sort of

like I guess the same thing with you is

Oda I guess I haven't really analyzed it

like what what has caused me to kind of

gravitate towards this game but I was

thinking about it or when I knew we were

into this episode and it was probably

going to come up I played the original

Metroid I didn't play it a whole lot I

played a little bit of Metroid 2 those

don't really have like like super huge

or von phul memories but I remember I

can't remember one metric came out on

the gameboy advance but that's the game

that really solidified at first was

Metroid Fusion

because I never had a Super Nintendo so

it probably would have been super

metroid if I had a Super Nintendo but my


and so I remember going over to my

cousin's house she had n64 in the Super

Nintendo and I remember playing through

like ocarina of time and I remember

playing through Super Metroid with him

and it was one of those things that it

the memories aren't like super vivid but

they're there and then when super at

what metrication came out and I was

playing my game boy advance like

constantly that was a game I just played

over and over and over and over and over

again and I think the things that really

struck me about the game is that kind of

exploration you know I've always been a

huge fan of like mechs and robots so I

can always love Gundam and different

series that are kind of along at and

like power armor kind of lends to that

look you know this robot looking thing

and you get to add different weapons and

different upgrades to it and it's just

it kind of taps into those you know

endorphin releasing moments for me like

oh yes I got the plasma P oh yes I got

the weed and then you get to go back and

there's other areas you could you know

have access to because now you've got

this new thing that allows you to get

past those obstacles right and and then

when Metroid Prime came out on the

Gamecube I mean I was the kid in my

grade who is arguing that the Gamecube

is better than the Xbox and all my you

know friends like your stupid Nintendo

is not great you know Xboxes jay-z she's

out of there just so much better and I

remember sitting at home by myself I

like stick man and you know Metroid

Prime and all the cool GameCube games

and like this is so much better than

stupid Xbox yeah of course

Trevor alone but Metroid Prime was like

the second catalyzing factor for me

because first time I felt like the

graphics are really great and in the

inch in the series has always been kind

of the side-to-side and to like a

first-person shooter and it kind of

makes you feel more like the character

and of course this was really before I

really get sucked into halo and halo

kind of becomes the next big thing for

me because again you're like this big

dude in the metal suit is kind of stoic

and kind of Awesome despite it's kind of

just the the Microsoft version of you

know Metroid so it's just kind of been

one of those things that you know and

then playing for this game and getting

back to that 2d style of Metroid it

brought back just waves of nostalgia for

me and just kind of brought back those

younger years moments where you're kind

of brought back to your childhood I felt

like a little kid again being able to

play you know Metroid Fusion which you

know was the big title for me right yeah

I get that with with Zelda like the

first game that I've really connected to

with that was Ocarina of Time and sure

I've played so many other Zelda titles

on different consoles and I just keep

I've played that one like three times

because it was just like you know I feel

I feel like a seven year old again

hanging out with my step-brother on my

dad's house on the weekends just trying

to figure out how to get through the

spiderweb in the Deku Tree you know and

like every time it brings back those

memories and even you know with with the

newer games they a lot of the same stuff

is in all the games so if you come up to

something in breath of the wild that

reminds you of ocarina of time makes you

feel like a carrier I feel like the

nostalgia factor is definitely huge and

just reminding you of a simpler time

when summer break I would just sit down

sit my room and play heavy station or in

6th game yeah I mean I still put like

250 hours into breath of the wild but uh

with no exception of yeah with the

exception of yesterday I haven't played

really that much in the past

month-and-a-half which has been working

so much but um yeah yeah so it's um has

there been any other game that you've

kind of felt that same connection with

as you do with mesh roid you mean like

like another game outside of Metroid or

another Metroid title another game

outside of Metroid yeah I would say

probably a low mention much time on that

but I remember the days when blockbuster

was still open and go to Blockbuster and

rent a console I remember that my

neighbor down the street people

literally scrounge coins in the couch so

that we could print an Xbox so that we

could play Halo and I remember those

just as vividly so I would say that halo

and Metroid holds the biggest kind of

heartstrings to me Halo more yeah halo

more so but with my friends I remember

having like land parties you know

everybody's bringing over their Xbox or

TV you know yeah we have like you know

these guys in this half of the basement

these guys on the other half and you

know it was and that was right that's my

birthday is like my 16th birthday I

remember is like I have like 12 guys

over so we can play Halo in the basement

my parents are like well guys like

alright fine and then my parents were

just like biased the case of officer

throw it down the basement steps and

lock the door and yeah see what cards

was left in the morning but Metroid was

more of like I was by myself okay yeah

which being an only child I I mean I had

a lot of good friends but you know and

