We're going to Kauai!


Look, we understand...

honeymoon's are expensive, and we have student loans, and rent, and whatever else, but we're getting married once, and we want to celebrate it properly. 


In lieu of toasters, pot holders, microwaves, and all the other wonderful stuff people usually get for their wedding presents, we're just looking for a little help with our honeymoon. 


If possible!

we'd like to enjoy this once in a lifetime vacation by 

  • plane tickets- $1050/ea
  • hut on the beach- $1200
  • sky diving- $320/ea
  • scuba diving- $130/ea
  • zip lining- $89/ea
  • kayaking- $40/ea
  • drinking too many Shirley Temples- $1.75/ea

and just laying at the beach until they tell us to go home. ($0/ea)

With your help, that's more than doable. Every little bit helps.


Thanks so much!

Megan and Tom