Tom Kelly

Audio Engineer / Podcast Producer / Audio Editor

Standard Broadcast Resume



Denver, Colorado  |  (703) 517-4647  |

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the Boring stuff...

  • Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts in Audio Production from The Art Institute of Washington (2013)
  • Recording Engineer and Audio Editor at Oceanic Studios in Bethesda, MD with Taylor Larson (2014)
    • click here for an EP I helped record and edit (caution, heavy metal)
  • Founder and Editor in Chief at (2016-present)
  • Assistant Editor at Ascetic Productions (2017-present)
  • Assistant Editor at Pro Podcasting Services (2017-present)



The Good Stuff...

A listener of my own podcast let me know about this unique opportunity to work alongside some of my favorite creators, and I'm very grateful for his tweet about this job opening, as well as the communities that podcasts can bring together. 


Podcasts are my life. I owe everything I have to them. I mean, I proposed to my fiance in a Hello Internet t-shirt. They’ve changed me and helped me come to understand who I am and what I stand for. My life hasn’t been the same since the first episode of Cortex aired. Everyone around me can see it. I am a productivity fiend, I’m more focused now than I’ve ever been, and I owe my success as an entrepreneur and independent podcast producer to that show. 


I’ve received so much value and joy from podcasts as a consumer, and I feel a burning desire to give back as a creator/editor and be a positive influence in the lives of millions of others, even if the listeners don’t know I exist. 


Editing is my passion. It always has been. Very early into my college career I found myself enamored by editing drums. The fact that I could take my own, admittedly rather sloppy drums recordings and make myself sound like a professional drummer felt very powerful. With my podcast edits, I love empowering my clients to be the best version of themselves. I want to help others achieve their fullest potential by assisting in the creation of engaging, educational, and entertaining shows for communities to grow around. 


With years of podcasting experience, I've put out over 150 episodes, and my listeners and clients know that I expect the best from myself and the people I work with. I'm currently assisting 3 producers as a part time editor, and I crank out 6 shows a week, on average. That's in addition to working 45-50 hour weeks at Tesla. Elon Musk may be my hero, but I will happily walk away from my favorite company on the planet to make a living entirely off of podcasts. 


I edit, mix, and master on 2 different machines, both MacOS. I run ProTools 12, and have an arsenal of Waves plugins, in addition to the acclaimed IzoTope RX6. I regularly collaborate with other producers and creators via Trello, Slack, Google Apps, and Dropbox. I have tools for every need, and the skills, experience, and communication to achieve anything with any number of creators. 


I'm familiar with several shows and creators in the Standard Broadcast community, and it would be an honor to work alongside them to help make their shows sound better than the rest. 


If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to send an email to or call 703-517-4647.


Thanks for all you do,


Professional Recommendations


Joel Sharpton


Founder/Editor in Chief at Pro Podcasting Services



"I've only been working with Tom for a couple of weeks but I've respected his work, his work ethic, and his personality in the podcasting community for a lot longer than that.

He is efficient, he is super talented, and he is beyond a pleasure to work with. He was the first hire for my independent business and I couldn’t have made a better one.

I'm really excited to build my business and my podcasting company, Pro Podcasting Services, with Tom"



Jeremy Enns


Founder/Chief Storytelling Officer at Ascetic Productions



"Tom's been helping me out for a few months now and it's been a huge weight off my shoulders to have him.

He's been helping out with audio editing, mixing, and production for podcasts and a variety of audio projects, and he seriously knows his stuff. I know I can count on him. And best of all, Tom is just super easy to work with.

I love having him as a part of my team, and he's just a really awesome dude all around. So I highly, highly, highly recommend him."



Pat Holmes


Vice Host of the Reminiscent Podcast




"In early 2016, my long-time, very good friend Tom Kelly told me he was going to start a podcast network. He told me the network would host up to six shows, including a chat show he wanted to do with me called "Reminiscent." Tom mailed me a Blue Yeti, some headphones, and an iso shield. How could I say no?


Tom's contagious knowledge, expertise, and passion for sound can probably be summed up by the fact that I just used the term iso shield, but I'll finish the story.


Tom knows sound. Tom knows good sound. Tom got me to care about good sound. He is a quality candidate for anything audio-related, and I'm sure if you've listened to any of his samples before reading this, that has become abundantly clear.


He's also a snappy dresser."



-Thank you for your time and good luck in all that you do-

Tom Kelly