there's times where I didn't have people

to play with

you know Metroid was my go-to saying I

could you know sit in my room with my

gameboy advance to be able to play and

so yeah I mean I think those are the two

biggest for me is Halo and Metroid when

it comes to bringing back the waves of

nostalgia and kind of going back to that

simpler time yeah so it seems like

you have a certain genre you gravitate

towards or yeah yeah game style well

cool man

um do you want to get into like the

review portion of this or you know what

where you wanted to go yeah yeah for

sure so I'll kind of lead off with I've

kind of been getting my metrics ticks on

the Super Metroid has been released on

Virtual Console on the Wii U and 3ds and

that Levi's going crazy over there yeah

yeah I can take him out I was warned of

like is that Tom breathing really

heavily into the mic or no probably a

dog walking outside he's he's going


you know dog doing dog thing right yeah

so compliance Super Metroid on both bu

and on my three yet and it's been some

of this kind of really kind of brought

back these old memories because the

Super Metroid is really the kind of a

pinnacle of the metric franchise and you

could probably talk to a lot of

different gamers I'll tell ya that

Metroid is one of those games it's kind

of a benchmark when it comes to changing

the gaming landscape after it and you

know getting this this new game and

starting to play it it feels a lot like

Super Metroid like the good aspects of

it and so you know plugging in the game

started up the soundtrack is you know

soundtrack to the whole game is


Metroid kind of always been known for

kind of like an ambient very emotional

kind of very tone setting soundtrack

like where to me when I think Zelda not

that I don't think that the songs evoke

certain emotions but it's more like you

kind of get seems for different areas in

those different areas but sure you know

Sora has kind of this harp kind of sound

it's very try

wall with Metroid each you get the sense

of being alone because it's very Spacey

very eerie you know when you get to

especially in this one you get into like

these areas of the game where it's like

the rooms are hot and you have to unlock

a certain suit in order to not be

affected by the heat you get into those

areas and it kinda gets cool bit more

rock like you know it you kind of get

this sense of you know things are

picking up Driss danger around the

corner and that's something that I think

that the soundtrack of the Metroid games

have always been fantastic and I think

this game delivers right from second one

you get that same you get the theme and

you get that feeling of what Metroid is

supposed to feel like and honestly I

think if somebody hasn't played a

Metroid and where they're like wanting

to get into the series and don't kind of

where to start I think this is a great

game to pick up to get to not be ruined

by playing older games I don't think

this is I would consider the best

franchise but it's definitely a solid

great revamping pre hyping new set stone

for the series to kind of reap ick up on

I guess if that's the right way to hook

it put it on us

that makes sense but um yeah I mean like

if you got a three yes go pick this game

up and if you haven't you know had the

opportunity to really get into the

Metroid series this is a great

installment to kind of get an idea of

what like play is very reminiscent like

I said a Super Metroid of all the

classics you know platforming elements

the thing that I kind of liked that it

that it did two curts of other games is

you don't have kind of a intro where you

have your powers and then you lose it

she turns around and starts off you know

just her base set of powers and you

slowly acquire the power ups throughout


some of the new mechanics that they

added is you kind of get these things

called a on abilities I think it's

pronounced like a e io n huh and sounds

good to me so like one of them is a scan

ability and part of what Metro has been

known for is well you shoot every nook

and cranny because you don't know if

there's an upgrade tank or you know you

just don't know what's in that room

unless you explore every nook and cranny

of that room okay yeah yeah the scan

ability kind of like if you play via

like the original Zelda unlike the NES

yeah yeah so you know how like you would

like walk into like you know you're on

this panel and you're like swiping

different rocks to try to find like a

little little cubby hole or like a

potion or something you know it's kind

of like that like the supplementary

series has been it's sort of an old

classic Nintendo or they don't close

your hand you have no idea where to go

what to do you kind of just have to

probe the edges and see what give and

you're like oh okay I can go this

direction so you go there and see you

hit a wall and you're like well there's

this yellow door I don't know what this

yellow door means well I guess I got a

backtrack and it's really about trying

to find what pathways are open to you

and finding the power-ups that will then

open up ways that were previously

blocked and this the scan ability is

that I think a good modern take on being

able to explore the map and alleviating

some of the frustration that maybe

previous games had where you don't know

if there's a upgrade tank in this room

so you do is hit a button that drains

part of your a on energy and it kind of

scans like a you know an 8x8 plot on the

map and it shows you everything in that

area so it's kind of a like a take back

well I use some of my ant energy so I

don't have that there anymore but now I

can see and know the boundaries of this

room and if there's an upgrade tank in

the area so I think this game does a lot

to alleviate some of that frustration

like I mean you played like Oakland

world exploration

outside of Zelda right not really man to

be honest not really yeah so I guess the

way I can relate is when you're playing

breath of a wild and you know you're

looking for this core of seeds and you

don't really have you know you're get to

kind of look around you say okay look

there's a there's a little puzzle over


you kind of got these visual cues to

kind of let you know there might be

something over there right and Metris

sometimes never had that it's just you

know all the walls look the same and yet

drop a bomb to explode everything in the

room to see if anything gives so right

kind of frustrating because you're like

man where the heck was this tank or

where was that door I was looking for

and some of the things they did in this

that give you like that so the top

screen used to have like your energy and

everything on it and you need so you

have kind of a cluttered HUD of what

you're looking at

well they move all your energy your ammo

and everything to the bottom screen

along with the map so that's super nice

because the gameplay is just completely

free of any any information outside of

Samus running first and you get drops

you can drop pins on the map to be like

okay there was this yellow door here or

I'm all in order to get this upgrade I

need this thing so I'll drop a cream pen

here each time I see that so I know I

need that thing for these chains and so

at least you're in a nice it's like

Section five and you unlock the power

missile or something that all the areas

that you need to depower missiles to get

into you can go back to those areas and

use i'm sorry super missile you can go

back to those areas and you know you

know blow up those blocks with the super

missile so it's streamlined that

backtracking process with the pens and

then there's also teleport station so

like in super metroid which is maybe

what more people view familiar way you

know you get so far and then you kind of

have to remember where the areas are you

to go back to and not only that you

actually have to run there there's no

fast travel

there's you just have to go there where

this there's like two or three teleport

stations per area and it allows you to

get to at least close to where you need

to go

you're not having to backtrack the

entire map which is I think convenient I

just think that they took the Metroid

formula a lot like breath the wild did

with other Zelda games it still feels

like a Zelda but it's also completely

fresh definitely and feel like this

although it's a remake of extra - if I

didn't know was a remake of metroid 2 it

would feel like a fresh fresh game you

know completely new take or the new

experience that's that's awesome

right and so I'm it makes me excited for

you know new installments that they'll

do hopefully in the 2d style and give it

a revamp or completely new titles kind

of a thing so honestly like if I had to

give it a is 4 I probably give it like

an 8 and a half or a 9 out of 10 I feel

like it's a really solid game I think

there's very much you know almost every

game out there and I was reading some

other people's initial reactions or what

they've kind of thought you know kind of

like lurking on reddit like what are

people saying like what do they hyped

for an already got some beat it some

like really people and some people think

that it's you know there it looks slow

or you know ah they're not as excited

for it and you know I don't let myself

get hung up on little things like like

we watch a lot of game drops and one of

the guys on there Aaron he was talking

about rest of the while and he says sure

it's not a perfect game but I'm having

so much fun why worry about the things

that don't

or the little things that I don't like

when there's so many things about it

that make the game fun for him I've

already taken the game and I've already

started the second playthrough just

because it's it's fun and I think that's

what Nintendo's really been focusing on

lately is making things fun again and I

think part of the the formula that's

cause games to lose that luster is they

hold your hand they show exactly where

to go there's no sense of intrigue or

exploration or excitement because it's

all laid out for you it's all step by

step by step by step and it doesn't

allow the player to kind of input or be

like what if I did this right so playing

this I find ways that are like I can

take out this boss by doing this thing

now it may not be quite the right way or

the only way to do it right but I

figured out how to do it and it's

exactly what breath of the wild

encourages you know you get to these

shrines right hmm how can I solve this

puzzle and there's seven ways to do it

and you're allowed to figure it out and

kind of explore and I feel like that's

something else that made sure I did it

what seems like you know Mario Odyssey

is going to do is allow the character to

kind of take back that freedom again and

when you play the game rather than just

going through the steps yeah you know

there's um I mean a couple breath of the

wild like forums and I've tried really

hard to not use it for like spoilers or

like you know clues on how to do stuff

but I often see people doing like doing

things to achieve the same goal as what

I've done but just would never have

thought to do it like that

and that's like the most exciting part

of this game and especially that it is

like open-world and you can go anywhere

do anything in any order I just I think

yeah the fact that you can do things so

many different ways is why I love the

game so much and like you said it's not

perfect I miss the dungeons of the old

n64 games like so much but um

there are so many things that I do love

that it's like whatever dude it's it's

not that game you know maybe the next

one yeah yeah so so you like this game a

lot what I do what was the game that you

liked the most

before this one came out and the Metroid

series yeah I really and the first

person I know it's kind of not really

able to compare of it I really liked

Metroid friend too they had like a light

world in the dark world and some of the

suit designs and now are really really

cool but as for like 2d it's kind of a

toss-up between Metroid Fusion and Super

Metroid so to kind of go back again but

like samus's origins so like as she's

going through these level she finds

these chozo statues and they're kind of

like the chozo kind of looks like bird

people sort of imagine like the wreath

the Rideau zelda a little bit but there

sure enough more like Mayan influence

they kind of got like this as tech kind

of old Central American you know Indian

kind of vibe okay and there's these

statues and they're holding like a ball

and you know you end up shooting the

ball and then there's a powerup in it

and so that the power-ups that she's

getting for her suit are like chozo

technology mm-hmm and that's what allows

the suit to get better and do other

things so Super Metroid again like I

said a good benchmark for future games

and other future Metroid title I really

like Super Metroid

I love the pixelated art I love the the

animations in it I love the feel the

game the atmosphere different areas and

the reason I like Metroid Fusion so much

is well because it comes after Super

Metroid it feels like Super Metroid in

its play style but met their famous kind

of gets like infected with like the ex

parasite I think it's been a while since

I've played it

sure and so like pursuit is no longer

just a Power Suit like she's infused

with like this Metroid DNA and that's

when the mole Fusion idea comes in so

some of the powers she gets is it

because of chosen technology it some of

it has to do with she's getting powers

from the from the Metroid's and and it's

kind of just like her suit looks more

organic rather than like this power

armor and it's interesting take on

unlike the Metroid series so I kind of

like that because it mix it up a little

bit so and these games I think because

again they're after Super Metroid they

feel a lot like that and they play a lot

it plays a lot like those games which i

think is good because that's where like

the formulas like all right ocarina of


probably a benchmark for zelda game so

any Zelda game that we make after that

what did ocarina of time dude right and

then of try to take those and give it a

new take and or a new spin and I feel

like this looks at the previous titles

and goes okay what those do right how

can we give those a fresh spin and I

think the Aeon abilities if you get in

this game those kind of give this a

fresh spin because there's some of the

puzzles that you have to like activate

this one turn it on turn it off turn

this other one on and like it's all

about timing to get to this puzzle and

it's all about turning on off those

powers and it's it's really really neat

and there's like one ability that you

get and it happens in in metric oh sorry

you you're breaking up a bit I think I

might lost you oh no you're like you

come across this area and it's like this

pit of lava but you can't get across it

because the ceiling is right at your


you can't like jump across and there's

so many times I'm saying like do I do

this again like where am I supposed to

go oh yeah I have the spider ball so

then you get to the ball and you roll

across the ceiling to get across the

lava lake kind of a thing and so it sort

of forces you to think outside the box

in terms of how can I solve this puzzle

or how can I get across this which is I

think again how the Metroid series kind

of tackles puzzle I think this this game

Metroid Samus returns I feel like it

does well it has good puzzles good


you kind of have to again get to the

edge of all right I can't do this what

am I missing

I don't have this powerup I can't say

further and then you kind of have to

explore like what rooms is not going to

or what didn't I our Shack and find what

you need to move forward so how how

would you rate the difficulty of the

game for how what are you twenty-five

twenty-six I'm 28

you're 28 right okay so thanks for

thinking of a lot younger than I am I

thought you were younger than me but I

guess that's just Kylie how would you

rate the difficulty for it for a 28 year

old experienced gamer like what were any

parts of it like super frustrating or

like did it seem like it just kind of

you kind of rolled through it so I feel

like a lot of people that are probably

going to listen to this have played rest

for a while and so I'm gonna

I know I've used it as a comparison a

lot but I really I feel like there's

this new insurgence of energy from the

Nintendo group and the Nintendo team and

I feel like they're they're infusing a

lot of that energy into these new titles

and I feel like breath of a while in

some areas was very unforgiving like if

you mess up like you're messed up you

know your your dad you know like having

the dart like those dead Guardians like

on the plateau rights beginning in one

shot and you're gone so I feel like this

has kind of a same feel where it's very

I don't want to say like it's hard or

super difficult

it's just unforgiving so when you get

into like you like these little boss

fights as you you know progress the game

it's well if you got their attack

patterns down or you know what you're

and you know how to attack this one it's

just a matter of being able to pull the

timing off but if but if you screw up

one hit takes like half your life and if

you'll have all the energy tanks or if

you don't have the right upgrades B

you're gonna have a lot more of a

difficult time then if you go through

and gotten every single upgrade that you

need to get or I wouldn't say need to

get but kurd yet before this moment then

your time is going to be easier because

you're stronger and when you do mess up

you have more room to make the mistake

yeah yeah so she kind of go through bare

bones and don't collect everything it's

going to be more difficult and more

challenging not necessarily hard but if

you make a mistake you're gonna die

alright so there's definitely ways so

there's definitely ways to make it

easier on yourself but if you do it the

hard way you can yeah yeah more or less

or go in with less arsenal and you know

if you're not going to find every nook

and cranny and get every single upgrade

there's a lot of like the collection and

is getting you know the missile

expansion tanks where you're able to

hold more ammo so that when you get into

these fights you don't only have 30

missiles you have a hundred missiles and

you're able to use that be more powerful

when you're fighting you know I died a

lot and I feel like I understand the

mechanics of the Metroid games well

enough to where you know I'm not

somebody going in and having never

played the style of game before and I

felt like the game was it was

challenging especially in some of the

puzzles the puzzle I guess aren't too

bad but it's more about the timing again

brands but what does it think the cool

thing and this is where I think it's a

fresh take is you now have a melee

ability where I don't believe any other

Metroid game has had a melee ability so

Mitch Pratt I think it's

the Y button the X button I think it's

the X button I was thinking it mixed up

because Nintendo's a B X & Y or opposite

of what other controllers are run but

it's the top the top of the top when you

press that she like swings her blaster

up and like an arc kind of like you know

just like a hit like kind of like in

Smash Bros how yeah just sounds like a

issue swings or blaster so like when the

enemies like when they see you there's

like a little like a bowl flicker a

white like a little blank and then they

like charge you well it's time it right

and you use the counter and it like

stuns them a little bit and then you can

blast them like shoot them right away

and then it's like a quick kill and also

if you time it right to get some of that

a on energy you get like a cluster of an

energy bust out and use they collect

that so it's one way to kind of recharge

your a on gauge your a on bar of energy

as well as get a quick kill from an

enemy and run part of the fact that I'm

not used to doing that I end up getting

hit by these enemies so many times when

I should just count her and done the

melee counter had a quick kill but I

think it's a really neat technique

because when you start fighting bosses

and you kind of learn again like learn

their pattern there are certain moments

where you can choose that technique you

get some you know skip some shots and

there's a cool cutscene animation of

like same as like flipping around then

you know do and make a backflip and

doing like some shots and then it kind

of cuts back to the normal fighting

right so the awesome yeah it's pretty

sweet and the other thing they do too is

you hold down the left shoulder button

on the 3ds and she kind of standstill

she gets like an aiming laser out of the

end of her her blaster and you can aim

360 degrees where an other judy Metroid

kind of like straight at a 45-degree

angle up straight up 45 degree angle

kind of back language there's only like

8 to shoot where this is like 360

degrees all the way around so

again kind of taking the abilities of

the of the console on gives you a little

bit more freedom um so yeah I mean there

was some boss fights like you know

obviously and the main boss you know

they're difficult like it's hard you

have to get the timing down because one

hit will like dream like three of your

energy tanks you only get ten so it's

like oh well this sucks I have one third

of my life left

and I'm only you know one second end of

this fight so again I think it's where

it's more unforgiving for sure that you

know I would say necessarily actually

difficult it's just getting the timing

down and but but I think that's good I

enjoyed it a lot you have to be you have

to well it sounds like the the

developers or the creators are both like

did a really good job of incentivizing

more exploration and to do those more

difficult where he said that she she

takes the the cannon and blasts them up

and you get the the a on energy or

whatever like yeah if you do the things

like the special things the way they

want you to you get more stuff or if you

explore more rewarding yeah and if you

explore more and you take the time to

really take advantage of the game they

give you you can find more energy tanks

or more upgrades or whatever which you

know the the diehard people who want to

find everything and see everything it

seems like they're doing a really good

job for you know giving that to those

those like true yes and Diana's I guess

yeah and I think that's exactly what the

series is known for and so they're kind

of getting back to the series roots and

I think that's kind of in our reference

breath of a while you know even though

Ivana the game was different and so

again like these Aion abilities

something completely different than

we've kind of experienced before in a

Metroid game it kind of changes I guess

would call like the meta it changes the

game a little bit of changes

you can approach certain situation um

but it gets back to the ultimate roots

of the franchise it does with the

franchise as well and I think that's

with ruff of the wild did is they got

back to we're not going to hold your

hand you can explore you can look for

anything and but it's still going to

kind of feel like a Zelda just still

feels like a Metroid game something

should that I would suggest if people

watch I obviously do encourage you to

pick it up I think it's a great a great

game play with the 3d on I've never

really cared to play with the 3d on

lightly yes just because I feel like

it's this like it's distracting I have I

have a new 3GS so at least it's kind

like the face tracking on it so if I

turn the 3GS a little bit it doesn't get

wonky on me oh wow yeah it's kind of

nice look if you turn the 3ds still like

those the right or the left it'll kind

of follow your face and it'll with just

the stereoscopic 3d to where it's still

3G for you even though you're looking at

it from the side that's obscene yeah

it's pretty cool um Wow with with this

it really gives that sense of depth

because that's the little things I

wanted to kind of phrase about the game

is the background animation like there's

creatures moving in the background and

like you know digging for food or you

know you know digging out their little

cave or flying around it really makes

the world feel alive and fuel makes you

feel more alone because there's the only

thing that stands out and everything

cool there's like stuff that could

happen in the background and when you

have that 3d on it really gives that

sense of depth to the background

animations like how far everything in

the way and I usually will try a game

with the 3d just to kind of see like

like the Pokemon battles are kind of

cool to see like the animations and

appreci and everything but I usually

play with this just on the 2 D scuzz at

all not that I don't care for it but I'd

heard that way and this is one game that

I definitely was like I was glad I

actually played and tried to

to think it makes it a more complete

experience okay very cool yeah I play

dumb link between worlds with 3d on the

whole time and it was the first it only

a game I've played and I loved it yeah

and I think like that game is another

game it is better to play it 3d where

you know some other games like maybe not

so much but I feel like the top-down

view is like between world just kind of

get again get that sense of depth and I

feel like it makes the game yeah it was

it was pretty great um yes I mean what

else do you want to do want to talk

about with it

we've got time in its yeah I mean I

guess kind of my final thoughts I know

it's kind of jumbled obviously if

anybody has any more questions after

they listen to this or you know have

more I guess direct things they want to

know about - obviously just reach out to

me you know let you know you know more

of what I think but I was trying to

think about the things that are good

good points to touch on and I know like

em like game informer or GameSpot they

kind of give a little break downs with

like audio and graphics kind of do that

for my final thoughts I feel like that

the graphics although they probably

aren't pushing the 3ds to its limit they

accomplish what they need to accomplish

I feel like the graphics are good for

you know being on does the 3ds and being

a I guess we should call a two and a

half D game where you have the 3d

graphics but it's set on a flat plane I

feel like the the world and the

atmosphere of the game is captured very

well and the graphics the the

replayability which is kind of what

again metrics sort of metaphor is you

get your you're supposed to play the

game and then you get different endings

depending on how

- you beat it oh whoa yeah it's you know

that's when you're talking about there's

different ways to kind of tackle these

puzzles like if there's one game I love

watching speedruns of its metroid

because you know there's obviously like

overall speed but it doesn't matter what

completion rate you get and there's been

their speed with 100% completion and you

know it's just really crazy how these

guys have to backtrack to different

levels of the game and collect all these

energy tanks and missile tanks and

expansions and everything to their suit

but still try to keep it under a certain

time limit and do everything perfect and

I think my first playthrough was you

know I think close to 15 hours on this

game and I didn't collect everything and

I took my time it's like this next

playthrough well I want to get a better

ending so I need to play through faster

and you know do I do do I collect

everything like I don't again not having

the luxury of having the strategy guides

and stuff if no one was there I don't

know if it's strictly based on time or

if it's based on time and completion or

but yeah I think the replayability is

very high

just like every Metroid game is you so

now I know the different bosses and I'm

not going to have that introductory

period I know exactly what I need to do

in each fight so I can try to go through

and you know be more efficient you know

I feel like the replayability is high

and I feel like the soundtrack was

fantastic I feel like the controls were

were you know on par with every other

Metroid game and like I said I would say

it's a solid eight and a half hour nine

it's a very very good game and if you're

even remotely interested in Metroid I

would definitely pick it up awesome so

you had the game ahead of time because

you you and Kylie are in the brand

ambassador program right so did you get

a sneak peek when does it actually come

out so it comes out on the 15th which I

believe is

to Fridays from now okay so much for

recording on Labor Day

this review will be out on the 12th

given embargo time so things of chewing

things can and can't be said so just to

be safe

still probably be listening to this on

the twelve or later and they cannot be

out a few days but yeah I think if if

you really want to get the full

experience of metroid get yourself a

pair of headphones put your headphones

in and into like a dark room or like a

nice cover and just like just have the

soundtrack playing in your ears and like

just playing the your lone bounty hunter

foreign world you know exploring it and

everything and kind of getting that she

looks they know solidarity being alone I

think that's kind of a quintessential

Metroid experience but honestly yeah i

mean i think i think that the fresh

takes in this game are are good

ingredients and the cakes that is

metroid and the ending is awesome I

obviously can't spoil anything won't

spoil anything sure but I was like just

here I played Metro too so I kind of

knew it to expect a lot of the beats in

this game are kind of the same for the

overall premise is kind of the same and

you know it's in the game and I was like

this is no come on

and it was I took me back I was like I

can't believe this is happening right

now and I was like alright alright and

then stay around after the credits for

the post card scene yeah and I am super

high so you play the game after you beat

it and you're super hyped as well come

talk to me so I know I can talk to about

it because I

think it spells great thing really

excited so so yeah that one your

intention and I think famous returns and

in a good and great way and I'm excited

to see what other I don't even really

want to say diehard fans but other fans

of the Metroid series have to say about

this game and whether they think the

future is for the for the franchise how

can how can people get in touch with you

they can either spam Kylie as I know

some people because I'm not always the

best to reach on my phone and I think

you're gonna test that and knowing that

I'm throwing myself out there my

Instagram handle is Admiral Boogaloo

it's Admiral spelled just like it sounds

and the oog al oh oh

some of these pictures that you're just

following her on it captain dangerous

she tagged me in her photos she kind of

find me through that but yeah I'm on

there and I'm on Facebook Kyle Parker

I'm care to reach out to me on there

it's kind of neat meeting other people

who are either a fan of Kylie's work or

a fan of Metroid I know it's something

that you know I was able to connect with

a few people at e3 with was you know

they were wearing a Metroid shirt you

know what do you think of the new

announcements and they kind of speed

image that way so yeah if you want to

reach out to me through those avenues

reach out to me I'll do my best to

answer your questions with how I can

answer them before the game is actually

released and after you played it gotten

through everything and you're like super

excited like I am then we can talk about

all the cool things that that this game

plays out so yeah awesome I'll put a

link in the show notes to both your

Instagram pages do you want do you want

me to put a link to your personal

Facebook page too where people can

message you and add you and stuff sure

okay okay I I don't know what the URL

will be I will edit it in after I figure

that out for the listener but you can

you can go there and find links of some

stuff that we've talked about I've been

taking notes of things that I would like

to put in the show notes and um ways to

hit up Kyle and Kylie see their work get

in touch


hmm no no by the time this episode comes

out Kylie will have had time yeah she

hasn't any time I play it because it's

been on my videos so when is coming out

she'll have had some time to play it and

she's a little bit less less experienced

to the Metro world she hasn't played as

many of the titles that I have so I

think her take will be somebody kind of

coming in fresh and this is really their

first metric game they're kind of

digging into so reach out to her she

want to get her impressions too

I know she looks played it by this so

yeah just kind of wonder that in there

as well awesome

anything else you want to say no I just

I guess I guess I guess the only thing

I'll finish off with is going to support

this title because that's right then and

kind of a wall for several years and

she's already heard in this podcast and

I kind of thinking fishin that how well

this title does we'll kind of depend on

whether or not they really invest more

in the franchise I don't know if people

know about fire boom awakening but

fireman awakening was going to be the

last game in the Fire Emblem series but

because it did so well and people loved

it so much they decided to pour money

into it and they came out with Fire

Emblem fates so you know if you care or

like the mentor a game or want to get

something something go out support it

because I think this is one of those

games that I don't know it kind of feels

like it might be on the chopping block

unfortunately is I think these two

titles coming out are going to really

kind of depend on the future landscape

of where Metroid goes and people love

way that this game plays in the 2d

format they love the way the prime game

plays and if we support those style then

they'll want to make more of those games

so just go out and support what you love

and I love Nintendo and I want people to

love it too so go buy it all right

metroid needs your help people and

you're gonna love it anyways it's a

win-win for everyone

um awesome so you're gonna write

something you don't have to but you

mentioned something about that yeah we

plan to do pictures of the metro and

amiibo this weekend and do all kinds of

stuff you know one thing leads to

another and nothing gets done

so I spent to write a review before this

podcast so I can kind of go off what my

review is going to be like but yeah over

either tonight or tomorrow I will write

something up and it will publish

probably the same time this podcast does

on the 12th so it'll be there for

peoples viewing pleasure

alright I'll edit in the URL to that and

you can also find that in the show notes

whenever that is finished up we'll throw

it on the site if you want me to write

notes that's the plan yeah awesome

that's cool man I'm super stoked like um

you know sorry I don't have too much to

add but it's it's really cool just

hearing people talk passionately about

something that they love you know yeah

so people know for the future I'm trying

to cut you off I painted when Captain

Admiral the podcast gets up and going

which hopefully will be sooner than

later I know we've been dealing in

comments promising but I'm hoping to do

more stuff like this and honestly like

I'd love to have you on the episode ever

reviews because because you're kind of

you know fresh and new and haven't

really played game as much as of late

I like it it's interesting to kind of

hear your taste and and what your

questions are coming from someone who

doesn't either know much about her or

you know wants to know about it or you

lie as me being a gamer who were I would

say somebody who's on the fringes of

gaming why would I want to pick this

title up and I think these are kind of

good questions to ask them

you know I really want to get you in on

it and but yeah more stuff like this to

come in the future more reviews of games

that we get early you know crossing our

fingers of that would be something that

we definitely focus on along with the

written reviews as well it's something

that we've been wanting to do for a

while we just never had to have it to do

it and so that's why I begged you to do

this episode with me so that we can kind

of first trial run and hear what people

hate about it or people liked about it

and then in future episodes and focus on

there's new things which want to hear so

damn there's that yeah man I'm super

excited to get you guys like actually

going on the network I think I told you

when I was at the podcast conference man

I was I was hanging out of this booth

for a while that sold the microphones

and I was like look man I don't want to

walk out of here without two of your

mics because these people need to be

heard you know like you and Kylie like

yeah the event you're gonna you're gonna

you're gonna want them you know to be

using your mics like it's gonna be great

and they told me to email them and we're

trying to get trying trying to get

things set up for you guys cuz I

definitely think that um you're talking

to Kylie a couple weeks ago was awesome

it was like some of the most fun I've

ever had like you know just ride with

someone and I think it's gonna be

awesome I think there's plenty of people

out there who who want it you know who

like love you guys so I'm yeah I'm

definitely interested in hearing a lot

more about what the two of you have to

say with upcoming games and the old

games and

good games and bad games and all that

stuff it's going to be a lot of fun I'm

really looking forward I think we're

both really excited to get it up and

going so I guess I'll plug this too I

know it's a little cheap but Kylie has a


yes it's slash caps

dangerous and the people that have

already pledged their support I cannot

begin to thank you enough stuff in our

personal life which is kind of

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patreon money has helped us so your

support is tremendously tremendously

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Kylie makes along with friends every

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we're gonna start doing more like sign

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mean kind words are also amazing but

yeah man

the all this creative stuff is a labor

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we have the money to keep doing it then

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people for money and it's not like I'm

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those memories of when I played that

game or just saying that's what it's

been about so you know it's tough to

bring up for us cuz it's not what the

goal is the goal is to get famous and

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also be a liar if I didn't say it was

nice so I feel like I'm sticking my foot

in my mouth but so yeah it's there if

you want it and it's appreciated

if you guys support it it's not no hard

feelings I'm glad you guys laughter work

like what we have to say I'm just a

normal dude living and since

and she's just from galavant and society

and you're no we're not anybody special

it feels like but people want to listen

though we gotta say and like what we do

so we'll keep giving you that awesome in

definitely well very cool um I'm sure

you guys will be on again at some point

I think I think it's just you know I I

approached you guys like about a year

ago about getting getting a podcast

going and you know it seems like it's

kind of you know gonna start ramping up

hopefully pretty soon but just giving

you guys your voices out there more to

kind of you know get some more

excitement before you launch is probably

the best thing that we all could be

doing so yeah anytime you feel like you

have something to say let me know and

we'll uh we'll get we'll get your voice

heard somehow and happy to do whatever

you guys want because like I said I I'm

just trying to say yes to everything and

you know give everyone what they want

have everyone just creating stuff that's

you know what's important to me

passionate people talking about stuff

they love so more there's always good

well yeah man I guess we'll call it

there and again links to stuff we've

mentioned in the show notes all over def

a URL for that later

Shh hey this is Tom just popping in here

letting you know the review is not out

yet but it hopefully will be shortly you

can add us on Facebook to get the link

for that

and you can reach them on Instagram on

Facebook and I can I can vouch they're

very friendly people I think I just

approached them on Instagram one day as

some random guy and now we're all

friends so really really good people

can't can't hurt to reach out and start

a conversation so

all chefs job well it was great talking

to you don't hang up quite yet but all

are here hit stop in the recording and

we'll get the we'll get things ready to

go so until next time see ya